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Originally Posted by cjr
There is a big controvercy between the two. Rapadura us a brand name sugar cane made by Rapunzel. Sucanat is really Rapadura. I can't get Rapadura here so I buy Sucanat from Whole Foods. It was thought that whole foods refines their product somewhat, but then someone contacted the company and they said they did not. Then it was said that there was a higher mineral content in Sucanat from Whole Foods then the Rapaura.

All I know is that I bought the sucanat from the bulk bin for awhile until I noticed that the sucanat from Whole Foods is much much darker, meaning that it has a higher mollassas content and is most likely less refined than the stuff in the bulk bin. So, I am buying Whole Foods Brand now.
Hmmm, I was flipping thru the NT cookbook this morning and came across the section on sweeteners. The authors state that Rapadura is the purest form of sweetner and that sucanat is definitely a lesser nutritionally sound and much more refined sweetener. I've never tried either and I don't see us using it much but it would be nice to know what the actual facts are. I know some other folks have complained that SF's facts are sometimes skewed so now I'm on which is better. I haven't done any baking in years but it might be nice to make ds some wholesome muffins or fruit crisps every now and then.
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Off topic: CJR, so sorry we can't make Saturday, we are going to Bragg Creek for the day for dh's b-day. Hope to see you on Thursday!
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*solsticemama*- I posted the same question a couple of weeks ago and this is what was reported. Someone had called the Wholesome Foods (not Whole Foods) and they stated that their sucanat is not refined like it was indicated and that the mineral content is there. Sucanat is Rapadura. They are both evaportated cane juice that is minimally processed to ensure that it is as whole as possible. I'm not sure, but I even think that Rapadura is a regional name for it. I'm not saying that all sucanat is the same, because it's not. I think that Wholesome Foods makes a brand that is very comparable to the marketed Rapadura. The sucanat in the bulk bin I would say is not as it is a much lighter color.

Mountain Mom- Sorry we will miss you. Have a great time in Bragg Creek. We won't be at playgroup tomorrow. Carter is on a wierd nap thing and I need to get to the gym. I think his top teeth are bothering him. The oldest was sick with the flu all weekend and then I started to come down with it. Thanks to Oscillococcinum, I managed to combat it before it turned into anything major. So, I have not been to the gym in over a week. Got to get into my summer cloths this year or I will be wearing dh's t-shirts and cut-offs again.
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about the carrot cake....the cake part is pretty dense, but it tastes very healthy and not overly sweet at all. i actually feel good and not guilty about eating it. it's very moist too. the icing is thick, more cream cheese like than a glaze. you can always half the recipe to make it thinner, or do a different icing altogether. again, the icing feels healthy more than icky to us. my dh loves it. like sweet cream cheese. does this help? let us know how it goes! thanks for the spice cake recipe hints too!
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Thanks Queen Gwen, I guess it might not have been me after all.

I need some help with my chicken stock. It didn't gel up at all and I know the chicken was definately free ranged and pasture fed. I put 3 qt of water and all the bones from 2 3lb chickens. By the time 18 hours on simmering was up, the stock had reduced to about 1.5qt and bones. It was brown, but not gelled up in the slightest bit even after chilling for a day.

I'm so disappointed.. what can I change next time around? I'm scared if I'll use less water, I won't have any stock by the time I'm done.

I think the problem with stock not gelling is too much water. I just add enough water to cover the bones, andit always gells once cold.
Catarina, when you do this, how long do you simmer for and how much stock do you have left?
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My stock never gels either. I don't know what the deal is. The one time it did gel nicely was when I used a grocery store chicken. But it is always nice and rich and flavorful at least. It's frustrating, huh!

