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What is your thermostat routine?

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I'm ashamed to admit that I kind of have my thermostat set high compared to what I've seen other people set theirs at here. I have absolutely no body fat to keep me warm and sweaters and me just don't mix well.

That being said, I set mine at 70 during the day and 64 at night.

What do you all do, do you notice a huge difference in bills when you follow this routine? I don't even know if it saves me money because I haven't tried just leavign it high at night.
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I keep it set at about 72 pretty much all the time - I think the lowest it gets at night is 68. Depending on which one of us sets it! I get very cold ecspecially since we just moved from TX to WI. Plus Emma gets cold pretty easy & I'd rather keep us all warm & cozy than having us miserable & cold!
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We're about 65 over night & when we're not home. About 70 when we're sitting around - unless it's REALLY cold out - like single-digits - then I'll turn it up to 72 or even 74 to keep from shivering! If we've been working hard at cleaning up - maybe 68-ish.
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We keep ours set at 70. If it is somewhat warm and sunny during the day I turn it down to 68 but as it gets towards dusk I turn it up to 70 again. Can't keep it any lower at night because our house is old(1900) and drafty.
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Wow, those all seem really warm to me. Ours is set for 60 at night and 65 during the day. To stay happy at 65 you need two layers on or need to be running around. I usually have on a tee shirt/turtleneck and a buttondown or sweater. In the morning/evening when we're in our pjs we either start a fire or pull a blanket around us.
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We have an older farmhouse, that is prone to drafts, so we keep it about 68, unless there's a lot of wind, then I have to crank it up (tho the house stays around 68 anyway). So we tend to dress in layers.
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comes on for an hour in the morning at about 70 and then from 4pm till approx 11pm also at about 70 (i WOH) i never have it on at night and i dont know anybody over here in the UK who does either...but i guess it doesnt get too cold!
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The heat turns on at 7am and back off at 9am: 65.

Bumps back on around 5pm to 65 until 9ish again.

Otherwise (and we are often home during the day--- we bump it up if needs be) it is at 50 (we have good insulation, it rarely goes below 60).
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65 daytime, 60 nighttime. Our house is big, gas bills kill us.We decided to get a space heater to occasionally warm up a room - like heat the bathroom before dd's bath, or warm the bedroom (them turn it off and get under a lot of covers). We added our thick sleeping bag to our bedclothes, and find we often wake up sweaty!
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As soon as it cools off enough that the indoor temp is staying below 90 during the day (sometime in November), it gets turned OFF and stays that way until it's too hot to stand any more in spring (sometime in late Feb-March), at which point it is set at 80-85 and we grudgingly run the AC so that we don't die of heat stroke from going upstairs. Windows are frequently opened in cool season until it's almost too cold, then closed again, and in warm season at night until it's reallly hot, when the AC gets turned on. Except Tuesdays when the mowers come and any time the air quality is really sucky, because of DH's allergies.

Did I add that I live in Arizona and we have crappy insulation in our apartment?
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We also have a big old drafty farmhouse. We keep it at 60 degrees all the time during the winter, but we have two woodstoves, so if one wants to hang out in the kitchen, it is usually in the 70s. After I wrote the check out for the fuel oil this past summer, I'll keep the house chilly. Ouch!
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In the winter, I want 68 (I wanna be able to wear my winter clothes), dh wants 72, so we compromise at 70.

In the summer, different story. I grew up without any AC, so I want it set at 78-82. Dh wants it to stay the same year round at 68-72.
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Alright, I'll be the one everyone gasps at. I NEED it at 72 during the day at the very least. Our apt has really crappy windows, and as soon as the heat shuts off, you can feel the cold draft from outside. So, I have it on 74 about half the time. At night we turn it down to 70. Yes, our bills are outrageous. But I lived for years with my father, who kept it at about 67-68, and my bedroom was the most poorly insulated in the house. I shivered my way through several winters, which gave me a sore back and TMJ. I WILL NOT suffer like that again!
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We have 3 zones of heat in our house (gas furnace/hot water radiators) - 2 for the bedroom areas and one for the living areas of the house. The bedrooms are set around 64 degrees or so and we adjust it depending on how cold it feels. The living area is set to 62 at night and 67 during the day. We also make sure all of the blinds are open on sunny days to help heat the house - the bedrooms on the east side of the house easily get into the 70s because of that!
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Kicks on @ 7am to 65.
Turns off @ 9pm to 58.
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Ours is at 61 degrees except for when I give my son a bath. I will turn it up a few degrees to let the bathroom heat up and then turn it down again. If we had it any higher, we wouldn't be able to pay for the heat bill. Last month it was $200. Old drafty house! I know it sounds horrible, but your body does adjust. You either keep moving or you cuddle under a blanket. We do have a fireplace that we use on colder days to keep the living room livable.
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I guess we're either really odd, really cheap, or really poor :

During the day, the thermostat is at 60o, at night, it's at 57o. Colder than a frog. Right now, it's 23o outside, and I've got on long underwear, jeans, socks, shoes, an undershirt, t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, fleece vest, and my hands are still cold.

Our gas bill averages $70/month, for a 3BR 1.5BA, 2-story house.

My kids, however, don't seem to get cold... My "baby" is wearing a dress-up costume, one is wearing slippers. Certainly, they are more active than I am, and none have a thyroid disorder!!

Best wishes and stay warm!!
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I keep ours at 68 during the day and completely off at night...
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During the day we usually have it at 66-67 at night 64. Our last bill was over $200(and we have a small, but old and drafty house), so I'm considering trying to go a little lower. It doesn't matter what the temp is, the kids still love to run around naked!!
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65 all the time. 67 is what our gas company reccomends for the best efficiency. We would turn it down at night, but never remember or think about it.
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