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Which nursing session to drop?

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I'm going to jump right in here and ask a question:

My daughter will be 3 in April, and we're currently nursing 4x per day (first thing upon waking, naptime, waking up from naptime, and bedtime.) I'm still mostly enjoying it, but I'm ready to cut back a little. Sometimes I get that "Mama-cat-jumping-up-and-running-away" feeling when a nursing sessions goes on to long - do you know what I mean?

Anyway, my preference would be to drop the morning nursing, because it kills my daughter's appetite until about 10am. We're often out and about at that time, and can't drop everything to eat breakfast in the middle of the morning. I'd really prefer her to eat a healthy breakfast and wait until naptime to nurse.

Unfortunately, the waking-up nursing seems to be her favorite. Do you think it's unreasonable to ask her to give up that nursing? Should I pick my battles, and ask her to give up the one that's her least-favorite?

And let me just say that, although I think child-led weaning is great for people who can do it, I personally see nothing wrong with putting nursing limits on, or even weaning, a 3-year-old.

I'd love your'alls opinions.

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I would probably drop the one your nursling is the least attached to.

Just a warning, though... many people who cut out the naptime nursing then have a child who is ready to never nap again.

Another option is to try to decrease the length of nursing sessions (since that sounds like an issue for you). You can count, have an activity planned, say "until I sing this song" etc...
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good luck! I knew my daughter was/is not ready to cut back on nursing when every time I tried to impose limits she would get clingier and need to nurse even more often and for longer periods of time. If my DD doesn't nurse often enough, she becomes impossible to live with, throwing temper tantrums for no reason, and other major behavioral problems. All I have to do to put and end to the bad behavior is to let her nurse when she needs to nurse. And all I have to do to get her to nurse less often is to not refuse to nurse her ever. Funny how it works out that way.
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You might be able to cut out the morning nurse if you dh/partner can take over morning parenting until you are out of bed, dressed, and your child is fed. This has worked for us about 75% of the time and it gives my husband more time with our daughter. When dad is tired, or dd wakes up really hungry we go back to am nursing. I was really hard for everyone for about a week. There were a lot of special breakfasts made the night before.

I also cut out post nap nursing by giving my daughter options like: we can nurse or we can go get popsicles (frozen yogurt tubes). Bribing wasn't my preference, but we were at the point that if we were going to continue we had to cut back.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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Congratulations on still nursing your almost 3 yr old! I hope I make it that far with dd. If I were going to cut out a nursing session, I'd go with the least favorite. It seems to me that starting the day off with a struggle of some sort just wouldn't be worth it. I imagine that asking dd to start her day whithout "pat-pat" would be like having dh start the day with out coffee...............and that's a scary thought!
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Thanks so much for your thoughtful answers.

I really appreciate your advice. I think you're confirming my gut instinct - that cutting out her favorite nursing might not be a great idea.

Thanks again!
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