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UC support #14, February 05

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roll call

andrea -- UC 8/03 story
Aurora -- UC 10/03 story
Whit -- UC 11/03
2much2luv -- UC 1/04
thechrysalis -- UC 1/04
Mothernature -- UC 1/04
indigolilybear -- UC 3/04 pics (first UC 5/01 story )
citizenfong -- UC 3/04 pics
Carrieanders -- UC 4/10/04 story
Chaka Falls -- UC 4/04
amyamanda -- UC 5/04 story
Karenpl -- UC 6/04 story
bookwormmama -- UC 6/04
wildthing -- midwife-attended 6/04 story
grnbn76 -- emergency cesarean, 7/04 story
Hathor -- UC 7/04 story
Mamajaza -- UC 7/04 story
gr8fulmom -- UC 7/04 story
luna13mama -- UC 7/04
Chandar -- UC 7/04 story
Klothos -- UC 7/23/04 story
madrone -- UC 8/19/04
TinyBabyBean -- midwife-attended 8/04 story (if you're still reading - you may want to relocate your birth story, as that forum is closing...)
violet -- UC 8/19/04
Oshunmama -- midwife-attended 8/04 story
lovemygirl -- UC 9/9/04 story
mellie-bellie -- UC 9/27/04
blueviolet -- UC 9/04 story (first UC 7/01, story )
JesseMomme -- UC 9/21/04 (first UC 11/02, story )
StacyL -- Hospital transport 9/19/04 story
4xmamamia -- UC 9/30/04
amyjeans -- UC 10/9/04 story
rachel -- UC 10/25/04 story
lafemmedesfemmes -- UC 11/8/04 story
DancerMom -- UC 11/12/04 story
Ame -- UC 12/9/04 story
laurata -- UC 12/10/04 story (first UC 3/02, story )
Lula's Mom -- UC 12/12/04 story
AmyD -- UC December 04' story
nikirj -- mw assisted 12/04 story
Asheville Mama -- EDD January 1 2005
mamamaya -- mid January 2005
zonapellucida -- late January 2005
Chiromom -- 2nd UC 1/23/05 story (first UC 2/03 story )
Dandylion -- UC Feb 1 2005 story
Mama2Lennon -- hospital 2-8-05
Hayliesmom -- UC 2-16-05
mehndi mama -- UC 2-12-05
KateSt. -- UC 2-17-05

carlasher -- mid March 2005
sprinkle pocket -- late March 2005
jenniebug--end of March/early April
liamandpipersmama (Laura)--April 2005
FreeRangeMama -- April 2005 (first UC 9/03)
Selissa -- June/July 2005
Binah Yeteirah--July 2005
rainbowmoon -- August 2005
ChildoftheMoon (Brandi)-- late August 2005 (planned uc born still 7/19/04 peacefully at home with mwstory)
Quickening--Aug/Sept. 2005

Please PM me to make changes or add new story links .


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Just wanted to start off this thread with a big congratulations to Stephanie!!!
Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful babymoon. I can't wait to read your story.

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Brandi~ could you put the link to my new, improved, elaborated, detailed birth story in the UC list up there? It's http://www.mothering.com/discussions...5&page=1&pp=20 And could you also take my pics out, cause they're not relevent to my UC anymore.
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Thanks for the update Mamajaza. I fixed it all up for you
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Thanks for all the congrats everybody! Here is a link to my birth story on my blog.

I'm in such bliss right now. So glad I decided to UC.
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!!!!! look at how the community has grown!!!!

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Much congratulations to you Stepahine I'm off to read Irina's birth story!! Enjoy your babymoon

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Owen was born on 11/26, I forgot to put in his birth story (b/c really after the fantabulous birth, how important is the day anyway :LOL ), you have him as dec, as that is when I was due. Thanks

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Congrats Dandylion! I hope to be joining you soon

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Put me down for UP/UC Aug/Sept 2005!
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Okay, Quickening went first, so I'll go, too.

Put me down for UC July 2005.
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Oh Stephanie -- what a beautiful birth story! I loved how you mentioned your grandmother would be guiding your baby into the world and I also loved how you compared your uc to Saren's and Harper's births. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful experience. With each story I read, I feel more and more ready.

Sprinkle-- been wanting to thank you for the giggle from the last thread about "startling your baby." How cute! Has your husband left yet on his "vision quest?" I've been thinking of you.

Stacey -- I hope you're hanging in there! I still don't feel like my baby will come within the next week -- but maybe the next 2 weeks. Heck, watch "him" be the first baby to be born on his actual EDD!

Brandi -- thanks so much for starting the new thread! Hope you are healthy and doing well.

So, I got a message from my mw yesterday morning (Jennie, you'll appreciate this). To refresh -- I had written her a letter a month ago saying that I had to cut all ties, because I was uncomfortable with the arrangments we were trying to make just to have her as back-up. She called to let me know that "of course" she supports my decision and she'll be there for me in any way I need her -- whether before my baby comes or after. She also shared with me a story of a former client of hers that had moved away and couldn't find a mw so decided to have up/uc. Her former client just gave birth to a very healthy girl who was a double-footling breech. Mama and baby are doing wonderfully. I thought that was a wonderful thing to share -- and just goes to show how even the "abnormal" can be perfectly normal when left up to nature.

