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dd is weaned

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She has stopped asking to nurse and I've stopped offering.

Hardly anyone knows she was still nursing so there will be no celebration, nothing special to commemorate this time for me.

I'm still a little sad, missing that time and skin to skin cuddling. I'm sad that its just over and no one knows or cares.

She was a few days shy of 32 months.
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Megan both congratulations for giving her such a wonderful start to life & creating a nurturing relationship with her. You care & she cares and those are the people's opinions that matter most!

I think you should definitely do something to celebrate this milestone though. Even if it is just the two of you, it is something significant in her life, especially with the new one coming. Maybe get some photos taken of just the two of you or have a special dinner, but do something special.

My daughter is 33 months & I know I will mourn a bit too when she stops nursing.

Hang in there .
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why can't you celebrate/commemorate it? Even if it is just you and her. That is so worth celebrating...32 months

My dd self weaned at 19mo. It was quite a shock to me. But she is only 21 mo now and still likes to be held for part of her nap so I get some of that closeness still. Once she weaned my desire for another baby sure grew! But it is a little sad to know this nursing relationship has ended even if there will be more.
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awww, my 20 mo dd is weaning now too (despite the fact that I offer all the time) and it is bittersweet. i have no milk and nursing while preg is no picnic, so that part is nice. but the rest, i just am not ready.

congrats on 32 mo of mama's milk!
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You and DD should celebrate. You did a wonderful job. The nursing may be over, but the benefits will last her entire life.
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Megan - how are things going? Did you decide to do anything to celebrate?

Keep us posted.
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Congrats on 32 months, Mama!! So bittersweet for you, I'm sure I agree, celebrate with just the 2 of you, I'm sure it will be special for the both of you.
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No, we aren't doing anything. We don't even talk about it anymore.

She seems so big now. Uses the toilet, eats all big kid foods, sleeps in her own bed.
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Congratulations on giving your daughter such a good start in life. DD self-weaned at 19 months and I was sad. We didn't do anything special to mark it, we didn't really even talk about it when it was happening. And now she is sleeping in her own bed too. Sigh...growing up so fast. I guess it will be goodbye to cloth diapers soon too (and I will be sad again). And we aren't having anymore kids either so I'll never nurse or cd again...I will always be a mama though!

Waving from Portland...
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