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Here is my soda bread recipe:
Mix together 1lb 6oz ww flour and 2oz rolled oats with enough buttermilk to make sticky dough (I think I use about half a litre). Leave overnight or however long you want to ferment for. Next day, preheat oven to regulo 6 (don't ask me the conversions!) and sprinkle a flat baking sheet with flour. Stir 1 heaped tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp salt and enough extra flour : (3-4oz I find about right) into your existing mixture to make a dough which holds its shape pretty well. Form dough into a ball about 8 inches across, put it on your baking sheet and make a deep cross in the dough, almost cutting through it. Put on the middle shelf in your oven and bake for about 35 - 45 mins.

This is excellent with cheese, or any kind of stew (especially Irish made with neck of lamb - mmmm). My sons like it with lots of butter! I'd love feedback (good or bad) if anyone tries it.
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My daughter's b-day is coming up in a few weeks, any suggestions as to what I should feed the kids at her b-day party?

Wow, I have been out of the loop for a long time!

I did a cloth diapering class and recieved so many orders that I had no time to check my NT mamas. I think that if I have never sewn it before, I now have sewn it if it has to do with a baby! Whew. . .
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I made the carob brownies and YUCK! No one like them. They were kind of spongy. I guess I'm going to have to stick with my unsoaked barley version. It's still a nice whole foods brownie.

4cornersmamma - My ds 1st b-day is at the end of the month. I have stopped doing parties where I do a meal for the kids. They don't eat it anyway. So, for dd's b-day last year I had it in the afternoon and made a snack try with fruit and veggies on it. It was a hit. Kid friendly things like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot sticks, watermelon. For ds's b-day we are taking the kids swimming and then everyone is meeting back at our place for bison chili [Twinthing-I may have to serve up some soda bread to go with it]. I am making my whole foods barley brownies. I am going to cut them up into squares and put them in the back of a toy dump truck and wheel the truck over to ds to blow out the candle. Then the kids are going to scoop out the brownies and make brownie sundays. Not sure as of yet what I'm going to do for ice cream. I may try another NT cake recipe and we may make parfaits instead with organic whipped cream and berries. It just has to be a good recipe that will appeal to the most conventional of tastes.
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Originally Posted by *solsticemama*
Thanks galeforce and toraji for sharing some of your story. A bit OT but galeforce have you heard of the book "Mothernurture" by Marica Hanson? It's specifically written for moms struggling with lots of the things that moms of young babes and toddlers are prone to. She's very much pro lab testing for amino acids etc.
I haven't seen it. It sounds interesting. Thanks -- I'll try to get a hold of a copy.

somewhere to grow -- welcome to the thread! You and I were actually due in March together. Best of luck with your delivery.

Orange Cake Review

All in this household are sensitive to sugar and it damaged none of us. I don’t know what about it made it so successful in that regard, but it’s great to have a dessert that doesn’t make you regret it. It was filling and satisfying. I didn’t want to eat 57 pieces (that compulsive feeling I get with sugar) – one was plenty.

The flavor was OK. I am going to play around with variations over the months. I like the idea of a sourdough-like pound cake that gets soaked in something. We’ll work on the something.

The texture was much like a holiday fruit cake.

My son went bananas over it. But he is a carb-deprived child who doesn’t know what most birthday cakes taste like.

Birthday review
I had a great day. My husband and I actually spent the day off by ourselves. We didn't do anything all that exciting but it was cool to be free together to do what we wanted to do. As it turns out, we mostly shopped for our kitchen remodel. My mom lives here too, so we have been shopping in pairs of two and it's a challenge to get everyone's input when you have a three year old who isn't into kitchen remodels. We found a range in our budget that has a bread proofing option for the oven: super-low temperature possibilities.
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Thanks CJR! Chili is a great idea. Maybe I can make some "pizza" from NT too. . .hmmm.

If anyone has any more idea's I would be more then happy to hear them. The party is over lunch and I have a ton of kids coming.

Most of my DS friends are main stream, and today my daughter just had some regular b-day cake. Good news, she left most of it on the plate! Bad news, there was a pinata full of candy. Oh yes, that will disapear tonight.

Anyhow, thanks for the orange cake review Gale Force and HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!

