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Monthly Thread, February 2005

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Hi all!

I thought I'd get this started.

So, I can't believe how big I'm getting. Every morning after waking I lay in bed and put my hands on my belly and it feels bigger and bigger. I've finally got people asking me when I'm due. I'm so tall, that it wasn't really that obvious that I'm pregnant until just a couple of weeks ago. My mom and sister came to visit last week. I haven't seen them since august, it was so wonderful to be with them. My mom was so excited and she took me shopping for maternity clothes! Yay for mom So now I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my clothes. It's amazing what a difference maternity clothes make! Both my mom and sis were able to feel the baby kick, it was really great. I scheduled my midwife appt so that they would be able to come along. My family is very mainstream, so my mom was full of questions about the safety of homebirth. At the end of the appt she was very much satisfied and she told me that she felt very confident in my decision to homebirth. It made me feel a lot better, too, because I've been worried all along about her nervousness about my decision.

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by. Six months already! Baby is super active and DH is having fun feeling him/her move around everynight. DH made the sweetest comment to me last night. He got up to use the bathroom around 3 am and woke me up. So I climbed out of bed because I had to use it too, of course. I was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, naked belly and all, rubbing my sleepy eyes to avoid the shocking light. And out of nowhere he tells me that I am the most amazingly beautiful woman he has ever seen and he feels like the luckiest man alive. He made my day, week, year, life!!! I have the sweetest DH!

Another cool thing is I've totally made an IRL friend from MDC! (Hi, mamamead!!!) It's made a huge difference for me to have another pregnant woman to talk to about all of the crazy symptoms I'm experiencing. And even better than that, she's really a really cool mama and she's helping me learn to knit It's also been nice to be able to get out of the house and feel like I actually have a social life again!
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Hi Ladies! Wow, we are now in february! Time is passing that is for sure. I hope all of us are feeling great!
I have gotten my confidence back. Come Saturday it will be a full month since I last spotted. That makes me feel really really good! Baby Girl Alexa is moving and groving, and GROWING! I swear my belly popped out last weekend. Today she has slowed down, but I blame that on the long emotional night we had last night.

My DD is sick. I think this is the first day of school she has missed. She came home from Girl Scouts last night with a fever. She had been coughing for a few days, along with Dh & Ds, but only she has progressed into something worse. I had Dh take her to urgent care last night. When he called, her temp was 103 (she refused tylenol before she left) and diagnosed her with acute bronchitis. The doc wrote a script for pills, DD does NOT take pills. I told Dh to go back in and ask for a different script. He would not, and said she is old enough to take them. I said whatever, did not want to argue. He gets the pills, which were $46 bucks for 7 pills. When they get home, she will not take them. After pleading, yelling, all kinds of drama, by the time she gets them down, all the protective coating is gone. She throws them up an hour later. UGH! IF ONLY DH HAD LISTENED! Anyway, he gets to clean up the mess. I took her back to our doc today (just love him!) and get a $5 script for liquid! Dh was banging his head against the wall, "If I had only listened to you!" DUH!

My dog is also sick. (Why do things happen like this!) Two days ago, he would not work for food. He is a food hound!!! He could barely move & was trembling in total pain. No crying though. Called the vet, & he can not get in until yesterday. I called them back, and asked if I could give him anything for pain, poor beagle was just a shaken! He can have asprin. Now, who has asprin in the house anymore???? Go to the store & get it. It helps. Then when I take him to the vet he is fine. Moving, jumping, very excited to be at the vet. But the Vet, thinks he has spondylitis. Since he was fine there, no xrays just yet. (I am thankfull, money is so tight right now!) Continue with asprin, as symptoms show. If I am giving asprin daily for 4 days then come back & they will take xrays. I guess this is fairly common in dogs & starts when they hit middle age (which Chester is.) UGH! Why this year when paying for a midwife????

As far as pregnancy, I feel pretty good most days. There are times when my pelvis gets really achy. Way up in my neither regions, like where my femur hits my pelvis. Almost like riding a horse for hours. It is on both sides, but my left side hurts worse. I noticed it more after wearing high heeled boots at a wedding. That was without dancing, just walking. And yes, I am waddleing very badly when this happens! When will relaxin kick in????

Originally Posted by Eaglevoice
And out of nowhere he tells me that I am the most amazingly beautiful woman he has ever seen and he feels like the luckiest man alive. He made my day, week, year, life!!! I have the sweetest DH!
This is the most beautiful thing ever!!! WoW, what an amazing Dh you have! Make sure you journal this.

