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Deoderant questions

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First me, the easy one, I need some new deoderant. Prefer antipersperant too. What do you recommend?

Second dh, the hard one. He has the weirdest pits. He washes them 2 or 3 times in the shower then shampoos them. He uses a crystal and then natural deoderant.
The crystal after a few months of use now smells like pit.
The other problem is his pits become immune after a few months to the deoderant he uses and we have to get something new.

I told him he should shave his pits because without the hair there would be less place for the smell to go.
And I said he should change his diet, which of course is a slower process.

Do you have suggestions for either of us.
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you know, i just became totally allergic to the antiperspirant in regular deoderants. it sucks.

but, i found the Tom's of Maine LONG LASTING deoderant. It's super great! I love it. I hate the regular deoderant because it doesn't do anything, but I love this stuff!
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I like Earth Science's Lichen Natural Deodorant Scented. It handles odor well.

Ingredients: Calendula, Sage, Goldenseal, Ginger, Arnica and Coriander Extracts (in propylene glycol), Water, Sodium Stearate, Lichen Plant Extract, Chamomile Extract, Silica.
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I am making my own w cornstarch, baking soda, witch hazel, and EOs. I use tea tree and lavender, sometimes patchouli. Eucalyptus works great but can be irritant, so use sparingly.
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Dh and I both started using Toms unscented deo and antipersperant. Its a roll on and seems to work well.... no complaints yet from little ones that are more open and honest than big people! Its not really unscented because of the herbs in it but its not a perfumey smell.
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My dh and I have been using Kiss My Face liquid rock and it is great! We love the Peaceful Patchouli.
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another vote for Tom's antiperspirant/deo
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And another vote for Kiss my Face deodorant... I love the Lavender, dh loves the unscented... Liquid rock seems to work best for us...
Good luck!
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I suggests no deo or antipersperant. (less meat helps too) DH & I both were awful before. Something happened & it was a week without. The fist couple days were worse. But at the end of the week the smell was "cleaner". We have been deo free for 6 months now. DH works 2 physical jobs & smells soooo much better now. Before when he would come home he had to shower before coming near me, lol. Now it is no problem. Yes there is sometimes a smell, but it is a better smell that when we were useing that stuff.
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I have tried the Kiss my Face brand and was not very impressed. I recommend Burt's Bees Herbal Deodorant.
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Doesn't Toms of Maine contain aluminum too? I didn't think there was a natural antipersperant. And really, if it keeps you from perspiring I guess it can't be natural anyway.

I use Tom's deodorant. mamamillie... Do you have a recipe you could share? Or some general guidelines on how you mix/apply it?
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My partner and I both use the Toms of maine calendula deoderant. Any antiperspirant is bad bad bad to use. We sweat from there for a reason! It is a major lymph drainage area. I swear the antiperspirent makes you sweat MORE when you stop using it! This only lasts for a while though. The shaving idea while creative I might say, isnt going to make much of a difference... other than him having a better understanding about why shaving sucks! I shaved mine last summer after being hairy for a few years... it was horrible . They felt so clammy and gross. Even though I like the bare pit look I will never shave again! The dietary changes mentioned above would really help.
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baking soda.
shave or at least trim really short.
sage tea, for him. for you too if not breast feeding. eucalyptus tea is good too.
my husband likes tom's woodspice www.iherb.com
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Another deo and anti-p free mama here! I stopped using it because of the aluminium and couldn't find a natural alternative anywhere. So I decided to go deo free. So far so good. Waxing + daily shower using pure olive oil soap does the trick most of the time.

I have heard (and read) that drinking a glass of pure wheatgrass juice everyday will (over several weeks time) neutralize any smell coming out of you regardless of what you eat (even garlic). I think it's because of its high Chlorophyll content - it really purifies the blood. I'm going to try it.

I am interested in baking soda though. How do you use it under your arms?
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I have to second (or third????) the Kiss my Face liquid rock. Trust me, if it holds up to the sticky, Southern summers it's working!! I've tried Tom's of Maine & it just didn't have lasting power for me. With Kiss my Face, I find it works from morning to night, even when I would go running.
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Originally Posted by amarasmom
The other problem is his pits become immune after a few months to the deoderant he uses and we have to get something new.
This happens to me. The best thing I've ever used is straight baking soda. Just pat a little on in the mornings. Make sure any hair is dry. My husband only uses this now. Unfortunately, if I use it too much I get a rash, as it is a bit abrasive. But when I was using it regularly it would even cancel out the previous day's smell without washing. Or, I could put it on at the end of a day before going somewhere at night, and it would make the smell go away. I LOVE baking soda. But now I am almost deodorant free. I sometimes use a natural one (nature's gate) but more often than not go without. I am showering twice a week right now, and wash key parts every other day or so.

I just re-read my post and can't believe I am admitting online the new lows to which I have sunk in terms of personal hygiene (especially since baby #2)!
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mamamillie... Do you have a recipe you could share? Or some general guidelines on how you mix/apply it?
Not really a recipe, but I guess I could be a little more specific. I mix equal parts cornstarch and baking soda w a fork, and then start slowly mixing in the witch hazel. Sometimes I add too much and so sprinkle in more cornstarch and soda. It gets gloppy and kindof gross but I just keep mixing until the consistency is right. What I usually do is get it to about the consistency of glue, then add my oils (like I said I add lots of lavender, some tea tree, maybe patchouli, and ONE drop of eucalyptus [again I say, eucalyptus can be irritating, so be careful])...then I will leave it out overnight uncovered and it will harden up a bit. After that I keep the lid on it. I just use a small recycled plastic container like from sour cream or something. It works equally well whether it is on the wet or the dry side; just experiment until you get the consistency that you like. And then I just use my fingers to apply. That part took some getting used to, but hey, it's better than spending $5 for some chemical cocktail. Plus, one application works for THREE days! (Not that I normally go this long without washing
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i have tried two things that worked:

lavender oil in water, sprayed on. i tried this while i was pregnant. it worked, but i did have to reapply in the middle of the day.

aubrey's organics e plus high c. this is what i totally love. both dh and i use it. no aluminum, no paraben preservatives, just totally natural. and it works for us!

i also reccomend going without for a while. i hardly ever put it on now, dh still wears every day (the aubreys organics) and i don't really ever stink. just a normal, human smell. i do wear it if we're going to be out in the heat all day or something.
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Originally Posted by naturalmother

I am interested in baking soda though. How do you use it under your arms?
i just take a pinch and pat it under my arms after washing. some people i know use some sort of cotton puff to put it on like powder. mine usually just gets on the floor...only a little...sometimes on my clothes...kind of a learned technique to become efficient at just getting it under your arms.

but it really neuatrallizes odor. ive noticed when i wear black and sweat it leaves a bit of a salty looking stain on my clothes...but im not too concerned about all that.

cheap and great for odor.
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