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September 2004 Mamas February Thread

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Just thought I'd start this off ya'll...
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Well Desi seems to be doing much better today. I told myself I was going to rest today and not clean up, but I had to pick up the house a bit. It was getting messy. How can the house get so messy so quickly? It still looks bad but I don't feel like cleaning

Stacey~ I'm glad that Katie is getting better. Some type of bug in North Texas, I suppose. My friends' babies are getting over getting sick too.
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Hi! I was waiting until the new month to post this, because frankly the sheer size of the January thread was daunting to a newbie! I would like to join your conversation. I am mama to Julia, who was born Sept. 1, and is five months old today. We're in the middle of learning to sit up and learning how to stay focused long enough to finish a decent-length feeding here-- very distracted!

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the other
Sept. mamas.

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Welcome, llyra!

Sleeping babe in arms... just wanted to say hi and sub.
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Welcome, I have just recently joined. This is a great group of mama's. Just jump right in. That's what I did.

Makynzi slept for about 2 1/2 hours in her crib earlier! Until I moved her to bed as I was going to sleep and I tend to stay awake worrying about her if she isnt right beside me where I can just reach over and touch her. Ok the crib is pushed up flush with my bed so I could still have easily checked on her. I just like her next to me. My DH just shakes his head and laughs at me. Of course he would do the exact same thing. And now she is sleeping peacefully in bed next to DH and im not there! Wow that is a first! She is a mama's girl and is usually satisfied with no one but me. So why am I up? I have no idea. I got up to go to the bathroom and have been up ever since. I am tired. It is just so peaceful with nobody but me up. I dont want to waist the peace and quiet on sleep LOL.
Well, Im going now i'm in the so tired i'm getting goofy stage.
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New here too. I want to join in the conversation as often as I can, but things are pretty exciting around here with ds rolling around and all. I don't have time to post much (unless I have insomnia as is the case now).
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Welcome llyra!

Jackson is a pro at rollin gover these days. He much prefers being on his belly than his back. Even diaper changes are more challenging with him being so squirmy. He's also discovered that he can rotate while on his belly and every so ofter he gets up on his knees! It won't be long before he's crawling, yikes! Must install child safety stuff very soon.

Alex is still giving Jackson some play time each day, which just warms my heart to see that he's finally accepted him. Yesterday morning, Alex even asked to hold Jackson so mama could take a picture!

Speaking of pictures, here's the latest: http://www.ofoto.com/BrowsePhotos.js...Uy=j4oyb0&Ux=0

Jen, sending positive thoughts your way.

Caroline, congrats on your pregnancy.

I can relate to whoever said that their dh wasn't helping much. I'm in the same boat. I'm so frustrated with dh right now. He stays up later than me and the boys, usually by two hours and sleeps in every morning. So I'm typically the one that gets Alex ready for bed and lays in bed with him until he's asleep. Same with Jackson, except I usually go to sleep with him. Then bright and early in the morning, I'm the one that gets up with the boys. Meanwhile dh is sound asleep and has been all night and doesn't typically get out of bed until 9-10 in the morning. Then he scurries out the door to go to school. Meanwhile I'm despartely trying to get reports typed up for work, get in the shower, get the boys dressed, change Jackson's diaper, feed all of us, unload the dishwasher, do diaper laundry, etc all while dh is sleeping ever so soundly in bed.

Uh-oh, Jackson is stirring, gotta run!

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Good morning, mamas. I was on the computer WAY too late last night, and am paying for it at work this morning. I am so sick of my job - working on SEVEN years!!! I've got to figure out a way to stay home by September, in my experience, it is really hard to work with a toddler!!!

On a cute note, Jack woke up this morning rolled over and said, "Mommy, you're my cheekyboy." Don't know where he got that from, but it sure was cute. I kind of feel sad for people who don't ever sleep with their kids because it is so lovey, cuddly and yummy most of the time! Especially when it is cold - I've got a built in heater on either side of me!

Lucy is being so engaging and adorable lately - I guess it is probably the age, huh? She sure is a mama's girl though.

On DPs, I don't think mine will ever understand the amount of work or just thinking it takes to be mom. The what's for dinner, who needs a doctor, dentist, etc. appt, does Jack's medicine need to be refilled?, did I remember to pick up the stuff his teacher asked for, etc. I don't know if any of you have ever read the book "The Second Shift", but kind of breaks down how women cope with having to work inside and outside of the home. I feel like I fall in the category that fights, fights, fights against the inequity in her relationship and just can't give up and accept the way that it is. I know I rambling, but this has really been driving me crazy lately.

