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eczema/impetigo: anyone use homeopathy?

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My five month old baby has a raging case of impetigo which started in a small patch of eczema on his face. I have no idea why or how is started. But I've had him on sulphar 6x in a combo remedy for chronic skin diseases for several days now. He has gotten much worse. I can't tell if this is a healing reaction or if it's simply not working. I started him on the 30c potency this morning, so we'll see if that does anything.

Has anyone here successfully used homeopathy on their kid's skin problems? If so, what was the progression of the healing process? If you had an aggravation, how long did it last before you saw improvement? I'm really nervous, because if this remedy is not going to work, I need to get him on antibiotics quick!
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i know how scary it is to be trying an alternate therapy before an alopathic one and impatiently waiting for a positive sign.
i havent used homeopathy that much.. but i was studying acupuncture before i took leave to have my ds. i know that exzema and other skin conditions can have many many different causes and depending on the way they present, could be treated in two very different ways.
they dont use needles on small children, but use lasers instead. non invasive. do you have an acupuncturist in the area? it might be that the cause of the skin reaction isnt what you thought and another homeopathic treatment is needed.
good luck. i'll be thinking of you and sending you both some healing energy.
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I sure wish I could get some acupuncture, but we simply can't afford it, insurance won't pay.

I did a very detailed analyses of his symptoms using the remedy finder a abchomeopathy.com which took about an hour, and I followed up by checking my Boericke's Materia Medica. But even so, I know I'm not a professional and could easily be wrong. Heck, even homeopaths make occasional mistakes. But he really does seem to be classic Sulphar. He has other symptoms that are sulphar a well, such as wakefulness around 3-5 in the morning, rattling mucous in his chest, and aversion to heat, especially the heat of being in bed. I'm almost convinced enough to let my ND give him the constitutional.

The reason I think he has impetigo and not something else is because his brother had impetigo at exactly the same age, and it was cleared up with a round of antibiotics. The baby's rash looks and behaves exactly like his brother's did, spreading quickly, weeping, yellow pustules, everything. I don't really understand why they both got it. Their cousin had it as well when he was a baby, but because his mom didn't use antibiotics, his lasted for like three months.

I want to avoid antibiotics this time, because I think they weakened my other ds' immune system. He's always been much weaker immunologically than his older brother. I will be very disappointed if we have to go that route again.

Thanks for your advice!
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