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Blender Batters

I posted about gummy pancakes a couple of weeks ago.

Since I started following the Sue Gregg instructions more closely I've gotten a better result. They don't turn out sour if I use kefir for no more than half the liquid.

I'm using equal parts ww pastry grains, barley and buckwheat, 1 cup total. Blend 3-4 min. in half kefir half milk, again about 1 c + extra milk to "maintain the vortex" (otherwise the blender bogs down.) Let sit about 12 hours. Reblend the next day w/an egg for at least 1 min., then add salt, leavenings and a bit of white flour if too thin.

I like using the whole grains rather than flour to avoid rancidity.

Now, can someone help me figure out why I'm not getting notices for new postings? I think my isp went wild w/spam blocking. They even blocked my library's due date notices!
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Oh, our babies are like a day apart...but this year, the same.

Mine is a Leap Day baby...so no Feb 29 to celebrate on... So we'll be celebrating his first bday the same day as your youngest! to your little birthday boy too!

I am making spelt cupcakes and raspberry 'fluff' icing with some organic rapadura 'powdered' sugar and raspberry jam.

And Happy Belated Birthday Amanda! :HUG
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Wow it is a birthday kinda weekend! My dh's birthday is tomorrow! Happy birthday everyone!

At the market yesterday I found organic free range stewing hens for 5 bucks each!

I thought this was a super deal. I made this hen in my slow cooker and then made stock and wow that stock is super thick and so full of colour.

The woman who owns this farm said that hens are really nutritious and that these hens are still quite tender.

The meat was very tender! I am going to make a curry from it for dinner.

I just think that is the bomb.
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xenabyte - Dh was so hoping for a leap year baby, but I was not. That would have meant another day in an already 22 hour labour. No thanks. :LOL

We had a good birthday. He was so humble when we sang to him. Like "what, for me ". I made an airplane cake out of the carrot cake and it was a big hit. I used my old standby cream cheese icing for those that already think I'm nuts, but I was cleaver. It was a two layer cake and I didn't ice between the layers. So if you took the top layer off you had a perfect bottom layer with no icing that was delicious.

I am a little dissapointed with my family. My brother didn't show up and didn't bother to call, DH's brother didn't come because his girlfriend totaled her truck (even though he has two trucks himself that could have gotten then to our place), my mom was sick with the flu. The biggest kicker was that DH's mom sat in her truck outside our house for 45 min and then left because she didn't think we were home (dh took the kids swimming). She didn't knock or bother to call on her cell. My dad and I were inside decorating the cake. Also, Dh's dad didn't bother to come either. Dh was royally ticked and ended up telling his dad off. He has only been to our home 3 times in the past 5 years and only 2 of those times was for his grandkid's b-days (he has missed 8 birthdays. Dh's mom came back today and we had a nice little visit. Nothing was said about yesturday though. I mean how can you miss your grandson's first birthday? Just because you didn't feel like going. The first birthday is always adult friendly with us. The food is adult food and there's no kiddy stuff other than cake and gifts. The kids play and the adults have a great time. I just don't understand.

Anyway, I made a huge pot of bison chilli and WOW was it ever good. With baked potatoes, sour cream and cheddar. Fresh veggies, organic tortilla's (my new favorite snack) and w.w. buns. Nice and casual. The cake was a big hit. Maybe next time I will try soaking the flour.

It's going to be a light meals this week. Dh left for Little Rock and will be gone for a week. I feel silly cooking nice meals for just me and the girls. It's going to be a long week. This is the longest he will have been away since Carter was born. The 3 day trips have been more than enough.
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At the market yesterday I found organic free range stewing hens for 5 bucks each!
Share, share please. Who is your source? I was up there on Friday, but didn't notice any other poultry place other then the one in the little organic market. There was the transitional booth on the other side, but I bought a couple of steaks there once that were just awful (I believe they had been re-frozen) and vowed never to buy anything there again.
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Lets make sure we get together this week, CJR. I could come up to your place if you want, I have the car this week.
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Its at Sunworks, the little organic nook. In the cooler bin where the stock backs are. Maybe they don't have them all the time? There was four hens there and I bought two. If you ever wonder about anything there just ask for Erin, she is the manager and daughter of the farm owners.
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You have lightening fingers today. :LOL
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Lets make sure we get together this week, CJR. I could come up to your place if you want, I have the car this week.
That would be wonderful. We would love to have you in our home. I even cleaned it up for the party and we are trying to keep it that way. :LOL
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CJR...did you get the email about the bulk nut and fruit order through the playgroup?

