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Hello. Looks like its time I should join you. We are expecting #4 on October 7th. I'm not too excited about doing this again. I get sooooo sick and just hate life for almost the whole pregnancy that I'm actually a little depressed about it. I know I'll love the baby no matter what, but at this point I can't even envision the baby. All I can think of is my health and trying to care for the older 3! Ugh! Anyone else feeling less then baby blissed? Its a hard thing to admit!

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New here

Please bare with me as I figure out the ins and outs of this board. I am expecting my 5th child on Oct 6th. I'm feeiling pregnant for sure. It's like my body is saying "I remember this... let's get going."

This was a planned pregnancy. My husbands second. My kids are 12, 10,9 and 20 months.
I think I'm gonna like it here.
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I spend lots of time in the WAHM board, but I came over to join the October club! Due date should be around October 15th,a nd we just found out Sunday. We have a beautiful 9 month old daughter, so we were a little when we found out, but we are excited. Anyone else have children this close together? Is it really hard? I am expecting it to be tough at first (an 18 month old and a newborn...)

My daughter was born in a hospital, but this time around we are looking for a midwife : )
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Hi all!

Found out yesterday that Hubby & I are expecting #1, so our little Libra will be here sometime in October. I have an appointment with a midwife tomorrow morning & I'll get an "official" EDD then. I had a miscarriage in August, super-early on (like 5 days after I tested +), but I have a good feeling about this. I'm not religious, but Lent started today, and the first 40 days of my pregnancy will be Lent, and it's ironic that I have to give up control...anywho, enough with the pontificating. Hubby & I are 22, I have wacky cycles (ovulated on day 30 this time!), so we were planning on "trying" for up to a year, but I guess the timing was right! So far not too many symptoms, just a slight bit of "morning" (yeah right, more like all freakin' day!) sickness - no vomiting, just nausea, sleepiness, and an intense craving for eggs.
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hi all,

we're expecting #2 in October, too. I think I'm due around 10/16. I call this baby our blizzard baby, we think we concieved this baby the weekend of the blizzard!
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Hi, my name is Cheryl. I am the mommy to Breydon, my almost 4-year-old Taurus and Jude, my 18-month Leo. I got pg while trying NOT to conceive, but am very excited about this surprise blessing nonetheless.

I am a CDing, CoSleeping, Extending BFing mommy, and I look forward to sharing with some likeminded women.
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Hi everyone!
We are expecting #2 in October (EDD 10/6)! I'm feeling good about this pregnancy but am a little nervous as I had a miscarriage in June.
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hey guys...i'll be 21 in april and my husband will be 22 in august. we are expecting our first on october 8th (or so i have figured). i have my second appointment october 25th...
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hi everybody...I am Carolyn and my partner is Kent...we have 3 children..2 are mine from my first marriage and we have one together..they are 14, 10 and 19mos...3 girls!

My hubby doesn't know about this little one yet as he is away a lot and left on a trip the day I tested...he drives a flatbed truck for a local company...I thought he would be home Monday and I would tell him as a Valentine surprise but looks like he won't be home until next Thursday...it's hard not to tell him on the phone...but we had a real early loss last cycle so I don't want him worrying about me...I would rather tell him in person and reassure hime I am ok.

I am absolutely amazed that I got pregnant again the cycle immediately after my miscarriage..hubby was away...he got home the night before the full moon and I ovulated the next day...I often ovulate with the full moon...the timing was perfect..he was gone again the next day but left me with the moon baby...2 days later as I was driving I felt an overwhelming calm and closeness to this wee babe...I knew I was probably pregnant..but I was still surprised that I was right...need to trust my intuition more

It's very early. things may still go wrong but I have decided to be positive.
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Congrats, Allgirls! I just had to tell you about a post a read here on MDC last night. A woman was talking about how she ovulates and menstruates with the cycles of the moon. She mentioned that her baby was born way past its due date, but when she looked, s/he was born to the day by his lunar due date. Kinda neat. You might try to search around and find her post, though I'm not sure exactly what words to tell you to search for.
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Hi all! I've already posted on the Semptember thread. My due date according to my chart is October 1st, but when I found out I was pregnant no one was over on the October board yet. And who knows, if I deliver a few days early it could happen in September anyway. So I'll probably hang out on both boards, the more the merrier!

