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Working on our Control Journals (insert your favorite name)

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So, do you have one? What's in it? Do you use it? How do you think you could make it better, more useful?

I have one, it's a 1 inch 3 ring binder, with a calculator on the front, very handy. I have tabbed sections and a folder in the back. At the beginning I have The Basics, where I printed out my welcome letters, Tips for Not Getting Sidetracked, Crisis Cleaning, and 5 Minute Fly Bys. Next I have my morning and evening routines, then my weekly plans. Then I have my detailed zones, and a special tab for keeping track of all my co-ops and barters that I am involved in. Last in my menu tab with my 21 meals and the recipes for the ones I still need the recipe for, LOL! My folder is used to file any untried recipes that I want to work in.

I keep mine open to the approprate day until I get my list done, so I can see what I need to do. I need to get more page protectors. I have everything typed up in Word, so when I need to make changes I can I don't have phone numbers or anything in there, as I am a paranoid person and don't have then written down anywhere, they are in my head or in my phone, and that is it...

Tell me all about yours!
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I don't have one, but SO need one right now. I will listen and learn...
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Ah... my control journal. I my control journal
My CJ is a 3in, 3-ring binder (I know that's big, but it was free ) All of my pages are in page protectors and they've all been typed up in word for easy changing (it's the perfectionist in me, LOL) I use tabs to keep my sections organized, too. My first page is the cartoon of FLYLady and the 11 Commandments. The first section has my "Daily Routines" (before bed and morning). Section 2 is my "Basic Weekly Plan" w/ a separate page for each day and the tasks for the day listed, plus a page w/ my "Weekly CLeaning List" on it (in case I don't get to the zone, at least the basics are taken care of). Next section is the "Zones". It has a page with the zone break-up and a page for each zone w/ the detailed cleaning list. Section 4 is "Tools". It has FlyLady's "Tips for decluttering", and "Tips for not getting sidetracked". I have a section for "Grocery Lists/ Menus" that has recipes, master grocery lists, and some basic menus in it. This section is still a work in progress. I also have a section for "Emergency Numbers" but I haven't gotten to it yet. I have tabs for each month of the yr. b/c we have tasks that need to be completed in certain months and this helps keep DH aware of them. I also have a section for FlyLady's "Holiday CJ" and he "Packing CJ" (we travel to family's quite a bit). That's the break down of my CJ. It's the work of a perfectionist, but not quite perfect yet, LOL.
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this sounds like a great idea, I am going to have to try it!
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I have one started... :
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Even though Flylady bugs the bejeebers out of me, I have one. However, I get absolutely no use out of it as DD always needs to have it. "Mine bookie," she cries.

Oh, well. Guess it will have to wait until she learns a little more self-control.
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