I've made the carrot cake and frosting before too, I liked it.
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It sure is! MIL always uses grocery store (AKA battery hen) chickens and her stock is always like jello! : WTF?
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It seems like too much water to me. I probabley use that much water with my 8-9lb chicken carcases. I put it in the crock with carrots, celery and onion and let it go 24 hours. With the lid on it only reduced by a cup or two at the half way mark and I top it up and let it finish. It always jells up nice. Try using two 3lb chickens to make your stock, with the same amount of water. I always use the chicken I roasted for dinner and I always buy huge chickens. That way I am not solely buying it for stock, but rather lots of meals and sandwhiches. With a large chicken I feed my family a nice dinner, usually 2 days worth of sandwhiches for lunch, and enough chicken for another casserole kind of dish or soup. My chicken costs me $15-$20 and we get alot of meals out of it, plus the stock. If I buy the carcass to make the just stock it usually comes in a pack of two and I use both covered with water and veggies and it turns out great.

The gel stock you get is very rich and very flavorful. If you need to you can alway cut it with water when you are cooking with it to stretch it a little.
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Okay, must vent my current kitchen frustration. NOTHING seems to work lately!!! My stock won't gel (I never used to have a problem), my bread won't rise (is it a sourdough thing?) OR cook through on the inside, but it practically burns on the outside (yeah, I know, lower temp, longer time), and WOW, is it beyond the realm of normal sourness . I'm hesitant to even try making my own pasta now (thinking about making perogies with the potato cheese as filling). Seriously, the only things I'm not having a problem with are smoothies (and even then I don't always blend them enough, and get the occasional chunk of coconut oil) and cookies. Oh, and my kitchen is a MESS!
Speaking of cookies, my oatmeal-lentil-chocolate-chip cookies were a huge success:

Oatmeal Lentil Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 cups ww flour
1.5 cups oatmeal
1 cup butter
1 cup yogurt
Mix these together and let sit 12-24 hours.
Then add,
1/2 cup lentil meal*
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup honey
1 cup chocolate chips
Mix together really well.
Bake at 375F 12-14 minutes

*soak 1/4 cup lentils 12 hours or overnight with a bit of whey in filtered water. Strain and use a food processor to cut into a fine mealy texture.
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cjr - thanks for the advice!

Try using two 3lb chickens to make your stock, with the same amount of water.
Do you mean to use 2 WHOLE 3lb chickens with 3 qt of water? We usually roast the chicken first, eat whatever we can and save all the bones and a little bit of meat, then toss it all in with the carrots etc and let it simmer. It saves us money this way as we can't afford a chicken just for stock. I'm sorry, I know I sound sooooo stupid.. I've never made stock in my life. :

This weekend we are having another 3lb chicken. I am going to save the bones from dinner and have another go at stock making.. how much water do I use? The bones might come up to 1.2lb in weight.
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Oh boy do I hear ya! My kitchen is an absolute mess and I have nothing to show for it but runny stock and pumpkin soup for dinner.
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Been pretty quiet around here but wanted to wave hello and let you know I'm still lurking on this thread.

hey lovelocks! Waving hello to a fellow Oregonian. I'm up on the north coast, give me a holler if you ever make it up this way.
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I'm planning to make the Persian style black-eyed peas. It sounds really On another note I've been on the search for azomite but I can only find bentonite both IRL and on-line. I did a search a came up with some info on azomite that said it comes from the salt lakes in Utah. Anyone have experience with bentonite? Even our very crunchy local HFS only carries bentonite. I bought a small amount but am hesitant to take it before reseaching it more.
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Mamas with runny stock, don't be so hard on yourselves.

I make stock every week in my crock pot from the carcass and bones of a chicken I roasted. It usually jells, sometimes it gels only a little.

I really think that this is a hard time in the year. It's kind of like the darkest, coldest time of night before the sun comes up. Spring is just around the corner and soon we'll be frolicking in the sun before you know it. Our babies will be eating dirt and grass and getting muddy in the garden.
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Hey gals. I’ve been checking in quickly and trying to “power read” but I’m way behind.

I’m up there in my weight. I lost a whole lot on the candida diet, but much of it has come back. I had a dream the other night that I couldn’t get my pants on and then I woke up and put my pants on and
Coming out of PPD and a bunch of deficiencies, I refuse to eat less, so I really need to exercise a whole lot more. That’s my plan for now.

