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I'm hanging here amongst the october mamas. I can't remember my LMP date and my best guess puts a due date at the last few days of sept. my dd was 10 days late so unless when I do an u/s in a few weeks they tell me I am WAY off here I am!

This baby is a surprise and umm well quite a shock.

My life story in two sentences -- I'm a phd candidate, left with the task of finishing my degree this summer and looking for a job. I'm married to another phd candidate and , well as of the end of summer we are both seriously underemployed. I wasn't going to, but I just told my boss, aka my graduate advisor. Who was ok with it. Actually decent about the whole deal.

Back to the task of data analysis.
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Congratulations!!! Sounds like a tough summer, hope one or both of you PhDs finds an opportunity for the fall.

actually you might be a little busy in the fall!
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Hi and good to see you over here.
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Sometimes life just takes our plans over doesn't it? I hope everything works out perfectly for you and am looking forward to getting to know you.
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