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Here's a bit of background. Before I had DS I took care of all the finances. Then when DS was born it was overwhelmed with motherhood and DH took over. Well those days are over! Last month alone we had almost $200 in over draft fees .

What I need is a good budget manager or form. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Michelle
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I use Quicken. Its a pain to set up but once its done its wonderul.

Also we have mailla folders for each month of the year. We have a printed out a monthly calendar on the front of each month specifically for that month. When a bill comes, we put it in the folder and write its due date on the date two days before as a reminder. Once its mailed off we just put a checkmark next to it. This has made our lives so much easier.

I do finaces every Monday and Thursday along w laundry. We update quicken via the web for our credit cards and checking accts etc. Then we enter them into what expenses they are. We know exactly what we are spending on what. It can also set up a budget for you if needed or tell you what you need to budget for what if you have a goal you want to reach.

You can get similar results creating a spreadsheet btw.
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