Sorry so long. Just have had alot going on. I did not even include, my Mom had surgery today & I could not go due to DD being sick. She had to have a friend take her! Oh well such is life!

Have blessed day Ladies! I hope all is well with you all!
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Jen - your DH is such a sweetie. Doesn't it feel good when they say things like that???

Cristina - Ug, sounds like quite a week you've had. I hope it slows down for you! I can barely take pills...so I don't blame your daughter...some of us have a more sensitive gag reflext than others, I think that is what does it.

I went to see my M/W today. I've been having BH Contractions...not 4 an hour, but quite a few of them. I'm to have an ultrasound tomorrow, plus DH wants me to stay home tomorrow and Friday to rest. And THEN you know what he says?? He's going to NOT go practice the piano tonight so he can stay home and "put the moves on a certain hottie." Hmm...doesn't he know that THAT area of the body is directly related to the BABY area of the body..contractions + Sex probably doesn't = something too great! lol. Poor guy. And my sex drive is STILL non-existant! Blah.

Oh - he's just now GETTING it (we back and forth at work...) Oh well.
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I am also amazed at how big my stomach is getting...overnight it seems. This baby moves and kicks a lot, more than I remember with my dd's.

I am doing well otherwise, just trying to make final birthing decisions and to get my house in order......
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HI mamas. I have been having some complications w/my pg lately (for details see my thread in I'm Pregnant). I woke up today with a blinding migraine & my BP was up again My mom came & took the boys to the park so I could try to sleep it off. It's almost gone now. I am going through & selling diapers & books we don't use on the TP, so glad to be getting stuff out of the house. They still have not scheduled Colby's eye surgery (um, I am pg, don't want to be 5 hrs from home when I'm 9 monhts along, which at this rate I will be!). We think we found a dr local who can do the surgery, and we have heard great things about him, so we're keeping our fingers crossed! I'm going to go lay down again, I can feel the headache coming back!

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AmiBeth...please take it easy hun. I have been following your problems and i am very worried about you.

Well. We just moved back down to DHs hometown. Which puts me about 5 hours away from my midwife at this point. As of right now the plan is for me to go stay with my grandmother for the last couple weeks of the pregnancy so i will be pretty close to the midwife. I kinda overdid it during the move and was out of commission for a few days. Finally today i felt like doing a little more unpacking and putting up. I am hopeing to have it all done in another week or so.

This baby is GROWING in leaps and bounds. I believe my dream of having a smaller baby that actually looks like a newborn are slowly going out the window. Justin was so big and alert when he was born that everyone commented on how he looked 3 months old. Although i don't think this one will be as big as he was i am sure it will be bigger than DD was. I hardly even showed with her at all.

One thing about this pregnancy that is different than the rest is that this baby is carrying so high up that it is already in my ribs. Even as big as DS was he was never in my ribs. DD was so small she never had a chance to get even close to my ribs. This is definately a sensation that i do NOT like. I am a huge sloucher and now it hurts to slouch so i have to work on my posture. LOL.
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Morning everyone!

AmiBeth - glad you posted - I too have been reading your other thread and have been wondering how you are doing. Sounds like you are monitoring things the best you can. My cousin was induced for pre-eclampsia at 36 weeks. It came on very suddenly and was not fun. I sure hope you can avoid that. and rest.

Speaking of rest - I think I need to do that more. I think I have been pushing too hard even though I think it's too early yet for me to have to slow down. But, I've had major BH and just a general yucky feeling for about a week. I went home early Monday from work and have taken it easy since and feel better. But, I've just got so much I want to get done that it is very frustrating. And, my toddler is asserting her independence in a big way -- this is new in the last week. She is full of "not fine", "go away", and "I will do it" - yikes!

Jenn - what a sweet dh you have! I can totally relate to your mom buying you maternity clothes. My mom did the same thing for my b-day last month and it was great. I've finally popped out in a major way too. Lots of baby wiggling but I still can't tell if it's head down or up. I would love to have feet in my ribs right now!

Cristina - I hope your dd and dog feel better soon.
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Hello Ladies!!! It's been a while since we gathered on a thread and just chatted It is so fun that we our babies are showing and growing. I get really achey in my lower back, but that could be due to my bladder or kidney problems (hopefully bladder and not kidney). I can't believe it is only 3 more months until May!!! It seems like time is moving along so quickly. So, if I am 27 weeks and days would that make me in the third trimester already? Wow!! I remember the 1st and thinking it would be forever until the 3rd.

Eaglevoice- that is very sweet of your DH. They can be so wonderful can't they?

Amibeth- I have been following your problem on the pregnancy thread and I really hope things get better for you. You have been in my thoughts everyday.