Anyway, my son Jakob turns 2 today and we're excited about welcoming baby number two in late September/early October. It will be fun chatting with you all throughout the journey.
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Congratulations to all of the October Mamas! It's so exciting to be joining all of you here in the due date club.

My name is Michele, and dh Mark and I are expecting our first little one around Oct. 20th. We are so very excited to be parents, although it hasn't totally sunk in yet!

Happy healthy pregnancies to all!
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I haven't checked in on this thread yet. My husband & I are 25 we have 3 boys and this is our first planned baby. We would love a girl, another boy would be awesome too. Pretty open to either. We did read How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby so we figure we gave it our best shot and whichever this little one is we love it already anyway. I tested positive (very light) on Sunday night and AF isn't even "due" until this Monday, however I did ovulate a couple of days early. I am soo impatient plus I already "knew" cause of being sick and implantation and everything. Very early symptoms with this one!

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Joining you! I am due with my second child on October 26th. Hooray!!! I'm sick as a dog already and pretty tired. I'm also nursing my 32-month old. Busy!
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Hi everyone~

I am due with my first on October 19th - - 2 days shy of our 5th anniversary. Pretty cool. Who knows, maybe I will even give birth on our anniversary or come home from the hospital that day. I am excited but trying not to be because I am just scared that something may happen and the pg won't stick - - if you couldn't tell, I am such a pessimist. I think I will feel better once I go to the dr again on March 2nd. he plans on doing an US and a lot of blood work. He said by then if everything looks good, he will be able to tell me with 95% certainty if I am out of the woods or not. Oh, one more thing, when the dr confirmed I was pg, he also told me I had a cyst on my ovary. Probably another reason I am so concerned. :
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Hi. I am new to this board. I have enjoyed reading about all of the same topics that I am neurotic about. ~~Makes me a little calmer.

I am in my 7th week. My EDD is 10/5/05

This is my second pregnancy and WILL be my first baby!
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I was told I have a cyst on my ovary too - it was noticed at the ultrasound. The tech said it was probably the ovary I ovulated on this last time and they would expect the cyst to be gone by the 12th week. THe midwife didn't even bring it up.

congrats! may the next 9 months be joyous
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blissfully estatic to be posting here!!!

we just got a beautiful postive test after over 18 months of TTC our second child (our first is only 2.4, and she just weaned a few months ago) it took us a year of trying with her, so as soon as I got my cycle back when she was 8months old, we started the whole rounds of eggwhites, baking soda washes, progesterone cream, tilted pillows, ovualtion kits, temping, and lots of other icky stuff

last month I gave up, made plans to go to Mexico next year, enjoy my gorgeous toddler, and adopt in a few years, maybe...and here I am

my dd was an 'October 2002' baby, so I am very familiar with this timeline I was very happy with the timing of the pregnancy here in the midwest (sickness during early spring, lots of energy and feeling great by the time it gets warm, not too big for the summer heat, and birthing right before the winter hibernation so no slipping on ice when huge and pregnant....i absolutely cant wait!)

my sickness kicked in at about 6 weeks with my dd, and didnt let up till over 16 weeks...so since I am now about 4 weeks, I am bracing myself and getting ready...stocking up on ginger ANYTHING...and just so lucky and happy to be miserable again
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congratulations, MelMel, and welcome!!!! I am so happy for you!

I have a December 99 and a November 02, so you and I will have two children who are almost exactly the same age!
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Hi all, I'm new here.
I'm due with our 5th Oct 4. I'm hoping to make it to late August as all of my kids have had to come early after a lot of bedrest. We will have 5 under 6 when this one comes so I'm super busy. Glad to be joining you all.
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