It's always nice to know how recipes turn out. I'm at 7500 feet and so I always end up messing with recipes anyhow, oh well.
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I think I made the best meal I have ever cooked! We had an organic rump roast. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked it as per NT instructions. Pre-heated to 450F and then turned it down to 350F and cooked it for about an hour and some. I then took some red potatoes, a sweet potato, a couple of carrots and some whole garlic cloves and tossed them in melted butter and placed a few fresh rosemary sprigs on top...and put them in the oven at the same time as the roast covered. I took both dishes out at the same time and let them sit and steam for about 15 min. While the roast was cooking I took 2c of red wine and 2c of beef stock and reduced it to about 1/2c and added the juices from the roast when it came out of the oven. I made rice that had been soaking for 24 hours and made it as per NT instructions with butter and salt. This dinner was so good. The garlic roasted with the veggies and WOW, I'm going to have to remember to put more garlic in next time. The veggies were so sweet and tender, the roast was done to perfections (med-rare) and the reduction was fabulous, the rice was cooked perfectly.

For desert I made the coconut cream pie. Unfortunatly I started it too late and we may be eating it at midnight, but the filling tastes fabulous and I will give reviews. I love the Tropical Traditions products. I made curried lentils with the coconut cream and it turned out great. The dried coconut is great to. We didn't have smoothies so the coconut pie is our dose of coconut oil for the day.

I had a very productive day. I made the batter for dosas, made yogurt, made marinara sauce for the chili and the freezer, made my own version of the NT beet soup (I didn't puree it and added some beet greens, carrots, potato and cabbage)...it's so thick and soooo yummy, I made tatziki with the yogurt cheese and a quinoa salad with balsamic and flax oil. All that after I went to two markets for meat, milk and eggs...and an hour and a half work out at the gym. Now, I'm pooped and I'm going to watch The Notebook with my hubby and a glass of wine.
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Originally Posted by cjr
We didn't have smoothies so the coconut pie is our dose of coconut oil for the day.
Can I have your smoothie recipe with coconut oil or is it in NT and I just missed it? I've only used cocunut oil for cooking and baking so far. hmm
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What is NT?

What is NT?
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mmmmm, cjr, can I come eat at your house!? Your meal sounds absolutely delish! We've been surviving on much simpler fare, and not so yummy, I'm afraid.

This morning, we had oatmeal with raisins (unsoaked, I confess. I was too tired yesterday, and no one wanted smoothies). For lunch, we had tortilla soup, which is very yummy, except that it's made with canned everything. I know that's not the greatest, but it's about the best I can do while dealing with sick children. Tonight, I made waffles with my kefir soaked grains. There, I did get something right!

Tomorrow, we're having kefir smoothies for breakfast, leftovers or pb&j on sprouted bread, and chicken and veggies in the crockpot.

I think that's as good as it gets for now. I'm so tired right now. Dh is out of town, has been for a week, and will be for a few more days. Had one sick child all last week, and another one coming down with it today. The babe isn't sleeping well, which means I'm not sleeping well either.

The best part is that with Dh gone, I'm much less likely to give in to temptation and makes something sweet and gooey and chocolaty! Ah well, I'm off to take care of the pets, and then to bed.
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Can I have your smoothie recipe with coconut oil or is it in NT and I just missed it? I've only used cocunut oil for cooking and baking so far. hmm
NT has a smoothie recipe that's very good. It has kefir and banana and nutmeg and vanilla and I add coconut oil. Usually I take some frozen unsweetened fruit and thaw it out a bit (the amount depends on how many I'm making), then I add about 1c of kefir/adult and 1/2c kefir/child, 2tbsp coconut oil/adult and 1tbsp/child, sweetener of some sort (I admit to using splenda, but I'm trying to stop ) and then blend it up. Right now I am using virgin coconut oil so it has a nice coconut flavor to it and goes awsome with peaches. The expeller pressed coconut oil has no flavor and goes well with anything. If you don't have kefir then use some yogurt and thin it out with some juice or coconut milk. The coconut oil mellows out the kefir and is very nice.

The coconut pie didn't work out. I don't think I cooked the egg yolks long enough to thicken enough because it was pretty soupy and just wouldn't firm up. Too bad because the filling was delicious right out of the bowl. The coconut crust was fabulous and I think I will use it for other things that will compliment the coconut flavor.

gardenmommy- I have stopped buying any pre-made foods, so I have no choice but to make it all from scratch. I do things in batches though. Like I make a big pot full of marinara and freeze it in convienent sized packages, the same for beans and stock and soups. Then when I need a staple I just pull it out of the freezer instead of the cubard. When I prepare one thing I usually prepare four or five at the same time. I figure I'm making the stock so I may as well make the sauce and some soup too. Hope you get some rest. Our oldest is sick with a stomach bug and dh leaves for a week at the end of the month. It's hard when they go out of town, I get very tired when he's gone.
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I have discussed some of my NT ideas with DP and he is pretty into it. His only real objection was that I shouldn't eat this way because I'm breastfeeding and trying to lose the weight i gained from the pregnancy and NT type eating will make me fat. HUH!?! On our mostly vegan diet I got down to 115 lbs while breastfeeding DD1- I'm 5'7". I think eating this way will not make me get fat, but it might keep me from getting abnormally thin. Anyone care to comment on this?

