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FlyLady- UGH!

Who the heck has the time to read 3 billion e-mails a day? As someone else said, you spend so much time reading the e-mails, you don't have time for anything else. And I found the book Sidetracked Home Executives (or something like that) that her system seems to be based on. When I first looked at her site years ago, I don't remember her crediting them, though I could be wrong. I know she does know, but that just rubbed me the wrong way.

And the shoe thing definitely bothers me. I don't like wearing shoes OR socks, ever, if I can avoid it. But mostly it is all the e-mails.

I do, however, like Star Organizer, which I found when someone else here posted it. www.starorganizer.com She just sends out 1 ONE 1 e-mail a day with six cleaning suggestions, and now she is trying to motivate people with a point system. Just seems more reasonable to me.
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Okay... a third vote for Motivated Moms and a second vote for My Messy House.... although I like Motivated Moms a little better!

FlyLady's website and e-mails are far different from her book "Sink Reflections"... which was actually great. I learned alot from her book, but dude--the site and e-mails just totally blew. I CAN say that she got me to get dressed every morning, and it definitely made a difference in my attitude. Her book is FAR more laid back and it made it easier to do some of the things she was preaching. "Baby steps" really comes across in the book. Like I said--total contradiction to the site (which is a LOT of advertising!) and e-mails (which clogged my inbox). To this day (8 months later) I am still making the bed every morning and clearing the sink every night.

I have the Motivated Moms calendar and stick it in a page protector. It's a god-send. I absolutely love it. But I also have a control journal (which I learned from FL) that lists out my tasks for each room/zone of the house and I try to do these things with some sort of regularity.
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I like www.mymessyhouse.com WAY better than flylady-

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I was very overwhelmed by the emails as well. However, I really like her book, "Sink Reflections." That has been helpful to me.
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I’m glad I read this thread. I’ve been feeling in disorganized lately and read a little of a FL thread and was actually considering looking into again…for like 2 seconds until I remembered the sink fetish and the shoes! Shoes in the house and getting ‘dressed’ to go out. Sorry, but I don’t wear shoes to take the garbage out anyway so it’s not like it’s sitting around because my shoes aren’t on yet…or that strange thing about needing to have your kids answer to door because you aren’t ‘dressed’? Weird.
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I am also a fly lady drop out. I hated the emails. I signed up for star organizer, one email seems so much more realistic for me. Cleaning and keeping clean is such a vicious cycle for me. I get really depressed in a messy house, but when it's messy because i get depressed I have no motivation to clean. And from there all seems to go down hill.
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I liked the book Sidetracked Home Executives- I'm a very kinesthetic person, so it helped to have the index cards in hand!
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I failed at flylady.

I refuse to wear shoes in the house (I refuse to wear shoes at all unless it is VERY VERY cold--I wear sandals to get on the bus and go barefoot A LOT even out of the house).

Even though it would help me, I utterly fail to pick out clothes for the next day. Often I grope around in the AM in the dark so as not to disturb DH and DD to find clothes. If we had the room I'd just keep my clothes in a different closet, really. And if BIL didn't live w/ us I wouldn't get dressed in the house except to leave it anyway.

I have been conditioned since childhood to NEVER RUN THE DISHWASHER UNLESS IT IS FULL. Just can't bring myself to do it. But I refuse to empty it more than once a day. That's a great Flylady idea.
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I have to say that I am one of those woman with their computer on all day and the e-mails do remind me to get up off my butt and do something. I haven't been doing any house decluttering, but my sink is shiny which is something b/c I'm the mother that has had mold growing in sippy cups!
I can't say I hate FlyLady, but I can say it isn't all for me. Like LLL states at meetings -- take what works for you and your family and leave the rest behind.
I'm going to check out motivated moms.
I've thought also about setting up my own yahoo group only to send reminders to myself every 2 hours to check on my laundry!!! Maybe I might could do it in Outlook, but to get it to repeat automatically is a yahoo group thing.
I haven't seen a lot of propoganda for 'stuff' on the flylady e-mails, but then again I delete most unless they are a reminder.
I need structure to get my family and I out of our CHAOS, but as with most things in life there isn't a quick fix and Flylady isn't the end all to be all. But it's a good place to start when you are challenged in the housekeeping department.
(I grew up with maids cleaning up and doing laundry!!! When I first got married I had a maid as well. I could cook dinner and by next dinner the kitchen was clean -- it doesn't clean by itself even though nearly 8 years later I still expect it too! :LOL Oh the woes of the spoiled!!!)
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well it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I still get the emails (in digest form) and just delete them. I never read them, which I suppose defeats the purpose, but I just don't have time to sift through all that. Besides, no matter what I did during the day to declutter, I've got three kids running around behind me cluttering things back up- flylady obviously doesn't have any children!
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To be honest, I think most mainstream moms would love her system. It's the alternative mamas, who have spent their entire parenthood (if not before) learning to ignore the professionals and do stuff their own way, that don't thrive in her system, :LOL

