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Reincarnation and Spiritual Paths

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It seems that this topic of reincarnation and which spiritual path has been mentioned a few times. Some religions (Norse for instance) believe that they are reincarnated into the same family. While some other people believe that we may or we may not be.

What if you are reincarnated into a family that practices a religion other than what is in your heart? Do you feel that you made an agreement to walk this lifetime in your families religion? Or do you feel that whatever you are drawn to has a meaning for you regardless.

If you are someone who believes you are a spiritual being having a physical experience then does "culture" really matter that much?
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"If you are someone who believes you are a spiritual being having a physical experience then does "culture" really matter that much?"-Arduinna

I believe we are all One.
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Jewish mysticism believes that we are always reincarnated as Jews, and that we keep coming back until we get it right, to put it at its simplest.

And those that convert to Judaism are souls that somehow got misdirected along the way, I think I remember learning ... but perhaps BelovedBird or Mom2Five(Six) can clarify or correct that ...

edited to add that I mean the converts were souls that were originally present for the revelation at Sinai, but were since misdirected from their Jewish roots. That may or may not be a correct statement of the mystical tradition, but I remember hearing it that way ...

- Amy
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My understanding and the explanation I give to my children is that we are reincarnated with a "family" of souls. But the roles that we are reincarnated into differ from lifetime to lifetime, in order that we may learn and grow from each experience, and pay back any indebtedness which may have gone unpaid in a past lifetime.

For instance, if I end up having to take care of a sick relative in this lifetime, it is because I am paying back something they did for me in a past one. Or maybe as husband and wife, dh and I can conquer any unresolved issues which couldn't be resolved in a past life when we were brother and sister. I believe my best friend and I were married in a former life, that is how strong our connection is, but in this one we had to keep our relationship platonic so that we could move on to other issues, hence although he still a man, he is gay.

I was raised Catholic, but my mother has taught me much which has led to my conversion to a more pagan path, and she is learning about acceptance from my decision as well.

My sister was told by a psychic that she didn't choose this family, she let someone else decide for her. Which would explain why she is distant from our family and has never felt as if she belongs with us, and kind of feels slighted, as if it wasn't something that she would have chosen for herself.
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Thanks for your posts !!!!!!

Anyone else??????
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Your sig poem, I thought George Harrison wrote it! Boy, was I stupid! Well, he sang it beautifully. I think it's on Sgt Pepper.

And I really like your poem too, Arduinna. Very calming.

I have no idea if I am reincarnated into the same family grouping over and over. I do feel that we come back again and again until we exp many ways of being: wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, virtuous, criminal, adventurous, sedentary, to get a full range of human exps, to increase our compassion for all.

This idea (I won't call it a belief, as I don't take it on "faith"), helps me deal with the deaths of babies and young children, who don't seem to get a fair chance at life before it is over.

I do know, altho I have been some sort of pagan since my late teens, I seem to come into contact with more than my fair share of fundamentalist xians. It drives me crazy, but maybe there's a reason? Sure there is...
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DaryLLL, where on Sgt. Pepper? Not on my copy ... nor any previous copy I've ever worn out ...

But if you figure out where you heard him sing it, let me know ...

- Amy
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Amy, aren't there more Jews on the earth today than there were at sinai?

'Would sort of mess up the theory.

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From what I remember...

of my past lives I couldn't possibly be in the same family. Although I do seem to reincarnate on the same continent a lot. Maybe I grab the nearest place? I don't know.

But in our last life, which both dh & I remember, he was Hispanic, Athiest, but pretended was Catholic for family's sake, I was Irish and devout Catholic. We were born in the 1920s & died in early 1960s.

When I started remembering I was Christian & believed it was "inherited memory" because all my memories I was either European or Native American, but the Catholic memories sort of blew that theory--they mostly took place in the 1940's. I can trace my family back that far, and it doesn't fit.

But I often wonder when so much of the world lives in poverty, how come my lives have all been so lucky? (Not that all my lives were wonderful, but I certainly wasn't starving to death in any of them.) If it was luck of the draw, how come I never was born into a famine-sticken village? Or for that matter, if it's luck of the draw, how come I've only seem to had lives in Europe or North America? I remember a good 250 years back in fair detail & bits & pieces of several lives before that.

