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Low immunoglobulin/ITG levels...?

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I'll be cross-posting in the vax forum.

Before we saw the light, DS had some vaxes... and had severe reactions. Turns out, his ITG levels were slightly low. Ped didn't run the bloodwork to break it down into the specific ITG levels, but the overall was 430 where it should be at least 450. She said that this could 1) be the reason he had horrible reactions to the shots (since he possibly couldn't fight off the diseases in the vaccines) and 2) could have caused him to not even build antibodies to the vax diseases (lovely).

But here's my question... How urgent is it that I have the breakdown done. Ped isn't pushing/rushing to do it; but my initial research has me concerned that this could be something else. I'm inclined to put him through another blood-draw to find out. And I'm wondering if I should have a hematologist look at it. DS has developmental delays (dx'd with risk signs of autism spectrum disorders). Removing casein from his diet gave us some improvement. I just feel like there's more going on in that little body...

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My daughter has a Primary Immune Deficiency.

Some of her immunoglobulin levels are low & her T cell counts are like someone w/ HIV.

If you think your child has an immunedeficiency, you would want him/her to see a Clinical Immunologist. Not a rhuematologist not an Asthma & Allergy doc...just Clinical Immunologist.

When they re-run his immunoglobulins, have them do subclasses as well & add a T & B cell count.

Good luck.
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By subclasses do you mean the IgA/D/E/G/M or does it go into more complicated subclasses than that?

And what will the T & B cells tell us?

If you don't mind me asking, how old is your daughter? And how does this affect her/your lives?

Thanks so much for your help...
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Well, you would want to test Ig G/A/D/E/M, but IgG has 4 subclasses. Make sure you test those.

T & B cells are a special kind of cell that fights disease. Specialized white blood cells. T cells fight mostly viruses, and B cells fight mostly bacteria. This is a very simplified explanation of course.

My daughter Megan is 4.5 ish and you can read her story in the link in my sig.

I'd be happy to try and answer any other ?'s.
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I was searching for a thread about low immune system..... my son has had problems for a long time. He was a 34 wk preemie, has been anemic(low Iron) Since he was born and we are unable to get it up.
He has a low IGG, IGM, IGA, and immunization Titers.
There not sure whats going on, the more drs we seee the more confused i get but im wondering if you know of any websites or anything with primary immune deficency? Thanks
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Hi Dawn,

Depending on where you are in Wyoming, you can be referred to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT OR to Denver Children's in Denver, CO.

If you come to Salt Lake City, Dr. Harry Hill is the doc you want to see. He is the only clinical immunologist in the state (and there are only a handful nationwide) I'd bet money that there isn't a clinical immuno in WY.

Please don't trust and "Asthma, Allergy, Immunology" doctor w/ your child.

Based on what you've said here & based on what the actual lab values are for your child, I wonder if he needs IVIG.

Here are some links that my be helpful:



Here is a link to a yahoo group for parents of children w/ a primary immune def:


Take Care,
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WOW thanks soo much for your information, we will be going to primary in SLC, thats where all his other drs are. he currently sees a pulmo and optho up there. I have to call my dr mon because she is referring me to one up there i am soo glad that i have a name though! I am going to tell her that i want to see him.
I know some of the labs (i write all his labs down in a book, although i only have one until i go again and she has a second set from the next month) at one point she said something about his bone marrow not working but she didnt elaborate so im not really sure...
I am going to look at those links tonight...
Bythe way what is IVIG??
thx again!
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Oh good! The last time we saw Dr. Harry Hill, he was seeing all of his patients at the U of Utah (connected to PCMC by a walkway bridge). So, you may have to see him over there. Dr. Bohnsack (who likes to see PID kids) is NOT a clinical immunologist. He is a rheumatologist who "dabbles" in immunology. Some families ADORE Dr. Bohnsack and other families ADORE Dr. Hill. It's totally personal preferance.

IVIG stands for "Intra Venous Immuno Globulin" it can "boost" his system w/ higher quantities of the immunoglobulins that he is low in.

If his bone marrow isn't working properly, I would imagine that his T and B cell counts would reflect that. If those are normal....then, well, I'm not sure where the comment about his bone marrow are coming from. But, I'm *not* a doctor, so I'm sure she had some basis for that.

Bone Marrow transplants are used for very serious immune deficiencies, like SCID (severe combined immuno deficiency). Usually SCID is detected early in life, or the child becomes gravely ill & dies before a diagnosis can be made.

Look around at those websites & join the PedPid list, if you like, they will be able to answer a lot of questions too.

My Megan has a T cell deficiency. (you can read her very long story in my sig)
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