I will forward to you. It is a great opportunity to get bulk raw almonds and other nuts ect. It is their annual sale.

Here is the website...www.ranchovignola.com
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hey NTers!

I got my kefir grains yesterday!!!!

woohoo!! I am so excited. I haven't done anything with then yet, but i am so intrigued. Does anyone know of a site about kefir thats easier to read than dom's site? i like dom's site, but i have a hard time following it sometimes. Does anyone know if I can use regular milk to make the kefir? I get a ton of milk from WIC and never use it for anything (well, DP uses it for his espresso drinks), so I thought it would be good for kefir. But everything I read says to use raw milk which i just can't justify paying for when i have 5 gallons of regular milk in my fridge!

i made the chicken curry from NT for dinner the other night. I had made stock with a whole chicken earlier this week and i used the meat from it. the meat was so beyond tender and shredded right up. I served it over soaked quinoah and it was sooooo good. I even got dd1 to eat it!
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Yes, you can use regular ol' pasteurized milk for kefir. You can't use ultra-pasteurized, though -- not enough life left in it.
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The only thing I can get here is pasturized. I'm lucky enough to have found a local source for non-homoginated though, but still pasturized.
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Hi everyone, I've been gone for a bit. I'm hoping to read back through the thread a bit later today.

i had a quick question though. I'm about to go take care of some Kombucha. I made the mistake of making it in a really wide mouthed bowl and now I have all these GIANT mushrooms. I'd like to have a few batches going but I need to put it in something not quite as big. Does anyone know if I can "trim" the mushrooms?
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When I got my first mushroom, the lady just cut it right in half and so far it is doing fine.
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CJR and Mountain Mom:

I'm from Edmonton and I've heard a rumor that Sunworks farm feeds their chickens soy; haven't investigated it myself and I don't know whether this would be a problem for you but thought I'd mention it just in case.
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CJR what a bummer that your family bombed out on you! Anyhow, at least your dad was there. My parents probably won't show for either one of my kids b-days. They'll say that they were too worried to drive in thier SUV through the mountains to visit. Yet I should drive by myself with the kids to come visit them!

I used to live 30 minutes from my parents and only 2 miles off the hwy. One time I was really sick and my dd was only about 4 months old. I couldn't even change her diaper - I could hardly move. Well my husband was out of town, so I called my mom and asked her to please, please come and help me. She said that she didn't want to get sick and that sorry but she wasn't going to help (even though she was retired). Thank goodness I have one decent sister that lived 45 minutes away who took off work - drove to my house and took my dd to her house to take care of her.

I guess it all comes down to priorities - like they say "you can choose your friends but you can't choose your relatives." hmmmm

Anyway, is that a bison chili an NT recipe, or just your own creation? If it's yours, then I would love if you would share it with us.
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editing my last post

I don't know how to edit my last post; I check the Sunworks thing and it is not the farm I was thinking of. In fact, we buy their eggs and they taste very good! We buy chicken from them, too. Sorry about the mistake!
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Does anyone do much juicing? I'm thinking I'd like to start juicing things like kale, parsely, beets, ginger etc. Those of you who juice what kind of juicer would you recommend?
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No worries PrairieMother...thanks for looking out for us!

TwinGear/Greenstar is the best juicer IMO or the Angel but both are super pricey.

Here are some links:

Try to get a slow running motor and spinner(for lack of a better description). The slower the auger turns the more nutrients are left back in the juice. Both the above juicers also keep the enzymes alive while lower priced models such as champion burn them in the juicer process.

With both you can make your own nutbutters, oils and rice cakes too!

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