BTW, a good website for reincarnation discussions is www.childpastlives.org
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my mother, during her past life regression, realized that she was in one life, she was a male with no regard or respect to women, and caused a lot of female suffering, another life, she was married to my sister, at one point, can't remember which life, she was my dad's mother.
My little sis, was tortured and burned after being accused of being a witch.
My regression was unsuccesful, my mind had a block and did not allow me to travel back in time. I wonder if I am ready yet?
I do believe that your spirit travels within the same circle, for lack of a better word...I truly believe that my daughter has my grandmother's spirit, she was conceived weeks after my grandmother's death.
It's overwhelming at times...I also believe that our soul reincarnates 10 times, after the 10th life, we travel to another dimension, and learn life on a different level.

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OT for amyrpk

Found the Geo Harrison. It is on the disc called The Beatles Past Masters Volume Two. Called the Inner Light. Released in 1988. I got it then I think. Hope you can find it.

It was originally released as a single in '68. all the songs on this disc are singles, so great--Day Tripper, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, Rain, Hey Jude, Revolution, etc.
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I think religions only exist in the physical realm. In my opinion, spiritual life on the other side doesn't have much to do with religious belief on the earthy side. In other words, religions give comfort to the physically living, but the dead/unborn are living a purely spiritual life, so they KNOW the reality. They don't need dogma, rules, ritual etc to assist them on the other side because it's an everyday reality. They walk continually in the knowledge of god/spirit. When they are reborn to the earth, they choose a family based on what they'd like to learn or who they'd like to be with.

Religion may be one of many deciding factors/options ~ along with economic class, gender, orientation, race, health status, location (in Canada or Afghanistan or Japan etc.) etc.

None of my past lives were within my family (with members of my present family). However, my best friends daughter we are pretty sure was her grandmother ~ the little girl has all the mannerisms and quirks of her great-gramma! I definately consider Kristen to be the reincarnation of her great-gramma; that's my example of familial reincarnation that I've experienced.

My other best friend (a Christian who otherwise scoffs at my New Age-ish beliefs) insists I was her brother in a past life. Curiously enough, *I* don't remember that, lol. I just take her word for it, LOL, because she cannot be convinced otherwise. I am beginning to think she wasn't my brother, though, but my beloved servant. No matter where we go or what we do, she falls a step behind me, like a servant would. If I slow down, so does she. If I speed up, she speeds up to be a step behind me. It drives me nuts! It's like she's "got my back" covered. She won't walk BESIDE me. She has no idea she does this, lol. Other people have noticed this, not just me.

I do think I've been reincarnated with a large "familiar group". None are biological family. All are friends or the children of friends or lovers. My friend Tiffany was a friend to me in an English life in the 1400's. My two best friends were nuns with me in Italy around 1100. My former lover was my wife in Russia at the turn of the Century. Another friends' child is very familiar (she is 3 now) and she adores me, but I can't quite place who we were to one another in some past life. I just "know" I've known her previously.

Not all of MY lives have been fortunate. In fact, only one of the four I remember for sure was nice and I have glimpses of one more that ended poorly, too. The 1100 Italian life, I was raped by soldiers who subdued our town, and bore a son in shame and took care of orphaned children at a monastery. In 1400 as an English midwife, I had a nice life and lived to old age and died in peace. In 1918, I was a Russian cavalry officer, my wife died in childbirth and I was assassinated in a coup, shot in the temple turning a corner. The other life I glimpse, was in Africa and I was a very dark black man with a wife, and we were watching another tribe hunt us in the forest. I don't think that one had a happy ending.

I love talking about past lives, though I like my present one pretty well!

