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vegetarian cast iron pans - need help!

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Does anyone have suggestions for keeping my cast iron pans cured. We don’t eat meat and I wonder if that is why my pans never stay cured the way my mom’s do. Could that be?
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After every washing you have to season them. To season the first time put a goo thick layer of crisco (there is an ooption without hydrogenated oils at health food stores) all over top and bottom and handle. Put it in your oven for 20 minutes on the lowest setting. pour out melted stuff and wipe with a white paper towel. Each time you use it after that wash (not in the dish washer) and wip[e a small amout crisco all over the inside with a white paper towel. This should keep it well seasoned.
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I did the crisco thing the first time around- but have never used it on my cast iron pans again. I wash them with water only, no soap, then dry them immediately by placing them on a hot burner until dry. Sometimes I wipe them with a little olive oil if they look like the need it, but mostly the oil I use when cooking in them seasons them.

There was a thread a while back on seasoning cast iron pans without using hydrogenated oils- do a search on cast iron and I'll bet you'll find it.

I love my cast iron pans- they live on the stove, I use them so much.

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Thanks lilyka and Elismama.

I didn't realize that I shouldn't wash them with soap. That might be my problem. I'm assuming now that hot water and drying on the hot stove will kill any bacteria???

I like the idea of rubbing olive oil in them as needed too. I'll do that.

I do actually season (I've always called it cured) the way you describe. They just seem to need that full treatment each time. Now without the dish soap and using olive oil I think I'll be set.

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My friend cleans hers wth course salt. I forget how this works but they are always clean and stuff rinses right out.

I love my cast iron. It even dictated which stove we would buy (we were deciding between gas and glass top). I don't usually season either and so long as I don't let water stand in them they are usually fine. The directions said to use the crisco (or whatever) every time. If they are looking dry, I usually just add a little extra to the pan before i start cooking.
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We do eat meat but can go long periods without or without using our cast iron pan to cook our meat in.

And I have found a method that works for me: I use a spatula to remove any large bits of food and then use a little vegetable oil and heat it up then I wipe out my cast iron pan with a paper towel. After cleaning it I will add some vegetable oil again and heat it up and wipe it down really well, allow to cool and put it away. I don't usually use water since the oil, heat, spatula and paper towels do the job.

I have tried kosher salt to clean out my cast iron pan a time or two, and I would also add some oil and heat and wipe with a paper towel or clean rag.
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I seasoned mine the first time with just olive oil. When I use them now, I wash them right away with hot water. I dry them thoroughly with a towel, then I spray a thin layer of olive oil with my Misto sprayer. It seems to work pretty well. I've never had a problem with food sticking too much.
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Does anyone know if it's possible to re-season pans? I have one cast iron skillet that is great and another that isn't...how do I revive it? Is revival possible? I can still cook in it but the covering(?) is all bumpy...

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To reseason scrub it with steel wool really well with hot water only.Never, ever use soap on cast iron! Then soak it really well with olive oil and bake @ 350 or so for about an hour. Rub the remaining oil in with a clean cloth.
Enjoy!! I love cast iron...hardly ever cook with anything else!
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Thank you Stromborn! I now have a project for tomorrow...
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As far as seasoning while cooking- I've found that making oven fries keeps my cast iron skillet beautifully seasoned. The chopped potatoes are coated in olive oil (or some vegetable oil) and baked at 450 degrees for a long time.
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Yum Leafylady!
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