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Lazy Town

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Does anyone else *love* this show?

This is the only show my kids, 8 and 4 1/2, watch the clock for. They even get online at Nickjr.com and play the songs over and over on the jukebox. And rush to get their toothbrushes for the 20 times song. I can't believe how into this show and it's messages they are!

My son goes to bed every night at 8:08 every night, just like Sportacus. He says he can't eat candy because it will cause him to have a sugar meltdown. He calls apples his energy. I have never seen either of them so affected (and so positively!) by a children's show.

I even love to watch it, the songs are so catchy. My daughter loves to dance along and she knows ALLLL the words by heart. It's so cute to see her up dancing and singing along. Most of the time I'm right there with her. : :LOL

I'm hoping the soundtrack comes over here soon so I can have my computer back during the day. :LOL

Just had to rave.
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My youngest who is 4 watches this show too and loves it. I don't care for it myself but I can see the appeal. He does the exercises and he too is learning alot about nutrition. He talks about his energy as well.

My boys also watch regular Nick and there is a commercial about sugar intake and the 4 year old is VERY concerned now with how much sugar things have!
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My DD will be 3 in April and she loves it too. When it comes on she says, "Heetee Town on Mom!!" :LOL So cute. I like it too. At first I thought it wouldn't because it looked silly, but it's cute and fun. Plus, Sportacus is kinda cute. :LOL
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Oh I'm glad someone posted something nice about this show. Cause I was gonna do it but I'm not so nice.

But ds loves it too. Im glad the puppets don't freak HIM out, cause I think they are creeeeepyyyy. Sporticus makes me roll my eyes. He has got to be a former gymnast or something, so much jumping around!
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Hmmm, maybe I should give this show another look. We were VERY sick last week with the flu, and in my feverish state I relaxed our TV limits for a day or so. We rarely watch nick jr. but I think my sister lets dd watch it when she babysits. I was flipping through the stations and dd yelled out "Lazytown! Lazytown!" so I watched it with her for about 10 minutes. Actually even before the show started I was totally turned off to the network -- over 6 minutes of ads for My Little Pony, these synthetic looking colored gumball things, Chuck E. Cheese, and other vile stuff.

Anyway, I was horrified by Lazytown. The action seemed way too fast, the music too loud, and that "mean" character, what's his name? he freaked me out. I even told dd he scared me, so she suggested we turn it off. I guess we're just more used to "slower" shows like Dragon Tales and Caillou.

But since it's getting good reviews here, perhaps it was just my feverish state....
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I am with you, Janice - too many fast cuts, too much jumping around, the colors are so bright, and it's all so loud. I guess it's supposed to make kids want to exercise, but it just feels a little too hyper to me! My dd doesn't watch TV (she's only 15mo) but the kids I watch do sometimes, and I try to stick with 'quieter' more peaceful viewing. We run and jump and yell outside.
It doesn't feel to me, in my gut, that those fast cuts are a good thing. What's next, the strobe light show? :LOL

(And yeah, the commercials are a whole 'nother story. Ick.)
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I hate the commercials but my 4 yr old thinks that exercise is great, not that he needs it now but it is planting the seed for later
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Truly, the show gives me the creeps. So much so that it compelled me to do a little research to find out just what the hell was going on.

And I fell madly in love. With Sportacus even. Minus the creepy moustache.

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And here is another look at Magnus Scheving, yummy Icelander gymnast and creator of Freaky Town. I mean Lazy Town.


(scroll to the bottom pics)
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WOW who knew?!!!
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Wow, that's great information. Too bad that 2nd web site ist all in Finnish! :LOL

I like the show. Ds, 5 1/2 y.o. likes it, which is more important, I guess! He actually gets up and dances. We visited the web site at NickJr and there are some physically challenging games there.

I like the whole concept that it's promoting fitness and healthy eating. I didn't know that Sportacus goes to bed at 8:08 every night! Hmmm...I may have to bring that up with ds.

It IS rather bombastic and quick. Perhaps they think that's the way to reach Western kids?
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