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70 in the living room while we are up. 62 when we are gone or asleep.

We heat with a Toyo oil stove which is supposed to use just a dollar or two worth of kerosene a day
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Wow, I would absolutely freeze in your homes. Ours is gas and set at 72 during the day and 74 at night. When it snowed once, we turned it up to 76. We have very poor insulation and thin windows.

But it's not uncommon here that you have the heat on in the morning when it's 30 degrees outside and by 2pm, it's possibly in the 70's.
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Ours is kept pretty high...I feel cold all of the time. At night I turn it down to 69 or 70 and in the morning i turn it to 74. :
Before we had a newborn in the house we kept it around 72 during the day and 67 at night.
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60 degrees 'round the clock on the first floor, but we don't have heat in our bedrooms, and have the orginal windows in our 1891 house. I have alot of blankets, and find it really hard to sleep in other people's houses where there isn't that nice weight over me and nice cool air on my face. I forgot to turn up the heat on christmas this year until I looked around and all of my relatives were putting back on their coats.
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68 in the day and 66 at night although it rarely clicks on.

In the summer we keep it set to 73 (a/c)
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I live in an older mobile home right off of an empty cornfield, so the wind can get wicked. I keep it set at 70 during the day and 68 at night. But when DH is home, I find that I'll walk past it and he's kicked it up to about 75....grr! (I promptly turn it back down!)

The age of your home, the vicinity of it, the temps outside, all can make a difference.

My brother only lives 12 miles away, but his house has all new windows and is set in the middle of town. He keeps his heat set at 65 and it seems downright ROASTING in there when we visit!
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Our house is usually about 68 when we are home and 65 when we are not. Just those few degrees actually makes a difference . I was taught that to save money and heat efficiently, avoiding extremes was key.

We both grew up in old drafty homes with old furnaces. Along with some research on what makes sense to maintain a good temperature, these are the things I would suggest.

Don't turn the furnace off completely. By turning your furnace off, you make it work all the harder when you do turn it on. Just think of all the gas it is using when it has been off all night and you want to raise the temp in the house from 50 to 60. Even if you are going out of town for a week or two, don't turn it off. Up here, you run the risk of bursting pipes. Then you come home to a very cold, flooded house.

Windows should have curtains to block breeze and keep heat in. If the window are drafty, plastic sheeting works wonders. Even rolling a towel and placing that on the sill under the window will ease some draft.

Check the doors for wind. Adjust or add weatherstripping. A rolled up towel at the bottom of the door will keep the draft at bay.

Insulate your hot water if gas. This will help it retain its heat and use less gas to heat the water.

Programmable thermostats can help control the temperature and keep things constant. You can set home, away, and sleep temps.

Put on a sweater, dress in layers, or snuggle under a blanket with your favorite kids.

Wear slippers.

Also, do you have antiques in your home? Artwork that you care about? Books that are rare or that you care about? These things are not meant to be stored in very cold temps. They all need enough heat and moisture to keep them healthy. Most archives and special collections keep their valuable materials between 65 and 70.

Oh, and I'm with Mady. I have a hard time sleeping without that blanket weight.
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Oh, I also forgot! We avoid having to shell out massive bucks each month on our gas bill by getting on the budget plan. Yup, we pay the same amount all year long. This helps with the money issue. I haven't paid a bill over $100 in several years.
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Ihad it set to 55 at night, DH who is always asking to turn it down, asked for it to be warmer. with some fiddling, we have it at 64 at 10pm. at 5:30 itcomes up to 74 then at 8 it goes to 55 till 3 when it goes to 70.

no one is ever happy. we opt to the side of cooler- many times i turn the furnace off. we have a gas log fireplace that i turn on if i am chilly. (wearing socks, pants, turtleneck and sweater)
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