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Holli, get well soon. I hope you get to spend lots of time wiping your baby's nose soon I know that's what I do alllll day.

Happy birthday mamaroni!

y'all can pretend it's my b-day and buy me nightlights for it!
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I've already come to terms with the fact that my computer is way too slow for a stocking. I know I'll come out empty handed, but I'm ok with that

The good thing is though, my DH is off work today so the kiddos are all his. He said I need a break anyway so I have nothing to do but sit here by my computer.
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That's great, Christy! Your hubby is such a sweetie!
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See, now this is why I am not popular. All the fun and excitement happens at night. Doesn't my baby dd know that in order for me to schmooze for some cool diapers I need to be at the computer and not in bed with her. Where are my priorities? :LOL (j/k of course for those who have no sense of humor)

My chances of actually being at the stocking, if it happens during the day, has greatly improved with two sick children rolling around in our sick bed but I have already accepted that in the great irony of life I will be changing a poopy diaper when the stocking happens.

Happy Birthday Mamroni!
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AS IF you think you need to be a good mother and change diapers when FM is stocking. I mean seriously here, what are you thinking? Leave that baby alone and refresh, refresh, refresh!

for you. Let's just pretend we're !
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Happy Birthday mamaroni !!! Can you send some cake to my house? ROFL :LOL
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Actually since I do care about my dd's sensitive tush I am just letting her go diaperless and I have a bucket and pail ready for clean-up, when convenient of course.
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My shortcut on the desktop is now bringing me to a different page.
I think that means something!!! Since it was bring me to a dipe!
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