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Jen - your mom cracks me up! About the cats, Jack loved our cats when he was little and it was so neat because they obviously knew that he was a baby and not to be taken too seriously! He was usually pretty gentle with them, but if he got too rough, they would just cuff him upside the head with a "closed" paw (ie no claws). So really, they taught him how to treat them!

I'm off to NY again tomorrow, so I'll "talk" to you mamas later!
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I know exactly what you mean about no grandpa. David's dad well let's just say good thing he isn't a violent man and they'd already caught Ted Kaczynski or I'd swear he was the Unabomber. He's got that kind of paranoid anti-social anti-government off the wall genius kind of mind. The last time we saw him was 4 days after Tori was born... and he lives only an hour away from us. We only know a general location, no address or phone number. And my MIL now soon to be ex-husband... well you get the picture. She's really got really bad taste in men. And my mom... she's got her dogs... Don't even get me started on the married man she was involved with until recently for the past 12 years off and on. Let's just say, he wasn't married when they first got involved years ago... and this is the second wife he's had since then. No good candidates here either.

And about the cats. Yep Aidan has noticed our cats too. And the furry fist. : Luckily the cats are use to babies now. Bot-bot the big white alpha-male is the best with them. He just lays there while they pet and lay on him. When he's tired of it... he just gets up and leaves. NEVER scratches or hisses. He's a really good cat. He's my big fat cat pelt cat kind of cat. :LOL :LOL

Well Aidan's awake now. And the other two want lunch. So demanding.
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Oh, Julia is downright obssessed (sp?) with my cats. I have three. She watches every move they make, and reaches out and tries to grab them. She squeals and kicks whenever they do ANYTHING, and I think they're going to be her number 1 incentive to learn to crawl early.

Luckily, one cat, my older female cat) is very steady and patient and will actually sit still and let Julia "pet" her, and grab her ears, and pull her tail, and rake her fur. Julia loves it! The other two keep their distance, though.
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to all those dealing with illnesses (family members, babes, self, etc) Stay strong!

Random cute story - The other week, we went to a new dr (naturopath/homeopathic) and while I was being seen, dh watched ds in the waiting room. When I came out to the waiting room, I see dh has ds in the Maya Wrap sling. It was so sweet! When I wanted to buy the Maya, dh was a little weary of it and thought it would be a waste of money. I had only once showed him how to use it. I couldn't believe he remembered how to put it on - and he actually did a really good job and ds was just as happy as could be slinging with his daddy. Now, he thinks its the greatest thing b/c he can hold ds without killing his back.
Just wanted to share the story. I know we all got on a complaining about dh thing, but just when I get annoyed or upset, he does something sweet like that and I get over it. I know that I have my days too when dh gets annoyed with me :

Alrighty then, need to shower while little man is napping.

ETA: We don't have any pets, but my MIL has 2 mini-schunazers (sp?) and we saw them at Thanskgiving. They were SO curious about the little babe. Any time ds made a noise, they would bark. Oddly, ds wasn't phased by the noise. He would just stare at them. I think he thought they were oversized toys or something. :LOL Maybe when we get a house, we'll considered getting a pet...
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Chrissy - I think the lady probably felt worse than you once she found out you're not pregnant! People really don't think before they open their mouths!!!

Something sorta similar happened to me the other week. I went to an orthodontist b/c I still have a permanent retainer bonded on the back of my teeth from treatment I had years ago in FL, and wanted to find someone local to remove it. Anyways - when I went in to see the dr, she asks "Where's your mom?" I just kinda stood there not knowing how to respond. I said "My mom's in Florida, though I don't know why she would need to be here considering i'm 24, have been married for almost 6 years and have a 5 month old son at home." Only then did she look at my chart and apologized. My hubby got a kick out of it when I told him what happened. Craziness!
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Freakin out here!!!

Ok - so ds had some spots of blood in his poopie when I changed him. I put a call into his ped. I am freaking out. He is fine, not acting different, so I probably shouldn't worry, right?
Maybe he was just pushing too hard? Other than a few spots of blood, his poop was typical bf poop.
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I did it!!!! I found where you sept mommy's posted. Thanks Cyn.