Pam - I couldn't see your pics - the sign in page came up.
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Also wanted to say, I don't know if you have read the new sticky from Cynthia Mosher, but I am really tired of all the sexual innuendo and cussing going on among you September mamas!!!
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:LOL yeah, you all are a bunch of perverts!

sarah, that is so funny! can i call you 'cheekyboy' too? i feel the same way about sleeping with them. sure, it has its challenges, but the sweet rewards far outweigh them. i wouldn't change it for the world!

jen, thinking of you. i'm sure it is nothing but i would be scared too. how long will it be before you get the results?

poor sick babies! i'm so glad it sounds like they are on the mend now.

re: rolling. lilah has been trying hard for a long time and she finally did it the other day! she rolled 3 times from her tummy to her back but she hasn't done it again. she really wants to roll from her back to her belly but seems to get hung up by her big cd'ed bum!

before i forget- caroline- CONGRATULATIONS!! how does the saying go- "from your lips (er, fingers) to God's ears?" I think it was you who was sayign you were ready to be pregnant again. i can only imagine the mixed feelings you are having but i am sure it will be wonderful to have 2 so close in age.

welcome new mamas!
squirmy babe, better run!
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Well, I really have to jump into the shower, because it's my turn, but I wanted to subscribe and say to all of the perverts here it's actually me who's cussing so much, you know - and that the dr said that she should hear back from the path lab in 3-5 days.

Cheekyboy, did you call him that at some point? I swear, Jo's gonna wake up some morning and Tristan's gonna call her fuzzbutt.

OK, off to shower.

xo, j.
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Welcome new Mamas!!!

Little man rolls from side to side, and on ocassion has rolled from tummy to back - though I don't think he did it on purpose. He'd rather sit up or try to stand with support. Silly boy....
He is trying to mimick things we say. And is very talkative and loud. I go to a moms group at my church and there's other babies there that are making noise, but very softly, but ds is going "AHHHHHRAHHHH...." I thought that I had like 'super' hearing for my baby, but have concluded that he is just loud. :LOL

For all you mama's dealing with sick babes - this too shall pass...
And congrats Caroline!!! You can always vent to us here....
I loved your pics Pam

Yes, we should all be ashamed of ourselves...what kind of example are we setting??? haha.....
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Originally Posted by chrissy
re: rolling. lilah has been trying hard for a long time and she finally did it the other day! she rolled 3 times from her tummy to her back but she hasn't done it again. she really wants to roll from her back to her belly but seems to get hung up by her big cd'ed bum!
Julia used to roll tummy to back. She did it about a month ago, constantly for a few weeks, and now she's stopped. She's back to putting her head down and grumping when she's tired of being on her tummy, instead of rolling over. I don't get it. She can roll over back to tummy, but only if she's naked, and it's still a real struggle for her. She can't do it with clothes on. Again, I don't get it, but we've started having "naked play time" every night when DH is home. She's just wigglier, noisier, and more FUN when you take her clothes off.

My budding nudist baby!

Anybody have any ideas what to do about the distracted factor in feeding? She doesn't want to eat-- she wants to snack, in between playing with her feet, doing back bends on my lap to try and see what the cat's doing, grabbing my nose and squealing, gazing out the window. I swear the kid doesn't stay latched on for more than three minutes at a time, but if you try to put the "num nums" away, she freaks. She's too interested in everything that's going on. It's bad enough during the day, when the house is pretty quiet (except for those cats-- this kid is a cat lover), but when DH is home or on the weekends when there's people in the house, she takes forever. I feel like I spend 12 hours a day patiently waiting for her to decide to actually eat.

She doesn't nurse at all at night-- I have the original hibernating bear here. Julia has woken up hungry between midnight and 5 exactly ONCE in her life voluntarily, and that was on her first night of life. Yeah, I know. : The first month I actually used to set an alarm and wake HER up, so I knew she was eating enough, but we gave that up pretty fast.
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Did I mention that McKenna finally rolled from back to front last week?

Jen, hugs and peaceful thoughts to you. You'll be fine. I have this odd numb patch on one breast where the skin is dehydrated and weird, and keep asking about it, but none of the docs seem to think it's anything. It's easy for your mind to start racing, isn't it?

Speaking of scary things making your mind race... Praying mamas, please support me -- my mom had elective colon surgery last monday and has had an up-and-down recovery all week. Then Sunday night she developed a high fever and swelling, and as of yesterday they believe she has peritonitis, an infection of the lining of the abdomen and internal organs. She's on heavy duty antibiotics, and now we're just waiting for test results and to see what the doctors say is next. It's pretty scary stuff. I believe she'll come out fine, but there's always a chance.... the worst is that my normally strong mommy is talking defeat and is saying she doesn't think she'll make it through the weekend. I'm sure it's the pain killers talking, but MAN! ...
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Jen--Sending positive/healing thoughts your way. It's horrible that they make people wait so long for results, but I guess labs are just busy.

llyra--Bhavani gets superactive when she's naked too, and a lot more talkative, and she's also easily distractable these days while nursing.

Pam--wow, cute pics--he's really ready to be on the move! Leela was like that. She belly-crawled quite well at 4.5 months, did that until she started actually crawling at 7. Bhavani is so different--she's only rolled over twice, and is so much quieter than Leela. Shankar was somewhere in between. I love seeing the differences/similarities between them.

