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Jen - cute pics! I also love the kitty cat watching him 'read' his book - so adorable!!! And that Ergo looks really comfy
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Congrats on the sitting. Desi can only sit on her own if I sit her up and it will only be for a minute and she will fall foward or to the side.

Tomorrow we start music class with Desi. I'm so excited. The college has a good program for infants and toddlers.
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Thanks for all the support, I knew I would get it here! It is nice to know people are thinking of you....I still am not really "dealing" with it...maybe once I actually start bleeding it will be more reality. Does anyone know how long htat could take? With my last MC, it was only about two days after my hormones starting dropping...

I like the thought that the baby realized it wasn't time yet. I really wasn't ready,a nd I want to be thrilled the next time I am pregnant, not reluctant. Its time will come!

Our baby in the mirror is apparently very funny looking. Jackson laughs at him all the time! He has started trying to hit him too!

Wow on sitting babies!! Jackson finally rolled over all on his own today, with no encouragment!!

He went to the dr for this awful cold we can't get rid of...he weighs 18 pounds 11 ounces!!!! : I can't imagine how big he will be, this is huge for us!

Jen, when do you get the test results?

When Jack laughs in his sleep, we say he is dreaming of big breasted woman...so maybe the opposite is true!! When they have nightmares, it is about food shortages!

Hope you all are doing well...baby is up!!

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Well my little girl has figured out how to follow her big sister around or get to what she wants. She isnt crawling yet but rolling across the floor in all different directions. This has just started today so I can imagine what the next week is going to be like. MY house is not ready for a mobile baby yet. Guess its time to dig out all of that babyproofing stuff I have stored away. And the blanket on the floor thing isnt working either. Ugh. I hate the thought of how dirty my floors are. Guess its time to be more vigilant on DH and the muddy boots too. LOL
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Wow Mandy, that is really young to be mobile, I am impressed!! Now comes the hard part!!!

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Caroline - It feels so weird to have those juxtaposing emotions. Lucy wasn't planned and I struggled with contrasting emotions the whole time I was pregnant and truthfully until about a month or two ago. We all talked about this a LONG (year!) time ago, but I really think that little baby spirits circle us until it is their turn. When something happens to "their" pregnancy, they get firsts in line the next time. Wasn't that from "The Baby Catcher" or something? I'll keep you in my prayers, and little Jackson, too. Hope he feels better soon - damn antibiotics!!!!!

Jen - Lu has that same taggie book and she loves it also. T looks so cute in the Ergo! I've got pics to post tonight of Lu in the wrap back carry style. I can wear her for HOURS in it - so I'm actually able to get stuff done lately. Have fun tomorrow (?) night.

Lucy is so grabby!! I can't keep anything away from her. She is desperate to get to eat something off of my plate. I tried a little sweet potato (knowing that she isn't really "ready") and she really isn't ready - tongue thrusted it right out. But she sure keeps trying.

Jack had to get his MMR yesterday. I was trying to put it off until he was three, but his records were audited at preschool, so we had to do it. He is getting such a sense a humor. Our nurse practioner asked him what his favorite thing to eat was and he said, "Bugs.... and snakes!! Ha, ha, ha!!!" I thought that was pretty clever of him to come up with on his own!

Does anyone by random chance have a sailor suit (with shortalls and coat) in size 3t or 4t? I want Jack to have one for his aunt's wedding and just thought I'd check. Did I mention that I have to be in said wedding and that I had to buy a SEA FOAM green dress for $170??? I can't remember the last time I got to spend $170 on something for me and now I had to buy this ugly dress.
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Originally Posted by Caroline248
Thanks for all the support, I knew I would get it here! It is nice to know people are thinking of you....I still am not really "dealing" with it...maybe once I actually start bleeding it will be more reality. Does anyone know how long htat could take? With my last MC, it was only about two days after my hormones starting dropping...
With my first miscarriage, I never knew until I started bleeding, but with my second, we saw the empty sac on ultrasound and then I waited almost three weeks, before I finally caved and decided to do a D&C. I just couldn't wait any longer. Really sorry I did, too, because it was scarring from that that caused all the trouble I had birthing Julia.

I never even knew I was pregnant the first time until it was over, so it never seemed real to me and still doesn't. I have a hard time feeling ANYTHING about it. But that second time, I'd already named the baby, and it was horrible. I really wanted to believe that that same baby was going to try coming through again, that maybe he just knew it wasn't the right time, and was going to try again. I was so sure it was a boy.

Hey, anybody know of something that helps babies' dry skin that doesn't have freakin' alcohol in it? Julia has dry patches on her belly and one leg. It's not eczema or anything, I asked the pediatrician when I took her to get her ear wax dug out (she couldn't HEAR for like a week!) and they told me to use Lubriderm, but the ingredient list on that reads like a bartender's resupply list. I tried Lansinoh, but it keeps staining her clothes...
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llyra - filtered jojoba oil.
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sweet almond oil is really good, too. If you like their scent, Burt's Bees baby oil is nice, or you can just get the oil plain. Also, are you using soap when you bath her? Most of the time I just let Lulu soak in the water, and figure that gets her clean enough. Except for her oily little head, I do wash that off.
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Kate is still sick with a cold. She's had to sleep in her swing (not moving) for the last 2 nights because she can't breathe. It's so sad!

