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Laundry question: Folding/putting-away routine (for non-CDing families)? - Page 2

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I try to do laundry every other day - usually one or two loads. I have a 3 bin vertical laundry sorter (like this one: http://www.shopzilla.com/8N--Triple_...oid--249387351 only not so big or expensive!) in my laundry room, and the kids and I *always* put our dirty clothes straight into it. No reason to mess around with different hampers - and this way I don't spend time searching around for clothes when I'm ready to wash. If the clothes aren't in the hamper - too bad, so sad! The top bin is for whites, middle for darks, bottom for lights. It helps that my laundry room is on the second floor, right by where the main bathroom and the bedrooms are. Kids get their PJ's on at night, dirty clothes get taken immediately to the laundry room. When each load comes out of the dryer, it immediately gets folded, and everything gets laid out on my bed. Every night, along with brushing teeth, putting on PJ's, going to the bathroom, etc. each child is responsible for taking their things out of my room and either putting their clothes in their drawers, or laying the things that need to be hung up on their bed, and I hang them up for them when we go to their room for prayers. When I do towels, they immediately get hung back on the towel rack, because everyone uses the same ones week after week (everyone has their own color). I hate to fold sheets, so as soon as I wash and dry sheets they go back onto the bed. Unless someone is sick at night and they need changed immediately, or someone wants a different set of sheets for a specific reason (like switching to flannel in winter) - we pretty much use the same set of sheets until they die. My friend teases me and says that I am obsessive/compulsive about my laundry, but in a home with four kids and only one adult (me!), if I didn't have it organized, I'd probably be insane!
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I do all the sorting/folding on my bed. Anything that goes on a hanger, gets put on it there, then piled according to child. Then it's a simple matter of either getting them to transfer it to their closet/drawers, or transferring it myself. I do it on my bed because that way it gets put away the day it's folded. If I did it anywhere else the piles would sit for days.
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All of you mamas have inspired me to put away my folded laundry--finally! It was a basket of mismatched socks and another of mixed clothes that I was avoiding, but happily now I have two more empty laundry baskets. Whew! That feels better. Just like Charlie Brown used to say, "Happiness is a drawer full of warm socks" ....or at least sorted and folded ones

In our home, dh usually does the laundry and most of the folding. The laundry is in the basement, 2 flrs down from our flat, so we can't use the machine as a hamper. Ds is in his "mommy stage" right now, so it's just easier for dh to go downstairs to move or transport laundry. But I have noticed that I often end up with wrinkled clothes that I need to retumble, so I'm going to start volunteering to bring up the laundry so that I can hang certain things right away. I also have a timer in our kitchen, so that I know when the cycle is over, since we can't hear the buzzer up here.
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our laundry is in the basement, right next to the dog food. I feed the dog 2 x a day and "Adjust" non-diaper laundry two times a day....if need be. I tend to catch up on clothes on monday and diapers on friday.

we have a laundry chute, which streamlines getting the clothes off the bedroom floor, but IMO just puts it all out of sight, out of mind. Right now I'm trying desperately to get to the bottom of the hamper that collects the pile of laundry -- my running tights are in there SOMEWHERE!!!

things change a bit in summer when I try to line dry stuff to save money. Right now we do racks in the basement, but that's generally about 1/4 of each load -- better than nothing though and easier on the clothes.

one thing I do is to sort out my dh's clothes....when something wet or stinky doesn't land on top. He tends to toss sweaters in every time he wears em. Unbeknownst to him, I fold them up just like they got washed.
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