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Frugal "treats" for us moms?

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I dont know about the rest of you but every once in a while, I need a break...I will usually go to Target and browse the clearance home decor type aisles...but then I always wind up getting "household necessities" IE a new type of shampoo, household cleaner, etc....So, what would be some frugal type mom time treats? Where could you go if you needed to get away for a bit and had a shopping urge but couldnt spend any money? Also, any "just for mom" type treats? (I thought this might be a good thread, no?)
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lets see....
you could...
check out a romance or other "fluff" book from the library
take a bubble bath
drag DH off to a free concert in the park
find a free drum circle in your area
join a book club
join a hobby club

can't wait to see other ideas
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I have some things I do that are frugal. Not all of them are "no money spent" things, but if they aren't free, they're cheap.

Sit at the coffee house and read a book. For a $1.25 cup of coffee, I can stay as long as I want (although I admit that I usually splurge for the $3.60 decaf moche latte with soy milk).

Go the library ALONE.

Go to a yoga class ($5).

Go the the dharma center.

Take a bike ride with hubby (sometimes with the kids in the trailer, sometimes leave them with the grandparents).

Tell DH to take the kids upstairs so I can take a long, hot bath, ALONE, with no kids banging on the door.

Join a discussion group (I've done Voluntary Simplicity, Your Money or Your Life, Deep Ecology ... but these were all pre-kids).

Go visit a friend who either doesn't have kids or whose kids aren't home.

Take a walk ALONE.

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I LOVE to go yardsaling... ALOOOOOONE!

Not free, but sheesh, it's annoying to go with kids and them either beg for or be given for free tons of crap.

ps~ wooooooooo-hooooo...... 1000 posts!
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The library.

"I'll have one of those, and one of these, and than one over there, and one of those...no, two of those...no, actually I'll take the whole series."
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The library is never cheap for me, lol. I check out a buch of books & they are late getting back. :
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: :
When I really need a break I put my kids in the kids' club at Wegmans and sit down in the cafe with a book and a drink
: :
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See's Candies gives out free samples. So does Krispy Kreme. And Haf=gen Datz... and I've been known to read whole magazines/books in Barnes and Nobles, plus the A/C is free...I hang out at the mall a lot.
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Our library does not charge overdue fines
Lets see, I do go to the library. I have subscribed at Marie Claire for a year. Only $12, and it has NOTHING to do with parenting, home decor, homeschooling, household management
I also am redecorating my house. Not terribly cheap, but I am doing it frugally. It is for me all me.
Last year, we found a mahogony table top at a garage sale for $5. FInally, my husband is making legs for it with free wood he found. Our total cost is the cost of the stain. So, that for me is a frugal pleasure, because i will have a beautiful mahogony table for less than $10.
Also, scrpabboking, as long as you dont get stuff crazy, can be fun and frugal.
Get a book on tape at the library, put it in your walk man and take a walk.
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I love the library. I reserve stuff and my dh who is a librarian brings it home for me. I also have no fines, ever. Even though I've had the they might be giants kids cd out for 4 months now.
Ahem anyhow I like to go to Barnes&Noble and read horse magazines. I dream of owning a horse again someday and I try to keep up with the current stuff. I usually get a tea or coffee. Cheap fun for less than $3. I haven't done that for awhile.
I have a workout center in my complex. I've never stepped in but as soon as the flu and AF take a hike I think I'll go workout.
I live on top of a hill and I like to sit on the side of my building and look out over the city lights at night.
I'll sit and knit and pretend I'm invisible. I can get lost in my knitting.
You can go get a free "make up consult" at the dept store make up counter. Its fun if you're going on a date and have the will power to not buy $325 worth of Lancome makeup. : That was long ago, thankfully:LOL
You can volunteer for something that lifts your spirit. I am looking into that..
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Originally Posted by annettemarie
: :
When I really need a break I put my kids in the kids' club at Wegmans and sit down in the cafe with a book and a drink
: :

Ooooooh, I love Wegmans. I only get to go there when I go home to visit family (2 hour drive) because there aren't any in the Albany area.

Anyway, I don't really consider shopping to be very frugal, so I try to avoid it when I can. But since you asked, if I DO get the shopping urge, I might go buy some little treat at the Christmas Tree Shops, although they aren't very crunchy-friendly, I don't think. Or I might go to the dollar store. But like I said, I try to stay away from stores.

I definitely add my vote for the library, but I don't get much of a chance to stay and browse- basically, if I'm not at work, DH is (except late at night) so I usually just get to pop in and pick up the stuff I have ordered online.

As for a treat for myself, I get a real thrill from paying off a bill or NOT taking money out of the bank (and DEFINITELY not using a credit card) to pay for something, so that is usually what I do with my birthday or Christmas or other holiday money.

To relax, I like to take a bath, which although technically not free, is a really cheap way to regain my sanity- much cheaper than even the co-pay for my therapist.
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Originally Posted by MaggiesMom
Ooooooh, I love Wegmans. I only get to go there when I go home to visit family (2 hour drive) because there aren't any in the Albany area.
The first time someone told me about the kids' club, it went against every bone in my AP/anti-TV/anti-commercialism/anti-computers-for-kids/anti-playstation/NFL body...

But now I sort of like it!

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My biggest treat is usually to get online and hang out with like-minded women (and occasionally men )
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There is a craft shop/ice cream parlor/tea room business across the street from our house. If I feel the need to get out of the house, I just go over there and get a $1.50 scoop of gourmet ice cream in a fancy glass dish. They have a high chair that I put DD in, and know us well. Once a month or so, I'll have lunch there. Something yummy like cashew chicken salad sandwich, cream of chicken noodle soup, and a piece of fancy pie, all for about $8-10.

I also like to go to the library alone. It's two blocks away, and I'll take the cell phone w/ me (on vibrate) and have DH or my FIL call me when DD is getting fussy and needs nursed.

DH and I try to go get out alone once or twice a month. Usually we go to a matinee movie while my in-laws watch DD.

Honestly, one of my best treats is on weekend mornings when DH takes DD and feeds her breakfast while I sleep in for an hour or two. : Also on the weekends, DH will take DD while I take a long, hot shower. Aaaaah.

Some nights after DD has gone to sleep, I can talk DH into giving me a massage. Double aaaaah.

I love to cook, and I do find it relaxing and fulfilling. A friend of my mom's has offered to teach me anything I want to know about traditional, from-scratch cooking. She is going to teach me to can, make jellies, make homemade butter and buttermilk. On those days, DH will probably take DD to go visit the grandparents. I can't wait!
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