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Katest.- I can totally relate to what you wrote about going UP. the stress, the energy levels, everything!

I am having a really hard time with this (going UP) and DH atm and explaining to him why I don't feel a mw is necessary. he knows full well our past mw's did little for me in many ways (and hindered my birthing process) how do I convey this to him so he will unerstand it better? he's just not getting it
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Rainbowmoon -- I did my best to convince my dh, but what I found helped the most was having him coming to my mw visits with me. Pretty soon he was leaving each visit wondering "so...what was the point of that?" Esp since I declined all tests and monitoring, including weight checks. It turned out to be 90 minute visits having them reiterate things we already knew. I also left printouts of u/c material and highlighted passages from u/c books in the bathroom for him (where he does his "thinking") and that helped a bit. I found the worst thing was *pushing* him too hard -- I even received a message from my baby "don't push him too hard, he'll come around on his own," and thankfully he did. I have a link somewhere about the top 10 reasons not to have a midwife -- I'll see if I can find it...
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Here's one link:

And here's another good one about convincing your partner:

I love this site -- it has all sorts of wonderful info -- including how to get birth certificates for those who are concerned...
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Kate if you need anything please feel free to call me

With this babes current position and the messages she has sent me I dont think, even if I wanted Saras here and she was available, that she wouldn't make it. I have told this to my DH but I don't think he "gets" it lol I ordered the birthkit and even tho I dont need anything from it, it will be nice to have it here, kind of as a signal that ok, things are ready and we can go anytime after March 2. Well I guess even Feb 23 but i am not sure how i feel about a 36 weeker.....altho in my last dream that is when she said she was coming, so who knows!
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Well I thought that this is where I should be posting. I did a brief into yesterday, and thank you for the warm welcome. Well, I am Lisa. I am 30 and a mama to 4 beautiful kids Taylor is 12, Tristen is almost 8, Trinity(our only dd so far) is 4, and Tyme is almost 2. We lost a baby Sept. 6 when I was 5 1/2 weeks along. Then found out I was pg with baby number 6 in Oct! We are so excited about having another little one this year!! I am due in June. According to my calculations we are due June16. I was seeing a midwife and we told her about 2 weeks ago. According to her I am due on the 12th of June. LOL Anyway, we are thinking that this one might show up the first part of June...then again who knows but only the baby!! We are a homeschooling, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, clothdiapering(when the house is built), co-sleeping family.
We are living in our fifth wheel on 40 acres, and having a house built. It should be done in April or May....right before this little one arives(we hope).
I ordered my birth kit yesterday! I just wanted to have it now. lol
I guess that is it for now. LOL
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Thanks so much for your support, Jennie. It means so much to me!

Welcome to Sunflower! Your family sounds wonderful!

And to Evergreen.

So, I'll be 39 weeks on Saturday...and we just found out today that we were "randomly selected" to get audited!! We have our first meeting with the IRS bully on Monday and it could take anywhere from 2-4 hours. I can't BELIEVE the timing of this! Dh and I own our own business and we've been trying to get as much done before our baby comes so we can have some downtime...and now this!!! We're getting audited from 3 years ago -- and who REALLY keeps ALL their tax info and receipts from 3 years ago! I can't believe the added stress this is causing. I've been crying since I found out this morning.
I've just been wanting to be calm and peaceful and wait patiently for our baby's arrival and now this crap from the big, bad IRS bully.
Feeling a bit sorry for myself right now...

Back to your regularly scheduled program...
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OH Kate! That SUCKS! I would be bawling too. I am so upset for you. You know what you need to do though. Just let it roll right off of you....it will all turn out fine. You don't need the stress, so just don't let it get to you. Just say NO! stress, there are more important things at hand. You will have a beautiful peaceful birth. Babies have a way of knowing when the right time to come is. You will get through this, it is just one of those stupid things we have to do sometimes. You are a strong goddess mama about to give birth, you are the most powerful and most peaceful being. Relax mama, and only think about what is in the moment, nothing else matters unless it is in front of you and needing your attention at that exact moment, otherwise, don't think about it!
Be at peace mama, I will rant and rave and stress for you and then toss it out the window

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Kate! What a bad time for the IRS to do this. Can you reschedule with them for a later date, I am sure they would understand that yo uare about to give birth to your first child! If not....you could always fake some really strong ctx when the auditor gets there

Don't stress about this audit. they are usually just a formality an dnothing to worry about. I personally dont know anyone who keeps tax records and receipts from 3 yrs back but they do say to keep those htings for like 3-5 yrs...I cant hold on to naything that long!
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Brandi Thanks so much for your post --- I found it so comforting I read it 3 times.
Jennie -- I had to giggle thinking of faking contrax with the irs lady here. Thanks for your support.