Anita- I hope your BH contrax subside. Do get some rest!!!

Debstmommy- I hope your DD and dog feel better soon!!! Don't you love it when those DH's don't listen when they should.

I have found that I have been sleeping more lately and feeling yucky. I hope this subsides soon because my clean house is a mess now - and I worked so hard on it just to let it go to crap!!
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Well I had my ultrasound today...another one. Anyway - everything looks great, baby and cervix included. They did warn me not to take those BH's too lightly - and that I need to be resting and keeping track of them, considering lastnight seemed to get worse instead of better. The one thing that concerns me is, if I continue to have them and need meds or whatever to stop...it may jump me up in the "higher risk" catagory meaning I can't use the birthing center Which does bum me out some. The birthing center is in the hospital, and they do have some pretty strict rules about being able to use the center.

I'm definately having a girl though. No doubts! MIL is going to be disappointed, she let on that she was hoping we'd end up with a boy anyway...she hates the name Azalyah THAT MUCH. Now we're going to have to deal with her actually calling her Azalyah instead of whatever name she comes up with herself (because she so hard headed..she WILL do it!) Yet another reason I want to stay home SO BAD!!!

Unfortuantely taxes didn't come out QUITE as good as I wanted it too, so outlook isn't so great on the me staying home bit. Now I'm working on getting DH a better paying job, and figuring up how much I'd have to make working part time for us to make it...to see if its sensible. Here's hoping that turns out good.

I am getting bigger too..by the minute it seems. And I've hit the 3rd Trimester blahs..and I'm only 27 weeks...but I seem to get very tired easily..and my brain is mush more now than ever. The other day I told DH his "Chicken smelled like rice" - I was smelling his shirt. Hmm..don't know where that came from! lol
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Hi Mama's, I too and feeling much bigger, my dh is so wonderful, he is always telling me how great I look, both he and ds have felt the baby kicking I think it is getting more "real" for both of them!
I am glad to see so many of you are feeling well (Amibeth I am glad you are feeling good, I have been thinking of you) I can't believe that we are three months away I am so excited to meet this little one! I am so glad to be homeschooling ds, it is nice not to rush around and have our own schedule!
I am thinking of taking a pre-natal class again this time, is anyone else in one? did you take one with your first if this is not #1? This is my second but dh's first so we are planning on taking one, next month when our taxes are done!
It is nice to see you all, take care.
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Originally Posted by peacenlove
I am thinking of taking a pre-natal class again this time, is anyone else in one? did you take one with your first if this is not #1? This is my second but dh's first so we are planning on taking one, next month when our taxes are done!
It is nice to see you all, take care.
I had planned to take a class before dd but she was born 4 days before the class met! I don't think I will take one this time -- from what friends have told me, the ones offered through our hospital focus a lot on how much childbirth hurts and types of pain relief. Well, I had pit last time and did it without pain meds (my choice) so I'm not really interested in their info. I read a good bradley book before dd was born and that gave me lots of good info. But, I do think I am going to tour the hospital. Even though I had dd at the same place I will go to this time, I have questions that I never got to ask since dd's arrival was a surprise. For example, do they actually pay attention to birth plans, what's the best way in their view to convey my wishes about eye goop, vit k and no circ, do I have to labor on my back -- stuff like that. Dd's birth was great given the circumstances but assuming I'll have more control over things this time, I want to be ready.
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Hi all! I had a nice big response typed out earlier and ds unpluged the computer. Silly boy. So anyways, it's gonna be short this time. THings are going ok. Dd had the flu, ds, is, I think, getting his second molars in. He's very cuddly and has an on again/off again fever. Not getting much sleep at night with it and dd is giving up naps, so I'm not getting much sleep anywhere.

Dh says I'm getting bigger, but I cna't really tell. I'm really overweight to begin with, so I don't see the difference right now. Tons of movement, though. Sometimes it feels like it never stops. It's nice and reassuring.

Tomorrow I'm going for a level 2 u/s to check out our concerns. Hopefully we'll have a good report.
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I haven't felt real chatty lately. Money stress is getting to me. We finally had a light at the end of the tunnel thinking that we'd be getting a huge tax return. Turns out we owe over $1000 and we can't figure out why and neither can the lady at H&R Block.

Pregnancy seems to be going ok. I keep having contractions, sometimes 6 in an hour. I should probably call my midwife but I see her Monday so I'm hoping that it's nothing and I'll have her check me when I'm there.

The big kids are doing great and DH has been amazingly sweet and loving lately.