I am just going to jump in. I am a SAHM and have a baby boy Peter. His new skills include holding on to and picking up off the floor his ball while he is sitting up. WE are working of teeth and he is always soaked with a wet drool bib. I hope I make good friends here. HI
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Pets: Desi has noticed our pug. She laughs at him and trys to reach out for him. The other day she caught some of his fur and pulled. Fortuantely he is a sweet dog. He gets hyper sometimes but he loves her. When she cries he will jump on the bed or sit on the floor next to her.

Christine~ I hope your baby is okay. I'm sure its just straining involved. Glad that your Dh is using the sling. I wish mine would more often. He does sometimes. Desi just wants to nurse so often. She is still so small that I think her belly doesn't take much.

Hi Julie! Nice to see you post here too!

Desi picked up a construction worker for me the otherday. I was nursing her n the sling at our house..its being built. Well anyways she was making kissing noises on me. The guy didn't know she was nursing and looked at me.
The maintence guy came by to fix some stuff in the apartment today. He thought I was Desi's sister. LOL that's why I'm nursing her. He only realized who I was when he went back to the office and they told him. He aplogized to me afterwards. He says I look well maintained. I do look young for my age.
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oops double post
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LOL at your "kissing" at the construction worker, Veganbaby. He must have been pretty confused.

Welcome, Julia. You'll love it here, if you can keep up, LOL

Mama bear, how are the poopies now? Blood in the diaper is scary! Usually no big deal. But once when he was 8 months old, Nicolas had major cramps, bloody diarrhea and bright green vomit. Turned out to be life threatening Intussusception. But you'll definitely know when you need to be concerned. Docs kept telling me it was just a virus and to wait it out... I knew better...

Stacey, that meal sounds incredible. You are amazing.

Unbelievably, the babies slept the entire trip on our way back from Florida... nearly 5 straight hours. On the way down, they slept most of the way, but it took us 6 1/2 hours because we stopped to change and nurse them. Much more pleasant than the time I drove down without dh. Then I got at least an hour of screaming each way.

My mom should be released from the hospital later today, hooray! She seems to be back to her feisty self. Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes.

OK, I'd better go get some sleep. The babies have been waking every couple of hours or more lately. I really really really miss those long nights they used to give me. Sometimes they would sleep up to 11 hours straight!

So great to hear from Anna and Caroline again.

And Pam. Hugs. I have a book I'm borrowing from my sister called "Building Your Mate's Self Esteem". Maybe you could look it up at your library? Only thing I can think to offer is to encourage him and praise him specifically and stealthily. He needs your praise and confirmation, but doesn't want to feel like you're treating him like a kid, you know? And all I know about depression is that when I was dealing with it myself, it stemmed from unmet expectations mostly. And I had put ME at the center of my life, wanting everything else to fall into place around me. Instead of putting Jesus in the center, me yielding to his will, and letting everything fall into place according to His plan. Plus I needed to stop making (often unrealistic) expectations on myself and others.

BTW, are any of you watching Supernanny? I just love that show!
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Caroline, what tests did they do on your babe to diagnose the GERD? Iain definitely has reflux, but no tests or even specialists as yet. We've been taking him to the chiro (which solved the projectile vomitting), and hadn't needed Zantac in quite a while. Seems to need it more now, though, and I wish I knew why. We do it "as needed," which isn't supposed to be all that helpful, but works well enough. He's been a lot more spitty in the last few weeks. Ugh. Not to mention all the "silent reflux" I hear.

I am right now. ARGH. I wanted to order a tshirt I designed for Iain, so he could wear it at our diaper party on Friday (i.e, tomorrow except I haven't gone to sleep yet). So, I put in an order on 2/6 with CafePress, and added a few other things to help justify the 2 day shipping I needed to get it here in time - $14.50 in shipping, but one day to ship, two to get here - should be here on Thursday, great. So I hadn't heard anything about it and checked tonight, Wednesday. IT HADN'T SHIPPED. I finally got a notice an hour or two later with tracking info, and the first scan by UPS was after midnight on the 10th. They estimate it arriving on the 11th (despite being picked up/scanned late in the day), but OH MY am I frustrated with these people! I looked back over my order history - I've done this THREE times now!! I pay a fortune for express shipping, and they screw it up! One time it made father's day gifts late, another it meant I couldn't sell anything at a show, and now this. It's not really such a big deal, I guess, that he won't have this shirt to wear. But it's so incredibly frustrating that I ordered FOUR shirts because I wanted this one for Friday and I won't even get it in time!! I will be calling them in the AM. I want them to overnight/early AM the shirt(s) to me, but I doubt they'll do it. I will at least get my $14.50 back for shipping, but I'd prefer that they choose between getting it to me in time and paying for the whole order themselves (ie., full refund but I keep the stuff). Argh. Hopefully I'll have the nerve to be as firm with them in the morning as I have been in my head all night! :LOL