I just couldn't regroup yesterday. I was feeling SO angry. If irs lady had been here yesterday I just may of screamed at her and slapped her! I cried on and off so much that my sweet dh felt compelled to postpone our appt until March. Thankfully, we've found most of the info we need -- and I think that's the most stressful part. Dh has been particularly wonderful -- gave me constant pep talks and 2 massages, encouraging me to focus only on our baby. I feel SO much better today. I really feel I can put this out of my mind for now.

Thanks again Brandi and Jennie --- your support meant so much to me yesterday...

Hope all you other mamas are doing well. Stacey -- thinking about you every day!! And where's Sprinkle Pocket? Your dh will be home this weekend, right?
Hope you two have a lovely reunion.
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Katest.- I'm so sorry this is happening to you right now! hopefullly it won't be any big deal and get cleared up quick! at least you won't have to think about it for a little while though

Welcome Sunflowermama!
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*whew* Im glad you guys found everything and got it rescheduled for March. I reall think the moon cycle has effected us. In fact it was Tuesday that i totally freaked on my kids and had to go lock myself in my room, crying my head off. Then poor DH had to deal with my crabby moody self lol I hate when the horemones get the best of me.
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Kate and Jennie big huge hugs to you both!!! I am sorry that you are going through this and just being pg hormones!! I hope that you both are feeling better today!!!
I just want to be lazy today! Taylor made us breakfast. Such a sweet boy! He told me he was going to do the dishes as well. Iwill not complaine if I see some food stuck on a plate!! LOL
I hope that you are all doing great today.
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ok, i'm going to try and catch up on all the posts since i finally made it back to a computer...dh wants to get home satellite internet, since we're off the grid and don't have access to other types of service. mdc is the only reason i'd want a computer in our home. i love you women!!

brandi~ glad to hear that the nausea takes some breaks atleast

kate~sounds like a beautiful birth blessing you and dh had. that's really cool to hear about! i hadn't thought about doing one with just dh. i'd thought i wouldn't have one since all my friends are now spread so far. what a great idea. he should get back today, so i'll throw the idea at him. i bet he'll be into it. he's going to be amazed at how the babe has grown in the past 2 weeks since he left! by the way, when you requested the home birth certificate package, did you tell them that you weren't having an attendant and that's why you needed it? great link to the empowered birth site. i've never seen that. can't wait to look through it! i may actually print out the info on obtaining a bc in my state b/c it makes it sound so matter of fact and simple. that way, i can show it to the clerk if they try to hassle me about the law or something. maybe i get brazen enough to even do it before the birth, so it's off my mind! we'll see. may be i'll send dh in again to do it! i'm so 1/2 chicken 1/2 punkass. oh, kate, i just got to the post about the irs. i'm so sorry this is happening! keep us posted. i 2nd what brandi said, couldn't have said it better myself! wow, you're at 39 weeks!! yea! (and where's the belly pics?! no pressure )

mama2lennon~glad to hear you're hanging in there, staying centered and strong with your babe. i assume you're familiar with the 44 week babes? if you want some distant support, there were a number of women in the early days of the uc support thread who went 43, 44 weeks and you could go back and read their posts.

cluckyinAZ~this is my 1st pg too! glad to see another 1st timer. i'm doing up, which for me means paying attention to my health and getting bodywork/energywork, taking homeopathic or flower remedies, using herbs, etc. nothing different from when i'm not pregnant. i don't tend to write stuff off as "oh, well, i'm pregnant, so that symptom is ok". i figure if i'm nauseous or in pain or uncomfortable, it can be addressed and i can feel good/healthy...if that makes sense. i guess i mean that i don't consider pregnancy to be unhealthy with symptoms that are inevitable. so i treat myself the same as i do when i'm not preg. i'm about 33 weeks & i've recently been dealing with looking into what it'll take to get a birth certificate. apparently in my state (NM), it has to be applied for through a care provider. (kate, you're lucky you could just pick up a form!!). so since i haven't seen a mw or sOB, i have to go to the health dept after the birth with my dh as a 'witness' to the birth and say there wasn't an attendant and then they fill our the application and send it to santa fe. i'm not looking forward to it, but it sure is helping me face my fear of authority head-on! i have this fear that they'll start asking me why i uc'd and who's my doctor now and has the baby been vaccinated, etc, and just impose themselves on my babymoon. you could call the health dept, or ask a mw now about what it takes in az. that way you have plenty of time to deal with it or prepare. i put if off out of fear, and i'm glad that i'm now facing it. oh, and thus far, we're not planning on having a newborn exam done. a friend will be coming into town after the birth and she'll do energy work on the babe if i'm too tired to do it. but that's about it.

welcome sunflower mama! i'm living in a camper too, but we don't plan to build our home for a few years yet...we are going to build our workshop first, so we have access to all our tools. sounds like you have a nice set-up.

well, i'm off to the co-op to get some special food to make a "welcome home, you're going to be such a great papa" meal for dh when he gets home tonight. i wonder if the babe is going to be kicking around when he gets back. "she's" been so mellow (mostly) since he's been gone. she's acted more like a gentle bellydancer than the breakdancer she is when he's around. this will be an interesting experiment.

oceans of love to all you special mamas and mamas to be.
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Originally Posted by sprinkle pocket
...great link to the empowered birth site. i've never seen that.

i'm about 33 weeks & i've recently been dealing with looking into what it'll take to get a birth certificate. apparently in my state (NM), it has to be applied for through a care provider. .