Hopefully this funk will end soon.
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Originally Posted by wende
I haven't felt real chatty lately. Money stress is getting to me. We finally had a light at the end of the tunnel thinking that we'd be getting a huge tax return. Turns out we owe over $1000 and we can't figure out why and neither can the lady at H&R Block.
Ouch I'm sorry to hear that. I know what you're going through with the money stress. I'm still waiting on a couple of W-2's so we can go and get our money, too. I'd be devastated at this point if it turned out that we owed money! I don't know where we would get it... It's hard enough paying rent at the end of the month. Thank goddess for boobie milk and hand me down clothes and dipes, otherwise we'd be in big trouble come may!
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Wende, I hope you are feeling better soon.
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Wende- I am sending lots of your way. I am sorry you going through such a difficult time. I hate to hear about your taxes. I don't understand how some people who make lots of money still get returns and others who struggle to get by day to day have to pay in. That is ridiculous!!! The system is a mess.

I am feeling better today. The doc called and said there is definately something going on with my bladder and I do have an infection but they are not sure exactly what it is I can't believe it has taken 2-3 days to figure this out. If I had gone to the ER the results would have been immedient. Anyway, I have been slamming water and taking the cranberry tablets a few of you suggested, and I have an antibiotic from the dr.
I have been feeling the baby kick around pretty consistantly. I mostly feel him on my lower left side and occasionally around my navel. I do not know what his position is.
I am going to "fix" my house today since it got torn up from me not keeping up with it this week.
Good Day to all!!
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Hi everyone!

Wende - I feel you on the $$ issues. We have to borrow money from my grandparents to get a new car, and it's not like I wasn't already freaked about money anyway.

I'm feeling okay. My life, if you haven't heard, has been crazy, what with the semi falling 35 feet and landing on my car followed by a ridiculous media blitz. Things are getting back to normal now and we're figuring out the practical matters of life once again. I'm driving again some, but just around town during the day. Still afraid of highways and not looking to be alone at night in the car.

Interesting thing about my hospitalization following the accident - I had to have an ultrasound and a whole bunch of doppler use, which is fine, since that's exactly the sort of situation that that is called for in, but it was a weird juxtaposition after having hung out with these radical homebirthers who were railing against hospitals and technology earlier in the evening, only to find myself in a High Risk L&D ward in a city hospital. I had to get myself to stop being a birth activist while talking to docs. It was a real challenge. But I decided being a good patient was a good idea for insurance purposes, not to mention that I really wanted to make sure that the baby was okay. I wasn't, for the record, worried about the baby at all. I imagine because there was no trauma to my belly, I just felt an intuitive knowledge that the baby was okay.

Anyhow, baby moves a lot and things are slowly getting back to normal.
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I've been somewhat MIA for a couple of months. Nothing bad, just busy and tired and working too much. Baby is growing nicely and gives the most amazing kicks I have ever felt! I don't remember dd being this active, or at least, not this strong.

We're starting a Birthing From Within class on Monday and I'm excited about it. Wanted to take it when I was preg last time, but nobody was offering the class and I didn't have the energy to get certified that fast. LOL!

We're all getting over colds here (another reason for my lack of participation) and enjoying the nice weather we've had. MIL was just here for a week and she's great... miss her already.

Dd (19m) is working hard at talking and is an amazing kid. We’re enjoying her antics and spirit and joy at the world. Right now she’s running around diaperless and LOVING it. We’re nowhere near potty learning, but she’s starting to become very aware of herself in that department… now if only she wasn’t afraid of the potty!

That's all for us. Good to hear most of you are doing well and my thoughts are with those of you struggling with health/$/emotional issues!
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I'm glad things have settled down for you Breeder (loving the new name, haha). I can't imagine how scary and crazy it must have all been.

Thanks, you all, for the words of encouragement and understanding. We'll get through the money issues, we always do, but it's so frustrating!

I just talked to my midwife and she put me on bedrest for the next month, at least, so I'll check in when I can. I'm not very good about laying around doing nothing and I've never had to do it with a toddler!!
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I had an appt w/my new OB today. I really liked him. I am measuring at 29 weeks instead of at 27 so I go for another U/S Wed. He said that he isn't too concerned about my BP since they did another urine screen & all was normal, but to keep an eye on it & call if I felt worse. At least he discussed it w/me & took me seriously.

Wendy~ I had to do modified bedrest at the beginning of my 2nd pregnancy & it was no fun

Breeder~ Love the new username! I'm glad all is well & that things are getting back to normal for you.

Thank you to all who have voiced their concern over my recent complications, it's good to know I'm not alone.
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