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I did FlyLady for a year and a half. I liked reading the testimonials about how much easier life was when things were in order. Now I've unsubscribed simply because I think I've incorporated all of her system that I can.

Like with the zones - I do better just keeping a running list of things I notice that need to be cleaned. I still declutter, but I also have a running list for that. And her zones make no sense in my house. Our "master" bedroom is just like any other bedroom and is actually one of the easiest rooms to keep tidy in the entire house. But I could spend a week every month on just the office, which she doesn't seem to think exists.

The routines - I cannot follow a routine if my life depended on it. I am someone who likes to go with the flow and live in the moment. I've given up on routines.

I do find myself tidying the house before every meal, and I am a bit obsessive about keeping the clutter down. But I feel so much happier that way - it's like there's room in my brain to actually think instead of being overwhelmed by clutter.
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Me! Me! Me!

I love a clean house. But the whole "cleanliness is everything" thing just seems a bit much! I might skip a day of house cleaning to take a bike ride with my boy or take a nap with my shih tzu!
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Fly Lady Flop.

I work full time so I never signed up for email. I did get some good tips that I have incorporated but overall I am at peace with myself and my clutter. If my friends don't like it then I need new friends.
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I never did FlyLady, but this thread intrigued me, because I am flunking housework big time. So I went and looked at the website, and the first thing I clicked on was a sample routine. It was a bedtime routine, and it had all this stuff about setting the breakfast table and laying out your clothes and taking time for meditation, and what I really want to know is:

Where's the bit about walking the cranky baby around the block 8 times to help her settle down for bed, and wrestling her down long enough to get a clean diaper and some pyjamas on her? Where's the bit about reading three bedtime stories and then lying down next to her so she'll fall asleep, and dozing off for 45 minutes yourself because you were up with her from midnight to 4 am the night before? What about colic? Or a frequent nurser? If I had perfect kids who CIOed at an early age and slept all night in a crib, I might pull this off.

Anyone know a conquer-household-chaos helper that will incorporate young babies into the routine?
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And what IS the deal with shining the sink? I would love to have a squeaky clean house, believe me, but I have never considered shining the darn sink to be the top priority!!!! Yeah, clean it, but SHINE it? EVERY DAY?
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Originally Posted by llyra
Anyone know a conquer-household-chaos helper that will incorporate young babies into the routine?
I agree! That's one of the things that really caught my attention about the clean home link I posted a little earlier. It's flexible! She is a nursing mama of two right now AND has adult add. She's the type of mama who has the attitude that if you are choosing between washing a few dishes in the sink or reading a story with your pleading daughter, READ THE STORY! The dishes will just be piled up after dinner anyway, so what's 3 more? LOL

I really like the way she organizes laundry and dishes, though, and how she makes cleaning very simple. I think a lot the way she does and it's easier for me to follow through with how she does it because I don't get as distracted or overwhelmed, and I don't feel the pressure of cleaning, scrubbing, reorganizing, and staring at my reflection in the sink all in one day!

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I missed that on my first read through the thread. I just went to check it out, and you're right, it's a lot more realistic and doable for a person like me. Thanks!!!
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I checked out the site but there was so much information I couldn't handle it.
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Originally Posted by eden/averymum
I checked out the site but there was so much information I couldn't handle it.
Hi there. I think the biggest issue with the site is the bar at the bottom. It makes it kind of confusing and distracting to read.

My suggestion, to make things simpler and easier on the site (this is what I did), is to go to the main page, don't read anything, but click on the thing that says, "Take the Quiz" (on the right). That was the part of the site that got me interested. Then at the end of the "quiz" it has a thing to click on that says "Get Started with CleanHome Today". This part helps you understand her system a little better and get a feel for what it's all about, and why it's different than the other two I can't follow (motivated moms and flylady), lol.

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Can I post something here that I got in Email form from the CleanHome lady? It's an email she sends out after you sign up for her yahoo group and it is really good...even if you don't like/choose her method, it's just overall a good email about cleaning and living your life.

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Can you post the link again? I can't seem to find it, either through Google or in this thread. Thanks!
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I'm another Flylady reject. I never 'got it'. Like others said, the web site is overwhelming and could use some decluttering. I was never particularly offended by anything. I bought the feather dusters and as advertised, the kids love to use them. But I can't use her system.

Reading all 5 pages of this thread, I went and unsubscribed my Flylady email just now. :LOL

But I did keep one testimonial, "The Myth of the Happy Messy Home". It pretty much hit the nail on the head for me. I wish I could cut and paste the whole thing here for everybody to read! And I don't know how to make a link to it, it's in my own private email. Ah well.

I'll check out cleanhome.savedme in a bit. I've got two weeks of dishes calling to me. :
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I really learned a lot from Flylady, and I even like to wear shoes in the house, but I just couldn't take all of her routines (not to mention the advertisement testimonials--UGH). I do try to make the bed every morning, keep the dining room table relatively clear, and wash all the dishes before I go to bed. But I don't get dressed until after we've eaten breakfast. And I don't declutter every day--it isn't the 15 minutes, it's the emotional energy I don't always have. I definitely like her "how to declutter" section, though--it's helped me a lot. Sometimes when I have a bit of extra time on my hands, I like to do one of Kelly's missions. I think I'm a good example of someone who's taken what works for me and left what doesn't.
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I'm so glad to find this forum! I've tried FLady several times. I have NEVER been able to keep up with everything, and have decided she would totally do it differently if she small children in the house because I ended up busy busy doing all the things she wanted me to and at the end of the day thinking, "Now, about those children...what have I done with them today?" I personally hate housework and would much rather play with the kids or learn or read or....whatever, anything but include them in the cleaning because then it took even longer to get through the list. I have gotten some good things from her though; I truly needed some structure--just not quite so much and those ads were really getting to me. I'm going to check out MM.
Boysrus: what you said turned on the light for me about housework and responsibility.
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Drop out here as well, stressed me out too much, and I couldnt keep up with the email. Back to my dirty ways.
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Originally Posted by Blessed81902
Thanks for the link!

Another dropout here. I just couldn't hack it. It's too much to hide my dirty dishes under the sink all day (plus, I - you know - STORE things there, so...) and the only tie-to-my-feet shoes I own are hiking boots. I'm not wearing those things all day. And we don't wear shoes in the house, anyway; it tracks in lead.

My husband also turned me onto www.organizedhome.com, which has some good ideas (I learned that I have multiple "clutter personality" disorder : ) but I have noticed that it's a big bleach & ammonia crowd, not very much in the way of natural products. Ah, well. Still, there are neat tips and they don't terrorize you all day long (or at all, for that matter).
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Originally Posted by GoodEats
It's too much to hide my dirty dishes under the sink
Oh--I know--UGH!!! No way am I putting my dishes down there where they'll attract mold and bugs and germs! The sink is the place for dirty dishes IMO if you don't have a dishwasher. I try hard to wash them after every meal so the kitchen stays clean, and that's my contribution to Flylady's sense of order.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie
I liked the book Sidetracked Home Executives- I'm a very kinesthetic person, so it helped to have the index cards in hand!
And that is where Flylady got her method from. It's true!

You know, everytime I go to her website she seems to have more things added to it! What happened to keeping it simple????

I hated the idea that I was a Flylady failure. But hearing from all of you has made me feel much better. I have taken ideas from her: starting a load of laundry first thing in the morning, doing things in 15 minutes. But there is absolutely no way I can be classified as FLYing. :LOL

Thanks for the sites on My Messy House and Motivated Moms.

Originally Posted by Blessed81902
BTW, I can't open this website. Any ideas?
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