We had fresh eggs from our friends farm with cheese and bagels for breakfast this morning. Those eggs were so good I felt so energized. I'm going to make soaked oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. And I'm going to make chicken stock tomorrow. Does it really smell horrible? I've thought about doing it outside, but I'm afraid the flame will get blown out on my camp stove and it will sit too long or something (or a nieghborhood cat will get into it!). Dp doesn't want me to do it the house.

Reading NT has got me so inspired. I usually go grocery shopping everyday : and today, for the first time ever, I shopped for the whole week! I feel so organized. This week I am going to make the chicken stock and with that make the pea soup, the vegetable soup, and the chicken curry. I'm also going to start soaking our grains. AT DPs request I bought nitrite free turkey bacon and turkey coldcuts. I couldn't believe he asked for that stuff. Tomorrow he wants bacon and eggs for breakfast! He says he's thinking about eating hamburgers (free range OG hamburgers that is). I'm totally shocked and excited. I am so glad he's into it. I think I might even be able to get him to read the book!
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Fat does not make you fat, sugar makes you fat! Think about Atkins and the success people have with it. It's no sugar/carbs (which are a form of sugar) and a high fat diet. NT is a high fat, but a fat rich in those good omega fats which effect the body differently. When you eat grass fed beef you are eating the nutrients they get from the grass and not from corn (which elevates the omega-6 fats and that makes you fat). I wouldn't suggest going out and eating this way on conventional foods, you really need the organic/grass fed animal products and the better ratio of omega-3/omega-6 to reap the benefits of eating this way.

I have been eating NT for about three/four weeks now and I feel great. I have so much energy and my sex drive is back (sadly it had been lost for a very long time ). I am battling with candida and I think I'm winning. I have not gotten sick since I started with the kefir two months ago, even though cold and flues have come and gone. The rest of the family is the same. Just because one member gets sick does not mean everyone is going to get sick. Usually it's just the one person and maybe one other.

It takes more planning, but it works for me. I'm not struggling for dinner/breakfast ideas because I've already done the prepwork in advance. Our meals are richer and more flavorful. I am able to buy all organic because I make the staples myself instead of getting pre-made products.

The only downside is eating out or at someone elses home.
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Smoothies: I use yogurt plus coconut oil in my smoothies, then add maple syrup as a sweetener, along with a touch of vanilla. After that, add in your flavorings, like fruit or nutmeg and cinnamon.

cjr: dh is sooo impressed that you do everything from scratch, I think he wants to marry you. If we move in, can you accomodate a whopping huge list of food allergies? I find myself making more and more from scratch simply because I can't find much in the stores that doesn't contain something or other one of us can't eat (unless we go with a purely chemical diet, and avoid actual food altogether).

Chicken stock: I don't think it smells that bad whilst cooking. The main problem is that the cats like to meander around the stove, hoping to get some it. And the human residents tend to expect homemade soup immediately upon completion, since it smells like soup. I use an entire chicken, though, instead of just the carcass, so maybe that makes a difference.

We've been invited to a potluck on Saturday. I'm trying to figure out what we can take that will 1) impress everyone with how delicious a healthy diet can be, and 2) doesn't contain wheat, rye, dairy, yeast, beef, tomatoes, onion, peppers, garlic, pineapple, cane sugar, etc. etc.
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Hi mamas! Sorry I've been MIA. I've been lurking and reading through this thread everyday, but not posting.. I slacked off big time, and so had nothing to contribute. We were basically eating pasta everyday. :

But.. now I have some chicken stock brewing as well as the yoghurt dough fermenting away.

I'm interested in making Kefir. What exactly is it, how does it work and where do you get it from?

Galeforce - Happy Belated Birthday!!

cjr - My DH was drooling when I asked him to read your post about the rump. Hehe Looks like we'll be having rump roast soon!