Other than that, I have been super-busy planning our kitchen remodel (scheduled for late May/early June. We landed on a stove after a great deal of deliberation. It’s an antique Wedgewood. It actually costs a lot less than what we were going to buy and the look will be fantastic in our 100 year old house. No proofing feature, LOL. No warming drawer. No convention oven. Good burners, though. That’s where we cook the most.
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Hello, NT mamas! I've been following your thread on and off for about a month; I posted in another thread regarding NT feedback. I'm new here, though, and am excited to have found people following NT. My friends think I'm crazy.

I haven't much time to write today but just wanted to say that the Leaf-Wrapped Salmon with Cilantro-Coconut Stuffing is GREAT. My husband was thoroughly surprised that I made something edible -- which is not something I can say about the sourdough breads I have been trying to make. I stumbled upon a sourdough "snobs" web site, though, and they recommended a number of books, so I'm going to go through them and see whether I get any good tips. According to the one I just picked up, though, I'll never have a good loaf unless I build a brick oven in my back yard. Well, summer is ahead of us, and, of course, as a mother I have nothing to do....
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naturalmother - No,no,no. I mean eat the chicken and use 2 carcasses to make the stock. If you eat a chicken for dinner then stick the carcass in the freezer until the next time you have chicken. Then make stock with the 2 carcasses. Heavens no, we would be broke if we just boiled up chickens for the juices. I am able to buy just chicken carcasses. Check with your chicken source and see if they sell just the bones. The bones I get are from the chickens that they cut the breasts other pieces off. There is still alot of meat and all the bones. It costs $5 for two medium sized carcasses and it make a crock full of stock.

I made the carrot cake for ds's b-day tomorrow. I didn't soak the flour though. I just don't care for the results from soaking and baking. I added the sour cream and yoghurt to the flour as if I was going to soak, and followed the recipe from there without actually soaking. It turned out amazing. So good and very moist. I decided to make an airplane cake for him. I just made two carrot cakes and then cut the shape of an airplane and stacked the two shapes on top of each other. Then just rounded the edges. Tomorrow I will ice with the cream cheese frosting and find something to make a propeller with.
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Hey everyone. : Confirmed lurker here! Love all this info, but usually too busy reading and cooking to write. Tyring to organize my life

Anywho. Just wondering how everyone's kefir is. Mine has been smelling different lately, but maybe it's my nose Can sitting by a pineapple affect it? Also I just changed to a lower grain to milk ratio. Don't know what is up with it lately. Can't decide if it is a yeasty smell or sour milk or what. Getting very frustrated. Not to mention, I'm thinking dairy might be affecting my little nursling I'ts not confirmed yet ( I am having the darndest time giving up my dairy to see especially since I have my raw milk and kefir)

Do you think water kefir gives all the same benefits as milk kefir? I have that going to. I still giggle everytime I open it and see the little bubbles!!
But can't seem to get a taste I love. I brewed the last batch for 48 hours and it still seems not right. I had it one time at my brother's where it was more wine like tasting and yummy. Also is anybody getting it to be fizzy when drinking it. My little bubbles seem to disapear after I strain it. As a confirmed pop-aholic (ya I live up north) i want some carbonation.

Sorry I am rambling on, just excited I am actually sitting down to post!
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artisticat, sometimes the milk kefir grains will start getting funky and you need to fast them on water for 24 hours to clear out the weird beasties. I had some funky grains once and after the fast the taste was much improved.
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I mean eat the chicken and use 2 carcasses to make the stock.
I did that last time with 3qt of water and it didn't gel.

I think I'll use 2qt of water next time.

I must say, even though the stock doesn't gel, the chicken we get is out of this world!!!!! And all I did was add sea salt. No oil, no spice..

I will ask my chicken guy about getting a bag of bones. Thanks for the tip!
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