Okay, thanks for letting me vent. Now maybe I can sleep.
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Popping in to say hello! I haven't even begun to catch up on this thread, but I'm taking the day off tomorrow, so hopefully I can then.

Hope all of you and your little ones are well!!!

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Haven't had time to post much. A lot of things going on around here. We have been dealing with some Granpa issues ourselves. My Dad is an alcoholic. Well since last February he had been staying here with us. We were helping him stay sober and get his driver's license back that he hadnt had in 5 years. He went through all the alcohol counseling programs and finally got his driver's license back on New Year's Eve. Well this weekend he went back to SC to see his other daughter and while there got drunk. He didnt come back to work here and lost his job. So we have decided that we arent going to help him anymore. I have been really struggling as he is my father and I feel obligated to help him. But he has been this way my entire life and I cant deal with it anymore.
Rehab never works for long. He always falls back into the drinking. So I have been packing up his things and trying to get things figured out in my head. It is at the point now where Madyson is old enough it is going to effect her this time because she wonders where grandaddy is and I cant deal with that. So anyways, that is what has been going on around here.

Makynzi hasn't rolled across the room anymore since that one day. She is now trying to crawl and has moved a couple of inches backwards..lol. She too loves her feet. They are her favorite thing in the world. We caught her sucking on her big toe the other day. It was soo funny.

We have 3 big dogs.It is the funniest thing. Makynzi loves to pull their ears. And if we let them they will give her doggie kisses forever. She loves it though. She just giggles when they do it. When Madyson was learning to walk she would use our dogs as her own personal walker and pull on their ears for support. They were so good with her.
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Originally Posted by msrog
Mama bear, how are the poopies now? Blood in the diaper is scary!
He's fine, but the ped never called me back (and I even called them before their office closed!!!) I'm gonna give it to them when ever they decide to call....

welcome mujul79!!! I'm in GA too! Though, no where near Covington.
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Well I hafta say that I have major new respect for single moms, I don't know how they do it. Jo is sick with a norovirus or some other related nasty intestinal bug and I have been essentially single-momming it since yesterday morning. She came home from work at 11 yesterday morning and has been out of commission since then. She's just starting to feel better this morning but doesn't want to eat anything. The whole thing would be a lot easier if it weren't for the *$@! (I know Cynthia Mosher says I'm not supposed to do that, but you go ahead and fill in your own *$@! and no one will be offended!) washing bottles - sterilizing bottles - sterilizing water for formula rigamarole, but one does what one must. Tristan is now sitting in the bouncy chair and Jo is watching him bounce but will not be touching him. I am scared silly that he or I or both of us will get this virus so I am washing my hands every 5 minutes and they're going to fall off soon, they're so dry. And now here's Sydney to sit on my lap when she could go cuddle ALL DAY with Jo. Tristan missed his morning nap, he seems to think that closing his eyes while he nurses counts.

Sarah - I'm glad my mom cracks you up, she drives me absolutely batty. I think she is secretly glad that my milk never fully came in because it has forced me to supplement with formula which she thinks is better than breast milk. She still gets in little "suggestions" everywhere she can - she told me just 2 days ago that she REALLY thinks he should be eating some solid food because it would help him sleep through the night - she made a dig about how the cloth diaper was so big and keeping him from rolling over - etc, etc, etc. One of these days I'm going to just lose it and ask her flat out what her point is, what she really wants, because what's coming across is that I should be putting him in disposables, feeding him formula from a bottle and giving up any form of breastfeeding, giving him Gerber baby food from a jar 3 times a day (including meat by now, I'm sure) and letting him cry it out when he won't go down easily for a nap. At least she's never said anything disparaging about the family bed.