On a lighter note, here are a few recent pics of Kate.


Have a great weekend!
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Stacey~ I can't see her pictures. It took me to a sign in page.
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Sorry. I corrected the link!
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Originally Posted by bellasmum
He isn't a big laugher either. My sister's dd is the same age and she is in hysterics all the time. I don't think Jax has EVER laughed like that. He just smiles really big and kind of goos...
Tristan doesn't even smile big, he just smiles once, whereas Oscar (we've been out a lot with Steph and Oz this week) giggles and coos at random people in the park. Tristan rarely laughs except when he's tickled on the changing table. That makes it all the more precious when he actually does.

Well, Prince Charming was up at 6 this morning with some need that we couldn't figure out. He woke up pretty happy, and I asked Jo to rock him to see if he wouldn't fall back asleep. He started getting more and more complainy. We changed his diaper. I nursed him. he ate a little. We gave him teething tablets. Nope, he just needed to wear himself back out before he could fall asleep at 8:05... which is when he usually wakes up. I'm going to look great at our fundraiser tonight, the dark circles under my eyes will match my black dress!

At least I get a bit of alone time now, Jo is asleep in the bedroom with him.

It's going to be 51 today! And hopefully the other 1/2 of my stroller will arrive (I won it on eBay and the seller shipped it in 2 boxes - one arrived yesterday).

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Stacey~ Katie is so cute! Is that Hannah with her?

Bellasmum~ Desi isn't too fond of strangers either nor family members. My family blames that on the breastfeeding :roll: She will sometimes smile and then hid her face into me all bashful.

Jen~ Well if Tristan is Prince Charming than Desi mush be his princess because she woke up early too: 5:30. She was just all smiley. After 2 diaperchanges she let me nurse her to sleep. Silly babies. Don't they know we need our sleep today? We're helping SIL move today and before that Desi begins her music class. In fact I should be getting ready right now.
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Bhavani is starting to show some stranger anxiety too. She hadn't seen my dad for awhile, and when he picked her up last weekend her mouth went straight down into an upside-down "U" and she started wailing. I need to get a picture of her with that little mouth--it's sad, but so very cute!

Aubrey Organics products are kinda pricey, but contain no icky ingredients at all--no alcohol, parabens, laurel sulfates, etc. I really like their baby shampoo, and it lasts forever, as you only need a few drops--or at least it does unless Leela dumps a nearly full bottle into the bathtub! I don't use soap on Bhavani's body, just her head and sometimes in her neck folds.AUbrey has some really nice lotions too, but pure oils would probably work great for Julia's dry skin.

Mandy--that's exactly what Leela did around 4.5 months. She rolled herself all around the room, and also commando-crawled, and got around really well. I'd put her down in one spot and moments later she'd have travelled quite far. Bhavani is definitely taking her time with the mobility thing, which is just fine with me!

Sarah--Jack is hilarious! What a great sense of humor he has.

Stacey--Have you tried taking Kate into the bathroom, closing the door, and running the shower on hot for awhile to steam up the room? It really can help loosen up the snot, is you hang out in there for maybe 10-15 minutes. Poor Kate--I hope she recovers soon!

Jen, enjoy your fundraiser, and Cynthia, have fun at Desi's music class!

We have a birthday party to go to this afternoon--looking forward to seeing friends we haven't seen for ages.

Have a wonderful Saturday, mamas and families!

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heather, yes, we do the steam thing anf it helps a lot! but i am sooo ready for this to be over....

how long do these colds last???? it's been a week of misery!
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I've been lurking for a while, but thought I would join the group. I was reading how all your babes are rolling and wondered why mine wasn't. Dh suggested actually putting him on the floor and giving him the oportunity to roll, sure enough, four times in less than 24hr. I think I'm suffering from the holding too much syndrome. I don't even want to put him down long enough to let him stretch or play. On the other hand, if I'm holding the baby, dh has to do the house work and I think I might be taking advantage of the situation.
Are any of your little ones drooling? Ds#1 did constantly, but this one seems drool free. I can't remember if they only start when teething?
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Welcome bendmom! I read your BFing story on the other post here. Its so wonderful! I'm glad that you stood up for yourself. Desi is still smaller than babies her age. But I think its because she takes after me.

Desi liked her class today. She didn't cry or want to nurse. She usually wants to nurse when she is in an unfamiular place. She even sat on the floor by herself.
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Hi Bendmom!!!

My ds hasn't rolled over either yet. I think he probably needs more floor time.
And yes, he's been drooling ALOT!!! It seemed to coincide with his teething.

DS was baptized this evening. Everything went smoothly. He didn't fuss or anything up on stage. I think he was too interested in all the lights.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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