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Getting Pregnant while using condoms

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How many of you have gotten pregnant while using condoms? DH & I are using condoms while we are trying to figure out whether we want to TTC and I'm just kind of hoping the decision will be made without us.

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We got pregnant both times while using condoms as birth control but we weren't using a condom when we got pregnant, if that makes any sense. For a couple days following my period we would never use a condom. We knew that there was still a chance of getting pregnant but it was our way of throwing caution to the wind and letting things happen if they were meant to. With my first, we decided that I would hold off on law school and we'd start a family "soon". Five days later we found out I was pregnant. This time we decided we'd start "trying' in about six months and a week later found out I was pregnant. I think the risk of using a condom (properly) everytime and getting pregnant is pretty low.

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I know 2 women who've gotten pregnant while using a condom (1 woman it happened twice). they fell off during the act, and one broke.
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Ok, I was using FAM to avoid and we were using condoms and I got pregnant. However I do not know for sure if I got pregnant before or during the time we were using condoms. We used them pretty far in advance before I was fertile so I'm inclined to blame the condoms, although none ever obviously malfunctioned.
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I got pregnant with my DS using condoms. We had been using them for 4 years previously and I never got pregnant, and nothing seemed to malfunction that time either. I guess it was meant to be!

It was the best thing that ever happened to us!
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We were doing a combo of FAM and condoms and got pg this time (who would've thought day 5 was not "safe"?!? )I was still BFing 6 times a day with my then 17 mos old so I'm sure that played a part! Next time we're using at least 2-3 birth control methods at once, LOL!!
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