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Yard sale!

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Yay! I am having a yard sale tomorrow! I am going to try to sell a bunch of stuff before we move. I don't want to bring it with us. We're going to put soooo much stuff out. I hope we make quite a bit off of it. :
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I am jealous- here it isn't yard sale "season" for another few months.
Lots of church rummage sales, though...

Best of luck!
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I didn't even know there was a yard sale season.
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Yep, we're in the "off-season" too.
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In cold climates, like where I live in NY, there is definitely a "season"! Who wants to "shop" the yard sales in 20* weather?! LOL I'm jealous....I can't wait until yard sale season here (after Memorial Day when the weather warms up a bit) so I can unload some stuff.
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Plus it's hard to set up a table in the snow...
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LOL Definitely! And who wants to tromp through 3 feet of it to shop anyway!
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