Yes, INCREDIBLE site!! Thank you so much!

And Sprinkle, ... when they say 'care provider'.. how technically defined is that? I mean, YOU are a care provider, as far as I can tell by reading your posts!! Seems like that should be good enough, although I know beauracracy is not all about how things should be!!

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I'm entering week 35 and I swear I've dropped already. In previous pregnancies,I never had a noticable drop,really. So, what do you think? Is it too soon to drop or could I have been off in my calculations???

ACK! I'm REALLY not ready yet LOL. I have had a feeling that this baby would be earlier than my EDD (March 27) but not THAT much earlier
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Last night I had a dream that I was having the baby. I wasn't in any type of pain or uncomfortable at all. This is the second time that I have had a dream about this little one. Let me back track in the first one it was the same way except that I had a few midwives. Anyway, I had the baby and the midwives told me that she was a girl. I lifted up the blanket and said,"This is not a girl! This is a boy!" LOL So, last night I woke up in my dream and felt the baby's head. I told Brandon that it was time. I gave a few pushes and the little one came out and it was a boy. So, I am guessing that this one is a boy. LOL Brandon swears up and down that it is a little girl. So, I guess we will just have to wait and see.
When \I was pg with the one we lost Trinity kept telling us that we were going to have 2 babies and that they were a boy and a girl. So, whatever sex this little one is I believe that the other one was the opposite sex. I really felt that Tracy(the one we lost) was a boy, but now with my dreams I am really wondering. I have never had any dreams about any of my kids except for Trinity. So, this one is really throwing me off!!! LOL
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Originally Posted by MamaGaia
I'm entering week 35 and I swear I've dropped already. In previous pregnancies,I never had a noticable drop,really. So, what do you think? Is it too soon to drop or could I have been off in my calculations???

ACK! I'm REALLY not ready yet LOL. I have had a feeling that this baby would be earlier than my EDD (March 27) but not THAT much earlier

This last pregnancy (#2), the baby dropped and was engaged exactly a week before labor. (He was born at 38w3d) What else do you have to do to get ready?

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Lisa--I love those kind of dreams! I have had 2 myself where the gender was very obviously girl, and the labors were nothing to speak of, just a knowing it was time to push and the babe sliping out effortlessly into the world.

This has been a very sucky day It was my stepsons birthday party so I of course did a lot of cleaning and running around today, and not drinking much water :/ By the time the party was over I was having a few ctx. So I went to bed and took a 2 hour nap, still had ctx during that time. So now I am up chugging water but still having some ctrx. i feel blah, obviously dehydrated and trying to get fluid in me but drinking too much water too fast will make me sick. I dont want gatorade or any drink like that as its just TOO sweet. If I cant get this dehydrated feeling to pass soon I am going to send DH to the store to buy what I need to make my own electrolyte drink.

Soon as I am done with my 3rd glass of water and fixing the kids dinner I am going back to bed. 4 hours of ctrx is a bit disconcerting especially since I am only 34 weeks (unless my calculations are way off and the period i had in June was actually just spotting and I was already pg....but my uterine measurements match my weeks...so i dont know!) i am pretty sure my calulations are correct tho as I was using fam and tracking my cycles and i am very sure i did have O cm after my may/june period.

mamagaia--no advice! This baby has been low my entire pregnancy,her head is defintely engaged and she is anterior. However the head down and low is normal for me with girls. Head down and high is normal for my boys. I dont think she has dropped far into my pelvis, but enough to let me know she isnt going anywhere else but down LOL
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Originally Posted by AmyD
This last pregnancy (#2), the baby dropped and was engaged exactly a week before labor. (He was born at 38w3d) What else do you have to do to get ready?


Hmm...let's see what else do I need to do? Um...well, on second thought,there isn't THAT much to do LOL I don't feel at all ready though.

Now I'm somewhat thinking that perhaps the little squirt is angled sideways (Last week I was sure s/he was completly turned but now I don't think so). Maybe that's the reason I feel lower. I hope

Oh...and my hips are killing. Ow ow ow. I had such a horrrible night last night because they ached so much.

Sheesh, I sound like I complain a lot

I keep having that same feeling that the period I had in June was implantation spottiing but yup, my measurements are dead on,text book where they should be. My dh keeps insisting I was way off with my calculations but I just can't see how.

Hope you're feeling better today!
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