Gotta go--trouble possibly brewing in the other room.

And hey everyone, clean up your mouths!
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: Welcome Llyra and Kelly.

Kelly, no fair about the sleeping at night habits!

Savannah, I'll keep your mom in my thoughts. Hope she's feeling better soon-emotionally and physically....

Well, Kate seems to be getting better. She's on the upswing of things, I think. She still had 100.5 temperature this morning. I gave her some tylenol, so hopefully that will help. Hannah is sick, too. Her parents sent her without her nose suctioner?!? She can't breathe, so I'm going to be going back and forth with Kate's today I guess and trying to wash in between.

Anyone who's interested, I just joined an online book club at mommychats.com. I learned about it here at mdc. We're just starting the book, Hidden Messages by Elizabeth Pantley. We are reading 40 pages a week and meet to discuss it on Tuesdays from 8-9 central time. We're just starting, for anyone who wants to join!
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Savannah - sending healing thoughts your mom's way. Both my mom and mil have been hospitalized in the last three months, so I know what you must be going through. It's tough enough, but with a baby too... whew!

About the rolling - I'm sort of guessing that if the baby rolls on to his tummy to sleep, it must be okay, right? Dylan had one of his longest sleeping stretches ever last night, and he was contentedly snoozing on his tummy. I have to admit, thought, I kept moving closer to his side of the bed to check to see that he was breathing. :LOL
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Oh yes, the distractible baby stage. They are just so interested in everthing around them and they just don't want to be still and have a good nurse. I know that one, we're going through it too. Arowen is just so busy looking around at all the interesting things going on, 6 siblings, cat, dog, parrot, the hamsters are up on shelves, so they aren't too much of a distraction, tv, computer, toys, her body and what it can do...
She's rolling from back to front. For a while she could get her leg over, but her arms weren't strong enough to get her the rest of the way over. Now she's figured that out. It's funny because she rolls over quite easily onto her tummy, but then starts to fuss and cry because she doesn't like being on her tummy. She likes to play with toys now. Her favourites are a colourful stuffed dog that crinkles, etc, and a tug and pull (play?) block, they're both by Lamaze. She likes to play with her siblings of course. They've been carting her around since she was first born.
She likes to have nakey time too. She was rolling naked before doing it with her cloth dipes and clothes too. I try to give her some time to do this before I get her ready for bed at night.
I can put her down for naps by wrapping her in her blanket and putting her down on the bed. I think she may be the first I could do that with.Some times I feel guilty because in the middle of the distractible age I worry that she's not getting enough to eat and she would get a little more if she nursed to sleep. It's nice to be able to put her down easily when I'm in the middle of homeschooling the others though. I think she learned to associate laying on the bed and being swaddled with going to sleep. It was quite by accident, but a good thing I guess.
Caroline, my first 2 were a year and 3 days apart. I liked it that way. I'm sure you'll do fine. (Unfortunately, the other times I've gotten pregnant early like that I've lost them. But if I hadn't, my other children would have been a lot closer too.)
As for my dh helping out, what's that? The only time he changes diapers is if it is a poopy diaper and I am away. The only time he holds the baby is when I am bringing supper to the table and serving it to the other children. He doesn't cook very often, and doesn't do any of the day to day clean up. He doesn't bath the kids. He gets up for work around 12:30 am (midnight) and gets home around supper time in the evening. He feels that he works enough and is entitled to not helping around the house because he is away working so much of the time. He complains a lot about the state of the house which is cluttered and messy looking-toys and clothes for 7 kids and 2 adults take up a lot of space. I am busy homeschooling and trying to get the basics done-feeding everyone 3 times a day, getting laundry washed and dried, but not always put away properly right away. I need some kind of system that's going to work, but I run out of enthusiasm for things quickly, am tired, don't have enough time, etc.AAAHHHHHHH Overwhelmed is probably a good word for it.
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Stacey, I would love to join. I went to the mommychats.com site but didnt see any information. Let me know how to join.

Makynzi has been rolling over from tummy to back since Dec 1 but has just now started back to tummy. On the plus side she has spent several hours happily on her tummy which is a relief. I have a feeling it wont be long before she decides to crawl. Wow! Can you believe our babes will be 5 months old!? Makynzi too is in the distracted phase when nursing. She wants to pull off to smile at you or see what a noise was but then cry because she isnt getting anything. I think the only time she latches on for more than 5 mins at a time is when she is exhausted.

Savannah and Jen I am praying for both of you and your families.
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You don't have to do anything yet...when the transcript from last night's talk is up, I'll let you know....next Tuesday, just sign on to CHAT NOW at 8 central...go ahead and get your book Aand be ready to discuss your purpose for reading...

Also, if you go there and sign up for their updates, you'll get notifications for other chats, etc. It's a great sight. MDC has weekly chats there, too!
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