My shoulder muscles are so tense, it's not even funny, and I was going to bake some banana blueberry bread for a little play group at our house tomorrow, but he didn't go to sleep, and since he didn't sleep this morning, his afternoon nap will be shorter. !!!!!!!

Caroline, I'd be happy to take you up on that cup of coffee. It may take me a few days to get to PA but I'll work on it

ok, my break time is over. Back to the kid. I wonder if I can convince Jo to eat a little something. She won't touch the energy drink from the co-op and I'm not drinking it because all I'll think of is being in labor (it's what I was drinking when I was laboring with T).

Feelin' pretty crazy today,

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Jen, I know what you mean about your hands falling off. I am constantly washing my hands b/c of all the illnesses around here! Luckily, I got some great hand creme in a swap!

I really hope you and Tristan don't get sick.

Can I have that blueberry banana recipe? Sounds so good...and I have both in the freezer right now...

Kate is feeling so much better. Thank goodness...now it's a matter of trying to get her used to napping.sleeping again. I'll take that over the cold anyday, though! :LOL
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Hi everyone!

to all of you dealing with parent issues, hang in there! It makes me feel very lucky and my problems seem insignificant.

Miles is doing well, except he has a horrible drool rash, and it seems to be spreading and getting really dry and patchy. Exema? I have been putting cow salve on it. We put cow salve on everything here. :LOL Last night we were almost evacuated from our apt. A tanker full of butane rolled, leaked, and caught fire. We are just out of the evacuation area. Whew!

About pets, my mom has a little Shi Tzu that Miles could care less about. The dog is scared to death of him though?!

On the depression, from having a lot in my fam, all I can say is to stick to the normal routine/behaviors esp. when first diagnosed, because it could be easy to baby him and that would just change his behavior maybe permanently. I don't know if that makes sense. Don't act like nothing happened, but don't change all routines.
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Mandy - I can relate. My grandfather really screwed up my dad and his siblings from his drinking. There is only so much you can help a person before they realize it has to be from them and only them. Have you tried any of the AA meetings for family? They really are wonderful. It's hard to talk about those fealings around people who have never dealt with it. I went for a while. It helps gain insight into the drinker.

Mel - We do live down by Drake Park with all the beautiful homes. We rent though. I don't think we could ever afford to buy one of these homes. But we are willing to rent to stay down in this area because Aidan just got into one of Alternative magnet schools based on us living w/in a one mile radius. The school has to have 10% of it's students within walking distance.

Any of you using Bummis shells? What are you using for the inside? We used ME AIO for Aidan, and we have been wanting to use them for Bryn. Everytime we get money, I suggest that we get the diapers, but dh always has something else planned for the money(bills). Yesterday I went into a shop that carries CD and bought three shells and a couple of liners. The liners don't seem to fit the entire shell, and dh is upset because he wants AIO, he doesn't want to deal with all the fuss with systems. But, he won't ever agree to just spend the money on AIO!! I spent about $60, and then got 3 CD w/out the shell on Ebay. I'm not sure how to rectify this. How much did you all spend on your CDs?
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Originally Posted by bendmom
How much did you all spend on your CDs?
You don't want to know. : :
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Originally Posted by mum2tori
You don't want to know. : :
Given the size of your stash, Samantha, no, I think we really *don't* want to know :LOL

We use bummi covers and put a prefold inside with a chunk of microfleece as a liner. The prefolds I got from a family at school for free, the dipes are on their 4th kid now and starting to really wear out. Otherwise we use Fuzzi Bunz, I got a dozen here on the trading post used for $100. We really use the Fuzzi Bunz most of all. A dozen has us washing every day and a half. We Fuzzi Bunz and they don't require a lot of work to put together, we just stuff 'em with a prefold and a liner from a Crickett's diaper, since we have the Crickett's but don't... appear... to be using them :

Not sick yet - knock on lotsa wood.

T finally went down for a nap and I baked banana blueberry bread in the meantime. Here's a link to the recipe. Hint: let it cool before you cut it, it actually isn't as good hot, and the blueberries are little steam bombs.

xo, j
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