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I haven't seen midwife since birth...

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I never had a 6 week check up. I didn't feel thatt it was necessary. I had no tears or complications during the birth of my son. Bf was great. Resumed sex when I was comfortable.

My question is....should I be checked out by someone?

My family is constantly harrassing me about it. Is there something birth related that could be wrong without me knowing?

I just would like some input from like minded people.

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PS Son is now 3 months old...
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If you feel good and babe is doing well I wouldn't sweat it. My 6 week appointment was a hi, howyadoin' how's the baby any questions? kind of thing. It was a nice way to say bye for now and thanks to the midwife, but nothing major.

People are just married to the medical model, that's all.

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not as long as you're planning on getting a pap sometime this year...
labor is a prime time for bacteria etc to find it's way to your cervix (what with fingers up there that don't belong lol) at my 6wk after my first (which was an intervention free hospital birth) I had "irregular cell growth" that not caught *may* have caused problems. I'm not sure that there would have been any symptoms with it as at that point I hadn't had any... but generally speaking I don't think the 6wk thing is a big deal but I do think that a pap is necessary at some point.
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Ya know, I had a 2 week followup with a doctor that didn't know who I was or why I was there (though he insisted on this appointment), so when it came time to have the 6 week, I just kept rescheduling. When the appointment was going to be in August, for a May baby, I realized that even they saw no need whatsoever for a 6 week appointment.

As far as I could tell, they talk about birth control and give you "permission" to do things it's not their place to permit or not...there was just no need.

As for my midwives, I never saw them after they wanted to abandon me at home, then basically DID abandon me when I consented to a transfer. We told them to leave, they did, that was it for them.

Anyway, I see no need to see them. If you are into yearly checkups (I see health on a different paradigm and do not have those checkups done), see whoever you'd be seeing without the pregnancy in mind...gyn, clinic, family doctor, whoever.
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this appointment is to rule out any additional problems like still bleeding or depression or anemia, infections anything else. birth control is discussed,
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If you arenot bleeding or do not need to discuss birthcontrol or have any other concerns, then go ahead and forget about it...but your midwife may contact you to be sure...it is up to you, as it should be.
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Just go in for your annual when it comes up or move it up a bit. Do you see your gyno annually?
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