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Want an NT perspective

Have any of you read Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford? I just borrowed it from a friend (the 1993 edition) and I'm finding the bias against meat and animal fats a bit disconcerting (I thought this one might be a bit different than all of the other whole foods books out there). Is it a good read, if I can put myself in the right mindframe?
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Has anyone had much experience with soil based organisms? i started a thread in health and healing, but there's been no response so far. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=253118
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ok...i'm not actively TRYING to lose weight. But i would like to be back to my usual 130 in the next year or so. i mean, i'm not exactly "overweight" at 150 lbs., but i don't feel healthy at this weight. but at the sametime, at 115 (and i wasn't trying to lose weight when i got this thin either) i looked like a junkie. so while i'm not dieting or working out (i do walk about 3 miles everyday) i have the idea in my mind to get back down to my normal weight. ykwim?

i made the chicken stock last night! DP was out for the night so i figured i could have it at least most of the way done by the time he got home. I followed the directions in NT and I think it turned out good. In the directions it said to remove the stuff from the hole (heart, fat glands, etc), but didn't say wether i should put it in the broth, so i put it in anyway. I let it cook for 13 hours and i haven't tasted the broth yet (i'm waiting for the fat to do its thing), but the meat is rockin'! i even got DD to eat one of the carrots from the broth and she liked it! so in a little bit i'm going to start the pea soup for dinner tonite. ...oh yeah, the stock smelt sooooo good cooking!

we had the breakfast porridge this morning. i made it with oats, butter, sucanat (using it up so i can buy rapadura), cinnamon, and raisins and DD said it was her favorite oatmeal. I thought it was pretty salty though, so i'm going to half the salt next time.

tomorrow i have an appointment with a woman i found through freecycle eugene to learn about and get some kefir grains. i can't wait! dd loves "yogurt juice" and was really excited when i told her i could make it at home. any suggestions for how to get the closest taste to the kefir drinks at the health food store (we usually buy nancy's)?
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I made the yoghurt dough tonight. It didn't turn out right. I don't know what I've done wrong? It was cooked on the outside and still raw wheatflour mixture on the inside. It's like eating raw and cooked dough at the same time and it made me feel sick. Blech.

Has anyone made yoghurt dough? Any tips? Is the recipe horrible or is it just me?
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I made the yogurt dough a few years ago (during my 1st NT phase), and it turned out just as you said. I haven't tried it since.

I have the book Healing with Whole Foods, but haven't read through it for years and years, definitely not since reading the NT-type stuff. I recall it having interesting info about various foods, such as whether they were warming, cooling, moistening, etc. (and had some passing interest in seeing whether ayurvedic literature agreed with the Chinese, out of curiosity). I do wonder what sort of bias the author brings to the book, though, since I think the study of Chinese diet doesn't necessarily translate totally into what is appropriate for someone of European descent. For example, I recall that some of the Chinese population doesn't digest milk well, as opposed to the northern European population...over time, reproduction favors those who thrive on the local diet, so this makes sense. So, are the anti-milk comments valid for those of us from a different region? I'm thinking not.... It also comes to mind that various populations have various ideas of what constitutes appropriate "meat"; for example, the kosher laws wouldn't accept many things as "meat" that would be accepted in other cultures. Again, I wonder if this has something to do with the advice to avoid *all* meat, since the population has been built up over time on traife items (which isn't to say kosher is right or wrong). I could easily drift into an uber-New Age discussion here about ancesteral chi, but I don't think that's what you're after (why this stuff is coming to mind, I'm not sure -- I guess it's going to be one of those days, and y'all should be glad you're not hanging out at my house today).

OTOH, I had planned to skim through the recipes this week to see if there's anything adaptable to our new allergic-to-a-huge-whack-of-foods diet. And I still find myself pondering how I cut my veggies up, and what sort of energy that brings to the meal.
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Hi. I was living abroad without my NT cookbook for the past few months and sort of winging it, but I just got a copy and I'm reinspired. What I'm wondering is....have any of you had any luck with the baking recipes, like muffins, pancakes and breads? I remember trying the zucchini bread last year and it turned out spongy and gross. What have your experiences been, and if not good, have you found ways to tweak the recipes? I'm eager to try the muffins because my DS and DH love them...

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NT Carrot Cake

Hi everyone, just wondering if someone can get me the recipe for the Carrot Cake that is in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook? I just returned the copy I had to the library, and decided to make that cake for my son's birthday. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Queen Gwen
I could easily drift into an uber-New Age discussion here about ancesteral chi,
:LOL Hey I like that turn of phrase and I, for one, would be interested to hear what you had to say.

