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Originally Posted by kytheria
I actually own, and use, a Podee. I can't breastfeed because of meds I must take, so I cuddle my baby close in the cradle hold and in that hand, near her bottom, I hold the Podee. I use the other free hand to stroke dd's hair or face, or just hug her closer. Because it has the tube, dd can be facing me, cuddled up near my breast, without the bottle in the way or poking us at weird angles. I love that it lets us be close while she's bottlefeeding.

I do imagine the tube could be a strangulation hazard, if someone left the baby alone with it, but the tubing slips off the connectors pretty easily. Regardless, I would certainly hope no one would just stick a bottle, Podee or not, in their babe's mouth and leave.

So you can laugh at the Podee- it certainly does look weird. But dd and I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything (except a chance to breastfeed).

Yeah, I guess I could see that. I also ff, but I just cradle Moo and hold her bottle, lately, she's been holding her own bottle so I can play with her more during snuggle/feed...
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kytheria, i have to FF for the same reason, i can see using a Podee for snuggle-feeding. sometimes i prop the baby (rather than the bottle! ugh), she's in my lap facing me with a pillow behind her and i feed her with one hand and stroke her with the other hand, lots of eye contact

here's the worst i'd seen before i saw the other stuff posted here! http://bababib.com/
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That’s what I was thinking about that bottle holder thing. Seems fair enough that a bottle fed child’s parent or person feeing them should have hands free if there’s some gadget. I know I BFed hands free. I even BFed while chatting to friends, watching a movie, typing, sleeping…

That podee thing seems like a really nice idea for bottle fed children.
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Originally Posted by Patchy Dragon
this is the one that gets me in a tizzy

pnnak (post-nurse napping at keyboard )

That's the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. ... reminds me of those watermelons they grow in a box so they come out square - you could literally never take your baby out of that seat and end up with a bucket-shaped babe, so, so sad
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I just want to clarify that I meant no disrespect or insult to those who use bottles or the camel-back-type thing with "safety and love," as Dr Sears says. Every gadget has its place - it was the advertising of what I would call misuse (not "needing" to hold the baby while feeding, so you can get something else done) that I found disturbing.

I've considered the breastbottle might be the one thing my son might take. Don't know why they had to call it that, though, it seems that would make it unpopular.
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Just another note on the Podee, when I saw it being used, the mom was completly ignoring the child. She was in her stroller and drinking while mom was talking with someone else not even making any eye contact with her daughter
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that podee thing mght be good for babies with lots of gassiness to avoid air :dk

one ofthe dumbest things i got as a shower gift was a pacifier thermometer. good in theory, but it was terrible. it didnt work. I even tried to use it myself. My temp read 96 :LOL weird.
they make some WEIRD stuff for babies!

that bottlesling looks one step removed from a hamster feeder!! :LOL
hmmm, now that you meantion it, late night feedings could be so much easier... just kidding

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Oh, sorry, people. I was thinking of the sling that you use to hold the bottle to your body (breast level) while you hold the baby.
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Originally Posted by artgoddess
I poured through every catalog that came to the house when I was pregnant, afraid I would miss something I just had to have. This one just make me burst into laughter...


In all fairness to One Step Ahead, I love their baby safe feeders, the mesh things for fruit, oh well here....

we actaully bought that breast bottle. we had a tough start with bfing and we were willing to try anything (i had flat nipples and he had aversion from a tube shoved down his throat but we managed to solved our problems and bfed for almost 2 years)

anyway, i thought it sucked and a huge waste of money!
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My BIL used a podee. He has joint custody of his son and has since he was teeny tiny. He would walk him back and forth to get him to sleep while tucking the bottle somewhere and putting the little pacifier thing in my nephew's mouth. My nephew would be cuddled up to him resting his head on his shoulder. I think in that case he probably just used it because it would be easier on his back or something. He might have used it more often, though, I wasn't around him that much when my nephew was a baby. When we had dd#2 BIL gave us all his baby stuff including his podee. I was like, uuuuummmm no. Since I was breastfeeding I had no use for it and even if dd had the occasional bottle of EBM I knew someone would be cradling her.
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Bummer, to hear that the breast bottle sucks. I was going to buy one to keep here just in case an errand ran long or something. I finally pumped a bottle to freeze this morning too. I would prefer my baby never had a bottle but I sure wouldn't make him wait too long if I couldn't get home to feed him. Come to think of it, I usually take him where ever I go anyway...
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about 4 years ago I saw bottles at Walmart that look like soft drink bottles. One had a sprite logo, one had a Coca cola logo. Horrible.
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here's a funny....

When dd was about 8 months i was with my mom in the baby section of a supermarket. I saw these stiff brushes that caught my attention. they were labelled "nipple cleaners."

Only every having breastfed I said , "Ouch! who in their right mind would use those on their nipples?"

My mom- a three time bottle feeder looked at me like I was nuts!
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Ha! I was reading and thinkng the same thing, :LOL What, like a wipe for you boob?
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you both are cracking me up I was having a problem with thrush when someone here recommended I "wash my nipples in boiling water if I was pumping" OMG
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I am just wondering whay you formula feeding moms use for formula? we had such difficulty breastfeeding dd that we started using formula at 3 months (no choice, much heartache)... I wonder if there is anything better than what we used... We used Baby's Only Organic formula.....

ANything better?
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We have the crib tent. For the never-used crib. The cats loved jumping into the crib before dd was born, so it was gifted to us from SIL, whose cat is too fat to make the crib jump. It's one of the reasons I don't even try to get dd to sleep in the crib for a nap. Very claustrophobia-inducing.

DH is sitting nearby and read the bottle-propper as 'potties,' - strange name for a feeding thing.
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Originally Posted by Foobar
Hm, that is weird. I formula feed and that just sounds too weird for me... ever see

These are the reasons why people think that formula feeding moms are cold and uncaring. ANY mom that uses this would strike me as cold and uncaring...
I actually considered using one for car rides when Abi was a baby. Otherwise she was bottlenursed in my arms until she weaned by herself.

The crib tents-- I am actually considering buying one. Nitara sleeps in her crib (that's what she prefers) and she's tube-fed all night long. She has a tube that runs from a feeding pump to her belly. When she is old enough to possibly jump out of her crib, I don't want her to risk pulling her stomach tube out in the process. Until she's old enough to get out of her bed safely and pull her IV pole along with her so she won't tear her tube out, I'll probably be pretty much trying to contain her in whatever way makes her safe.

A friend bought a crib tent for her dd's crib b/c they have scorpions in their house that sometimes crawl on the ceiling after coming out of the vents. EEK! She ended up doing the family bed though, and as far as I know the crib tent is still in its package (hey maybe I'll buy it from her).

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Actually, one of those tent things saved my three year old's life. I heard it snap as she tried to tear it off her crib and literally made it across the house {filling out merchandising paperwork} in time to see her try to stick her head into the hole she made in the tent...
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