We're so rebellious and so quick to refuse anyone who tells us what to do! LOL (I meant that in the nicest way...because that's often how I am..unless I'm with likeminded mamas)

I tried flylady for about a day. I was so confused by all the rules, terms, conditions, etc., and I am a member of the Society for Barefoot Living...so the whole shoe thing didn't work. The shiny sink thing seemed so irrelevent to my house being cleaned, and the emails were ridiculous, lol. I couldn't understand why she wanted to make ppl's lives less chaotic, but all I could imagine is ppl sitting in front of the computer first thing in the morning, getting their first mission, and running off to do it. Then they run back to the copmuter for their next mission, go complete it, and then run back for the next...and so on and so on. OI!
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Check out Sandra Felton

I would second the recommendation of Sidetracked Home Executives as well as any of the Messies books by Sandra Felton. FlyLady didn't do it for me.
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Still deleting Flylady digests

I've been deleting the Flylady digests daily for about 9 months now... I keep thinking I'll get back into it, but I haven't. I did get a some good out of it when I was paying attention. The morning and evening routines have saved my sanity as a single WAHM of a toddler. I definitely don't wear shoes in the house though, and I don't get dressed immediately. I didn't have a problem taking what I liked and leaving the rest, but she was pretty bossy. I would like to get back to her because I hate my clutter, but it's probably not going to happen until I'm living somewhere I want to take pride in. For now we're in a temporary apartment and I don't care enough about it, unfortunately.
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flylady wasn't for me either! with lots of children under 5 you can't always set a schedule and stick to it. things change daily! i do clean about 2 hours a day tho now that i've done a really good spring cleaning!
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Add me to the reject list! :
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I love my shiny sink. I love the 27 boogie thingie. I love the hotspots and getting tasks done in 15 minutes. I've KNOWN that's how I work. I have ADHD. I'm like a hummingbird housekeeper.

But I will not do it in my shoes and dressed to the nines, and I won't do it if I keep hearing my email alert as she sends me something else...
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Couldn't handle the e-mails, they drove me nuts! I can follow a routine for awhile, then I slack off.

What I did take to was making your bed first thing and doing a load of laundry every day. Just taking the time to do these little things made me feel as if I'd accomplished something.

I belong to the "if you don't see the dirt, don't worry about it" school of housekeeping. LOL.

The one thing I loathe is cleaning the bathroom. We have one bathroom here with four of us. When I was a single mom to my son, I got an apt. with two bathrooms just so I could have my own.

I get crazy when the kitchen is dirty, though. I'm pretty good about spraying and wiping it down every day. But mopping, ugh!!

I love vacuuming, though!! Anyone else have a love affair with their vacuum?? We bought a Kirby Ultimate G from the door to door guy and it was worth every penny!
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Managing FlyLady

I was told about the FL site by a friend and checked it out. The website was a bit cumbersome to understand and needs some "uncluttering" itself. I did sign up for the emails. And even though I have my computer on most hours, it was overwhleming, soooooooo like most of you, I sent up a folder to recieve all the FL emails. Then I did it one better, I had it automatically delete anything that said "testimonials". Then WALLA I realized that I since I have recently moved into a new house, I was only checking out the emails from KELLY....sooooooooo I just set up a folder for her emails. Guess what guys you only get one email a day. Kelly's emails don't help with the daily rituals, but they are good if you are at the decluttering phase, getting rid of stuff, setting up routines etc.
WOW thanks for the tips on the other websites, ie -motivated moms and others. I will check them out.
I think most of us have our own systems of home maintenance and such, and just use these for ideas and motivation. So, like everything else take what you need and leave the rest. Or as the old folks say "Chew the fat, spit out the bone". Take care, you guys are great, I laughed out loud at some of your emails. So refreshing and honest, its great !
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Another fan of Motivated Moms. The MyMessyHouse site looks pretty good, too. I'll have to explore it more.

My parents always wear their shoes in the house. I associate wearing shoes indoors with people of that generation. I told my mom I like to go barefoot because then I notice if the floor's dirty -- stuff starts sticking to my feet.
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No Shoes in the House

No shoes in the house is recommended for many reasons including:
Most dirt in the house is tracked in on your feet. If you are out and about you are stepping in all kinds of stuff (gross things like animal poop, human saliva, food droppings, etc). And if you have carpet, my goodness gracious in addition to the dust mites that live in that, now you wipe your shoes on it. If you do really want to wear shoes in the house.......GET A SEPARATE PAIR... that you change into when you get home. FL recommends lace up shoes, but oh well, I think slides will do fine. Mostly I think no shoes are best and your feet are the better for it. Go for some nice comfy house shoes, they make ones now that look really cool, unlike "slippers". Just an idea for those really troubled by the whole "shoe thing".
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