We've made the switch to brown rice. DH even cooks it for dinner. He really likes it. Although.. everytime I mention fermented vegetables he chucks a face. What is it with men and fermentation?
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Ok so I just looked up and saw the 'Got Kefir?' thread.

But the other question remains.. where do you get them from (please excuse my stupidity, but can you order the grains online)? I've never seen the word Kefir in my local health food store.

ETA: I just found a source of real Kefir grain for FREE in my state! These are from NT people who are out to spread the word about Kefir! Yipeee!

Ignore all my questions now...
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I just found a source of real Kefir grain for FREE in my state! These are from NT people who are out to spread the word about Kefir! Yipeee
Yep, that's the only way to get them. When they start multiplying and you end up with more grains than you can use, then you can send them to someone else and return the favor. There is so much that you can do with the grains. The "got kefir" thread is great. I just split my grains and put some in some concord grape juice to make mock wine. I can't wait unitl it's finished.

dh is sooo impressed that you do everything from scratch, I think he wants to marry you.
Well at least someone appreciates homemade food. I inquired about putting a greenhouse in our little back yard. Dh's reply was "you don't have time for another hobby, you spend all your time in the kitchen". I don't really, I usually take a couple of days a month and play catch-up with sauces and stock, and then a couple of hours a day preparing foods. I enjoy it though, much better than cleaning . I could not imagine dealing with all those allergies. It's hard enough with picky eaters, only I make it anyway.
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Hi Everyone!
This is my smoothy recipe. I always have an abundance of whey on hand by the way, thats why we use whey instead of youghurt.

Frozen bananas
Frozen blueberries or raspberries
Coconut oil
Hemp oil
Spirulina powder
bee Pollen

Whiz til smooth and drink or freeze into popsicles.

Lovelocks...I think if your dh wants bacon made in the kitchen, the chicken stock smell won't be an issue. Thats my take on it, I find the smell of bacon frying way more powerful than a chicken stock simmering.

Diffuse some essentail oils throughout the house to counteract the smell.
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Originally Posted by lovelocks
His only real objection was that I shouldn't eat this way because I'm breastfeeding and trying to lose the weight i gained from the pregnancy and NT type eating will make me fat. HUH!?! On our mostly vegan diet I got down to 115 lbs while breastfeeding DD1- I'm 5'7". I think eating this way will not make me get fat, but it might keep me from getting abnormally thin. Anyone care to comment on this?
A couple things:
You really should try NOT to lose weight while you're nursing, because toxins store in fat, and as you lose weight those toxins will exit through breastmilk.
You SHOULD eat a lot of fat/cholesterol, because babies growing brains NEED it! In fact, if anything you should be eating way more fat than your dh!!!
That being said, I think I've increased the fat in my diet to about 50% since September (when I first read NT). I'm still losing weight, but I think I've finally plateaued (hope so, because I'm kinda ticked I now only have one pair of pants that fits )- I'm 5'8" and am now hovering between 125 and 130, which is less than my pre-pregnancy weight of 135-140. I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy and so have lost a LOT of weight in the past year (dd is 13.5 months now), but I really wasn't trying to lose weight, it just happened. I'd guess I've lost about 30 lbs. since starting NT (but have never been very weight-conscious, so that's only a guess).
Dd is doing way better since I increased the fat in my diet too.
It may not keep you from getting "abnormally thin", it depends on what your body's own comfort weight is - that may very well be 115 lbs. But it will nourish your body with the right vitamins and minerals, so you will not be sickly, kwim?
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Gardenmommy I am impressed with your output but what struck me was that you felt guilty for giving your kids homemade soup made with canned stuff and not soaking your oats. Geeesh mama give yourself a big for even making nourishing food with your dh away and sick babe in the house. We mamas are soo hard on ourselves.

Our smoothie recipe doesn't have oil in it (I have to admit the idea makes me a bit queasy) but it's pretty yummy:

~frozen banana, mangoes and pineapple
~juiced oranges and limes
~fresh ginger
~coconut milk or kefir

Blend till smooth and drink up

I may start adding azomite to it. I posted asking if anyone had tried it since it's so highly recommended and is chock full of minerals while being very cheap. Anyone here take it?

I'm thinking of going to see an NT nutritionist here. Anyone done that sort of thing?
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In the new book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat, they recommend dolomite and don't mention azomite. I'm not sure what's up with that...if they've changed their minds about azomite, or wanted to emphasize the calcium/magnesium of dolomite for the weight loss program (calcium is supposed to help weight loss).
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