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Dollar store anyone?

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I used to never shop at dollar stores, then when we were in ca I went into 99 Cents Only. Wow!! I was changed!! We have a little local dollar store about a mile from my house, and then another local one in the next town. In that same town is a local one that gets a lot of organics!! And then, a Dollar Tree just opened nearby to me.
I am addicted, esp to Dollar Tree!! It is always a challenge to find stuff not made in China there. I do occasionally buy stuff made in CHina at the dollar store, though, bc it is after all, only a dollar. Only when I am desperate though!!
So, some of my Dollar Tree finds:
I got Made in the Usa Cookie sheets!! They also had muffin tins, pie plates, cake pans, square pans, ou name it. Really nice buckets, shampoo, candles, picture frames, light bulbs, lotions, cereal, salsa, mascara, baskets, cleaning supplies. They right now have sweaters and adorable hats for kids. We buy all of our pla dough from there. It is made in CHina, but so is Play DOh, and my ds goes through way more than I can make, plus we forget about the playdough and it goes bad when i make it.
At the local ones, I buy candy bars(4 for a dollar), gardening gloves, hair bands, sponges, spaghetti, food coloring. I just saw they have a three pound bag of unpopped popcorn there for a dollar. They also carry Snapple Beans, which are jeppy beans with NO food coloring! Two packs for a dollar. Last year, I bought my seeds there. 10 packs for a dollar.
Any other dollar store addicts?
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I'm gonna have to check that out!
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Love The Dollar Tree. We even did some of our Christmas shopping there. If it's good stuff that you know someone wants, why spend more, KWIM? Some of our finds:
pregnancy and ovulation tests
baby washcloths that we use as diaper wipes
books by well-known authors
stocking holders (the heavy, brassy kind)
5 x 7 and 8 x 10 picture frames
huge bottles of hand sanitizer
incense kits
under-bed storage boxes
over-the-door shoe organizers
men's dress socks
huge fleece scarf that I cut into diaper liners
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I'm on again off again with the Dollar Store. I've yet to find one around here that I love but there are tons to choose from! I have gotten a few cool things. I was surprised to find, however, that the shoebox size rubbermaids at Target are less than a dollar. I thought they were a find at the dollar store for $1. They were like .89 at Target. Anyway, my kids love the dollar store and my eight year old got me the cutest Angels for Christmas from there. She's very proud of that find!
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We have found some great party bag items at the Dollar Tree, like dice, cards and stationary items. I always look in the book section and have found some nice kids and even gift books.

FYI, they also have great craft items. Last year for our HS Easter Egg hunt, I bought gemstones (the large ones) and put them in the little Easter gift bags, the kids loved them!
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Some of the dollar store stuff is a really good value. I remember buying childproofing supplies like outlet covers and such at Target for something like $3.99 a package, and then seeing the exact same products--same brand even--at the dollar store a week later for only a buck each. The dollar store toys always seem pretty flimsy to me, though. It's also a great place to buy gift bags, wrap, bows, etc.
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I avoid buying things from China, so dollar stores of any kind are basically a waste for me. That's one place where frugality doesn't work for our family.

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LOVE the dollar stores!

We have many here in my city and I am at them always. We grab last minute and other gifts there, deocrations for holidays, kids toys and craft stuff, kitchen stuff................

I am frugal at heart so I won't go into a Sears or the like to waste my $$ on similar items I can grab at a dollar store.

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I liek the dollar stores (we have a tone here- Dollar Tree, 99 Cents STore, and lots of mom and pop shops), but I have to be careful. Some of the "bargains" are more than I can fidn things for elsewhere- like someone else mentioned. But I also realized that if I buy food there, many times it is the smallest portion that I can get, and whiel it is still a bargain price wise, it puts me ina cycle of having to keep coming back again and again- and thus possibly buying more junk that we really do not need.
It's just like anything else, I guess.
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Originally Posted by dharmamama
I avoid buying things from China, so dollar stores of any kind are basically a waste for me. That's one place where frugality doesn't work for our family.

I very much agree. I simply can't accept the thought that someone may have *sweat* to make the stuff I need or want. As far as makeup goes I also can't accept animal testing.
It's tough living on one small income and finding ways to be frugal that meet my ideals. However, it is a fun challenge!
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i'm a big dollar store shopper too, particularly dollar tree. i get a lot of pet supplies there, organizing stuff, and gift wrap/party supplies. i can also report from personal experience, that the dollar tree pregnancy tests DO work. lol. dh and i were in the store while we were ttc, and laughed when we saw wm, thinking no way, that can't be as good as the $9 tests, but i got one anyway. a few months later, i realized i was a couple of days late, and tried it. i got a positive result, and was doubly surprised, first at being preggo, and second, that the darn thing worked. lol.
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I found some coffee at the 99 cent store thats pretty good, especially for 99 cents. And I thought $6 for two pounds at costco was a good deal!
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dollar tree carries a lot of scrapbooking stuff also.
As I said, I find stuff that is not made in china!! It is a hunt, but it can be done!! Like my cookie sheets, made right here in the USA!! My buckets were made in Israel. I saw baskets made in Vietnam, and then quite a bit of the stuff(like cosmetics and food) are closeouts and overruns.
And yes, you do have to price compare, bc it CAN be cheaper elsewhere
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One of my brothers works in the corporate office of one of those dollar stores. Family dollar I think it is (some sister I am, huh? ) As much as I'd like to support his corporate world, I'd much rather find good quality stuff at yard sales for only a quarter! just my 2 cents
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I occasionally do the dollar store thing. I have 2 near me that are really good. I am amazed that you can actually find quality items there. I do not do muchshopping other than Target, Costco and my organic market but if I am out and about I always enjoy a trip there.

Julie, I do not like FD because they have a lot of things that are mmore than $1.
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The only thing that I go to the dollar store for are these partylite candles. They are 4" pillars and elsewhere they are 4-5 bucks and I love them for all my candle holders. I don't even look at anything else in there.
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