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On reusing... What about freecycle? If you don't have a group in your area, you could start one. It's amazing how there's always someone that will want your 'trash'.

On paper... If you have access to a shredder, you can shred the paper and pass it on to someone that can/will use it for packing supplies. Again, freecycle is a good place to find a home for this kind of stuff. (I just sent off a huge box of shipping envelopes and materials that I couldn't use, but didn't want to throw out.)

Madrone... Thanks for the thread, and the informative site!
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I just joined a freecycle group! Would have never looked it up to see if we had one if it wasn't for your post KoalaMama.
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They have freecycle in Europe? Cool...off to look...
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Originally Posted by AngelBee
Thanks for the tips about recycling. I would like to reycle as much as I can. I am just unsure where to start and how to go about setting it all up.

I am sure I am not making much sense. I guess I need recycling 101.
Recycling 101? Anyone?

I have never recycled before. :

I reuse a ton, give things away, etc. But as far as garbage goes, I do not recycle yet. We lived at my parents house before and she wouldn'y allow us to recycle. We have moved and I would like to get it all set up. I need some tips or links. How do you know what plastic/paper/cardboard/cans you can recycle? How do you sort them out? What do you do with the rest?
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Angela... Much of that depends on the recyling program in your city. They should be able to provide you with a list of what can and cannot be recycled in your area, and how you're supposed to prepare it for pick-up. Some cities have strict rules about how things are put out, what bins to use, etc. and will leave it at the curb if you don't do it 'right'. Some places only recycle paper, or certain plastics, or glass, or... you get the idea. So call them up (or look online) and see what you can find out for your area!
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I don't understand people who insist on not recycling. In both offices that I organized recyclin programs in, there was one person who refused to recycle. They wouldn't recycle in their homes either. But this thread isn't the place for that. It's a place to get help and give help.

I looked up your town really fast Angelbee in order to help as best as I can. http://www.ci.new-brighton.mn.us/ver...F5425C0FD}.PDF
Your recyclng pick-up is either on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on whether you are north or south of the interstate. The cost is built into property taxes. There are bins available at the city hall for $10 or you can use bags or boxes. You need to seperate it into two bins: paper and containers. I would think it would be easiest to put two bags or boxes below your sink and seperate immediately with the way they have it set up. If you get a couple of bins, you could put the things in the bin later. I don't know your home to know if you have a garage or someplace to store the bins. I could imagine having two small boxes in the house below the sink and then the large bins stored in an outside building. You can pretty much recycle all of the standard recycable paper of magazines, newspapers, office paper, colored paper, cardboard boxes, corrigated boxes, etc. The paper that wouldn't be acceted would be paper soiled with food, tissue paper, and plastic coated paper. Those are just not recycable - period. The containers box or bin would hold any washed metal food and beveragge container, glass jars and bottles, and plastic containers with necks. The neck part of plastic containers means that tub styles of containers that margarine (yuck) and yogurt come in are not recycable. It seems like plastic tubs are recycable in very few places.

Well, I'm not suure what else I can tell you. After reading this, do you have any questions?
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