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Should I pump?

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This morning, Jack had "breakfast" instead of his usual "breastfast" before school. I'm now uncomfortably full (and he won't be home from school until 2:15.)

I have no clue what his nursing routine is going to be tomorrow (although I know he'll nurse plenty on the weekend.) Should I pump out the extra milk or just suffer until 2:15?
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how uncomfortable are you? I would probably take a really hot shower and hand express just enough to relieve the pressure.
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I would pump just enough until you feel comfortable. There's no way I'd want to be painfully engorged all day and I don't think a little pumping will increase your supply all that much.
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OK, I just pumped about an ounce. What do I do with the ebm now?
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Put it in the fridge/freezer?? Will he drink any BM from a cup??
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I would definitly pump whatever you are comfortable with. If he is going to contiune to nurse during the day when he doesn't have school (weekends, holidays, etc) then I would pump as often as he would be nursing so your supply doesn't go away during the day. I would also save the milk. Will he eat it with cereal? In a smoothy or other foods that you add milk to?
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