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oh, the acrobatics!

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please tell me i am not the only one who wakes up to a butt in my face, nearly cutting off blood supply to my head from pressure on my neck, little feet at my ears and a little monster nursing as though she is starving at 3 am!

while it is amusing, sometimes i feel like, okay already@$%$!^@, can i please just sleep in peace?

any other funny nighttime nursing positions?
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:LOL :LOL :LOL you are not the only one!

when i nursed my two ds's at night, it was my dh that got driven out of bed do to the acrobatics. not always, but enough. :LOL :LOL :LOL

the one that still gets me no matter what time of day, (and i hope my dd doesn't do the same) is that i have to remind them to let go before they jump off. ouch! i think they are better at shutting the door behind them when they go outside. :LOL :LOL :LOL
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I woke up the other night w/ ds attempting to latch on & he had gotten himself upside down! His feet were on the pillow w/ his head facing down. I let him nurse that way, too tired to try & move him; I tried not to start laughing hysterically and wake dh up! : : : : :
Other nights he just keeps flipping over until he finds a comfortable position. A lot of times his feet wind up in dh's face or he sprawls out horizontally on the bed leaving little room for the rest of us!! :LOL
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My DD is a horizonal sprawler, too!

I just ignore her nursing acrobatics, as long as my poor nipple isn't being grasped at an angle uncomfortable for me. Now that she has teeth especially, if the position is TOO extreme it's a bit grating because she doesn't latch right.

What really gets me is when she switches back and forth and back and forth.
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DS doesn't get too acrobatic at night, though getting to sleep involves much rearrangement.

He does get quite acrobatic while nursing during the day. He stands up, looks around, changes into a bunch of different positiions, all while staying firmly attached. I am pretty used to it, but I get some interesting looks from friends... :LOL
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Oh my. I don't get this at night but I sure do during the day. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one! :
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