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Joining as well...

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Hi All!

I'm Amanda, mom to 3 boys and pregnant with the surprise-five-day-before-ovulation-trying-to-avoid-conceived-on-a-dry-day baby. :

My oldest is 8, then 3 then my baby who is 16 months old. We're crossing our fingers for a girl! In my desperation, and against all logic, I've checked the Chinese Gender Chart who says boy. If any of you more logical mamas wish to reassure me that this is not necessarily accurate, please do so.

I'm nursing the younger two boys and will continue to do so through this pregnancy; I'm using liscensed midwives and am hoping for my 1st home birth!
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The Chinese gender chart was not correct for my first. I think it's about 50% accurate

If you have a girl will you change your name, onlyboys?
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I would pay money to! In fact, I think we have to pay to change it...

How does notonlyboys sound?

Sounds delicious to me!
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Congrats onlyboys! The gender thing was wrong with my first also.
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Amanda, I'm in the same boat you are!

The Chinese gender chart was wrong on my first and second, right on the third. Says I'll get another boy this time too, but I won't believe it, I won't I won't I won't! lol

Of course we'll be happy as long as its healthy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!
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Congratulations ... and to repeat the others, the Chinese chart was wrong for my boy and it is predicing a girl again but I feel very strongly otherwise.

Sounds like you may be a wealth of information regarding nursing through pregnancy ... I will very soon have lots of questions to post on the very topic. (my son is just over 2 years and I am not really ready to wean him, and I don't think he is ready either)

A happy 9 months to you,
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Onlyboys, if memory serves, the fact that you were five days before ovulation should be favorable conditions for a girl. I think that they say girl sperm live longer and wait around for the egg, whereas boy sperm are shorter-lived but faster, so you should have a good chance! Of course, who knows if any of that is true. But I have run across a few threads on it here at MDC, where people are talking about trying to choose the gender. Congrats!
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