Originally Posted by Queen Gwen
And I still find myself pondering how I cut my veggies up, and what sort of energy that brings to the meal.
This is often how I feel as I'm preparing a meal. What kind of energy am I imparting as I dice and chop, stir and mix. There's a story about a monk preparing food for a visiting teacher and his attendants. After the food was eaten the teacher said, "very good but a little too much anger in the sauce". A sobering thought.
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i'd be interested in ancestral chi too....
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Hi ahuva, just to let you know that I have tried the muffin recipe in NT and they worked pretty well - I made raisin and pecan I think. The only thing is that they were a bit salty (this might be a theme with NT recipes I think?). No success AT ALL with the bread recipes - our local birds have been v. well fed recently. The pancakes (I made the baby Dutch) are good too - but I found the batter a bit thin, so I made it thicker the next time. Let me know if you have any successes or failures, being new to NT I was keen to find good baking recipes because I LOVE to bake, and was happy to find the muffins.
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any suggestions for how to get the closest taste to the kefir drinks at the health food store
I bought the store brand kind once and it was horrible. It smelled like old shoes and tasted just nasty. I love the "real" kefir. It's a little tart for me so I do use it in smoothies and sweeten it some.
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I buy the Nancy's kefir and it tastes and smells delicious. We got the Helios kind once and I like the Nancy's better. Of course, Nancy's is a local company, so maybe we're getting it fresher than most people do. I guess I'll read their label and see what all is in it. What do you use to sweeten your kefir?
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I don't know what my ds pushed but it just deleted my whole post.
bf'ing at the computer is a risky business.

What is the difference between Rapadura and sucanat? I was told that they are the same thing.
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There is a big controvercy between the two. Rapadura us a brand name sugar cane made by Rapunzel. Sucanat is really Rapadura. I can't get Rapadura here so I buy Sucanat from Whole Foods. It was thought that whole foods refines their product somewhat, but then someone contacted the company and they said they did not. Then it was said that there was a higher mineral content in Sucanat from Whole Foods then the Rapaura.

All I know is that I bought the sucanat from the bulk bin for awhile until I noticed that the sucanat from Whole Foods is much much darker, meaning that it has a higher mollassas content and is most likely less refined than the stuff in the bulk bin. So, I am buying Whole Foods Brand now.
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hi. thanks for the tips on the baking recipes, i just made pancakes this morning and i was pretty happy with them. my dh saw the dutch apple recipe and got excited.
i'm bummed to hear that it wasn't just me and the bread recipes aren't so great, but i'll give the muffins a try and stick to my old bread recipes. I guess I should start sprouting....
by the way...the carrot cake recipe is AWESOME. I've made it a bunch of times and it's become a favorite. the icing is really simple but amazing. I can post the recipe later this afternoon.
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Carrot Cake from NT
2.5 cups of flour (ww, spelt or kamut)
1 cup of piima cream ( i use sour cream)
1 cup of whole yogurt
1 cup of butter, softened
1 1/4 cups of rapadura
4 eggs
2 tp vanilla
2 tp baking soda
1 tp cinnamon
1tp salt
1 8oz can of crushed pineapple
2 cups of finely grated carrots
1 cup of dried coconut
1/2 chopped crispy pecans
2 cups cream cheese
1/2 cup softened butter
1 tbsp vanilla
1/2-3/4 cup raw honey

mix flour with yogurt and cream and let it sit for 12-24 hours covered in a warm place. Line a pan with buttered parchment paper and coat with flour. cream butter and rapadura. beat in eggs, baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. gradually add flour mixture. fold in pineapple with juice, carrots, coconut and nuts. pour in the pan and bake at 300 degrees for 2 hours. let cool slightly and turn onto a tray. to make icing, place cream cheese, butter, vanilla and honey in a food processor and blend until smooth.

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Thanks for the recipe!!
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Thanks for the info CJR - I have to special order a whole case to get rapadura. That's okay 'cause then that way I get it a whole lot cheaper. It's good to know that I can use sucanat if I need to.

I am making the spice cake right now, the batter was really good! I'll have to tell you all how it turns out.
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Is the carrot cake a nice light cake, or is it dense and heavy? I have ds's birthday party on Saturday and I was going to make brownies, but my dad made a hint about having carrot cake and he gets so little treats since his heart attack. I may have to make it tomorrow and experiment. Is the icing light or kind of pasty IYKWIM? I mean is it like regular cream cheese frosting or is more like a glaze?
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spice cake update

I've never tried the carrot cake, but I just made the spice cake today.

It's good and sweet but it didn't make my blood sugar go through the roof.

here are some tips from my experience.

*Even though I left the butter and eggs out all morning, my frosting came out with tiny little lumps of butter instead of a creamy smooth frosting. I think it was because my kitchen is pretty cold.

*Don't forgo the parchment paper! I did and I ended up with a four layer cake instead of a two layer cake IYKWIM. That puppy stuck to the pan like super glue.

* I took the cake out 15 minutes early and it was almost over done, so make sure to watch it and don't let it cook the whole hour. (I'm at a high altitude of 7,500 ft so this may be different for you.)

*If I did it over again, I would cook the whole thing in my oval stoneware pan and just frost it in the pan and serve it that way. OR it would be good done as cup cakes.

I know, I know, I almost can't help myself!
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