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Hey Daryllllllllll --this is the Tao quote you're talking about? Neat!
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OT again

Yes, the lyrics aren't identical, but it is pretty much the same, with sitars and tablas, etc.
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Coming in late on this post-- from the time I can remember I did not feel I belonged in the pentacostal church cult I was raised in for my first nine years. I had a few past life dreams also from the time I can remember, very vivid, repeating the same scenes over and over again. I belived in past lives from a young age because of that and also believed in fairy type beings. I had some small psychic powers that pretty much faded in puberty at the same time as the dreams. I was able to bring those back through Tarot card readings in college but have since been too exhausted and sleep deprived to devote much time to anything beyond basic household things. Divination takes a lot of mental energy and focus, two things I lack these days. I spent most of my life searching for a place to belong, finally finding my home in Wicca. I probably would have been happy there but I moved away from my teacher, who has her own personal problems anyway. Good wise woman but her life is a mess beyond Wicca. Never found the right people to connect to locally and don't have the knowledge base to be solitary. When I traveled to India in 1998 for the first time the temples spoke to something inside of me. It's not 100% fit but it's very very close. I just have to get past all the rules and regulations and sometimes bad politics and just find God at the center of it all.

That's a long-winded answer!

My brother was murdered when I was 9 and he was 6, one of the reasons we don't let anyone watch Abi except family members. When I was pg with dd I had a very vivid dream that I was giving birth and when I looked down as the baby's head was coming out, it was my brother's face and he gave me a wide smile. I was so startled that I woke up dh and told him about it and he said maybe Adam was coming back into the family. Years earlier I used to visit Adam in meditation and hold him and rock him as a mother would, knowing that he lacked that in his life. I promised to visit him often but life got busy and I forgot. When Abi was born and smiled for the first time we were delighted by her dimples and very long thick eyelashes. I never knew where those dimples came from as no one on either side had dimples. Then I found an old photo of Adam with two big dimples just like dd has now, in the same places. And she has his big thick eyelashes too. People always comment on them, just as they did with Adam's. I don't want to think too deeply about if Abi is Adam come back again, because she's her own person now and I don't want to place those expectations on her. But those dimples show me that Adam's spirit is with her and his blessing is on me. He's still looking out for his big sister.

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That is an incredible story. Goddess bless you, your brother (and your parents!), and your daughter. I think she already has.

I never had psychic dreams when I was pg. I kept dreaming I was giving birth to cats.

I also haven't had any clear recollection of past lives per se. But I did fall in love with Japanese culture when I was around 8, I think. someone gave me a Japanese doll, and I remember feeding her crayon shavings with 2 pins for chopsticks. Then I started decorating my room Japanese style. A lamp like a lantern from a garden. posters, bamboo, etc. Fell in love with all of it: kimono, architecture, art, food, gardens and flower arranging, Haiku, etc, etc.

When my oldest dd, now 16, was about 8, she also fell in love with Japanese culture. Of course, I had the stuff around the house, but the other 2 kids are not as interested. She has found even more of the culture to love, and has also learned how to speak and write it, to an extent. So maybe we were there together recently. We are extremely close and have many similar personality traits.(and Boy, do we love sushi!)

OTOH, and less pleasantly (and it goes with my theory of how you exp all different kinds of lifestyles), I have been drawn to read stuff like the Marquis de Sade. I do have some kind of vibration about S&M, altho I don't manifest it in this life. But sexual abnormalities seem familiar to me. When the whole catholic church crisis started happening, I even started subscribing to the Globe, to read about all those sick criminal men. De Sade always insists the priests are the worst perverts, and here was proof, a whole system set up for their sick pleasure. It just rang a bell with me. (not to say all priests are bad) This is all kind of embarrassing to admit, it seems most people remember pleasant or grandiose previous lives.
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I am convinced that I was pushed off of a bridge in a previous life and fell to my death. I have been battling a horrible fear/flashback about this almost my whole life.

What about former lives as something other than a person? Such as part of our life energy taking the form of a storm or a mountain range or a flock of birds? I read a book that mentioned this once "The Tao of..." I wish i could remember the last word. Anyone else familiar with it?
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Do you feel that you made an agreement to walk this lifetime in your families religion? Or do you feel that whatever you are drawn to has a meaning for you regardless.
I think we are drawn to what we have not "learned" yet... I believe that once we are able to "discern" without "judging", we will have fulfilled a very important spiritual purpose. So if I was born into a hardcore Christian family, for example, I was put there to learn how to accept their path while walking my own, kwim?
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