Hope all you mamas are doing well.
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omgoodness! it is just SOO awesome to see all these UC birth stories! It's just so wonderful to see all these babies born into the loving hands of thier parents in the quiet of thier home Congratulations to you all!!
ftr: I've had 3 UC's the last one born on the toilet
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Beautiful birth story, stephanie!
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dandylion~ your bliss is so clearly palpable in your birth story. and like kate said, each story i read brings me more peace as i approach my uc. so for partially selfish reasons, thanks for sharing your story. how lucky for irina and how lucky for your other 2 girls to see a *real* nature-led birth. (even if she didn't get cereal right when she wanted it :LOL). wow. it was just beautiful. enjoy your babymoon.

kate~ yep, dh has been gone since before sunrise sunday. i'm looking forward to hearing about his reflections if they resurface after his return. sometimes they just bubble for a while and i only hear about them when he's on the phone with a guy friend. i went to the babyshower/blessingway that afternoon. not knowing many in town, i was blown away by the group of women that had gathered. all ages, & all so amazing. i actually chose to tell one neat woman that i was planning to be unassisted. she just said 'wow.' --like it took her into her own mind (she has a 6mo old), rather than projecting some judgement onto me. that was invigorating. only one woman was annoying, hounding me for a due date--i don't even know her. then she asked me if i was planning on going "totally unassisted". it really put me on the spot, asking me when there were like 20 other women around in a circle (though in reality they probably weren't paying attention). so i just said yes. i didn't know how to be assertive without sounding aggressive or defensive. so i just winged it, and tried to make it clear by my energy that further comments from her were unwelcome. so i went home and didn't have dh to vent to. it was really cool to work through her vibe and just being around so much estrogen and so many women/mamas/babies/pregnant women on my own. by morning, i couldn't really remember what bugged me about her...just the forwardness of her one comment and i'd already dealt with that. it made me smile that i was able to shake it. i'm not usually good at that. oh, one older woman said she had 2 kids and childbirth was totally painless and if it weren't for the pregnancy side of it and stuff (she's married to a woman, so i don't think she'd like the getting pg part) she'd give birth once a year. it was the most connected she'd ever felt to the creator. you could almost hear the silence when she was talking about the painless part. it was cool to hear. so kate, i feel like we're in a play together and you have to say your lines on stage 1st, or you're in line for a roller coaster in front of me. do you feel that way? i did realize though that you could go longer and i could go earlier and i could birth before you. are we going to see a belly pic before you birth? dh and i have been meaning to take one that i can post, but haven't and now he has the camera with him on his adventure.

mama2lennon~ what's going on? are you blissed out in babymoon-land and haven't gotten to a computer? or hanging out in a hot bathtub trying to get comfy?

jennie~i forgot about spring equinox. i keep thinking i'll birth a little early (maybe it's wishful thinking). the full moon is just a few days before my due date. either way, we'll be closing in on it together.

birthing vibes to those who are chomping at the bit.

i'm off to the co-op to load up on protein and greens. yum! beans! nuts! sprouted bread! broccoli! chard! kale! dandelion!
sorry brandi, is your nausea gone yet?
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Everyone has been added

Still feeling sick. 10.5 weeks now. Some days I am fine and then wham! I have a day that I can't keep anything down. Protien smoothies have been helping me out. I can feel my fundus now, that really made me happy. Any idea how high it should be? I can't remember if the cm mean anything this early or not.
Really enjoying hearing about all the babies entering peacefully into this world and eagerly awaiting to hear the stories of you all who are getting SO close!
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Brandi -- I have no insight on fundus height, but I'm so glad to hear you seem to be doing well.

Sprinkle -- good for you for being able to deflect that woman's energy!! I know that's not an easy task.
Hmmm...about being in a play or in line for a rollercoaster before you...I haven't really thought in terms of going "before you" for the exactly the reasons you stated. I more feel like we're kindred spirits on a similiar journey to perserve (or more accurately, ressurect) the integrity of the birthing process. I think that's most likely the role of most uc'ers. I love being a part of this thread in particular because there is a certain mentality among all the women -- one of spirituality, a trust and faith in nature and themselves. I feel so very fortunate to be a part of it. And sprinkle, I do feel a special bond with you, since we're both first time mamas and first time uc'ers. I'm looking forward to reading your birth story almost as much as I'm looking forward to finding out mine!

So, yesterday was a wonderful "birth confidence" day. I felt so empowered and excited and so decided to hold a special, intimate blessingway with dh. We lit a fire, we read to our baby for an hour, then I read to dh my "fear lists" that I'd written a couple of months ago and we talked about them. Then I tore them up and we burned them in the fire. I then smudged our house with sage and read dh my "belief lists" and we talked about those. It was such a wonderful experience -- we were surrounded by candles, flowers, and love. It left me feeling so euphoric -- like I was floating. I still feel that way this morning. I definitely feel more and more ready to have this baby -- though I know he'll come only when he's ready. It's just nice to feel less anxious and more joyful. Felt I had to share this with you wonderful mamas...

Have a wonderful Friday!
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Kate what a beautiful day you had. Thank you so much for sharing that. I may have to borrow those ideas.. What a wonderful way to prepare for birth in the last weeks. I was calmed just reading about it!

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Still no baby ... still waiting patiently ... ds is less patient ...

I will not have mw for the next baby, they are still so medicalized and having to follow so many rules and regulations, they are stressing me out! They have me scheduled for induction (non-drug) at a hospital (ugh!) Monday morning 9 am. My intuition had always told me the baby would be born Sunday or Monday and this hospital business is ridiculous. I really have to change that, just for peace of mind. I am officially at 42 weeks on Tuesday and they will not be allowed to handle my care after that "magical" date. I haven't told them of my plans not to call them and I don't want to be mid-labour Monday at 9 am and explain why they didn't get the "call". I thought of running off into the woods somewhere so I could have some peace!

I am laughing thinking about my baby being born on Superbowl Sunday - and I don't care a fig about football!!! Maybe Faenin will be a boy .... this baby is very active!
I will have my precious in my arms soon enough!
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