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Oils Psst...chanley HELP

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Ok, so I bought avacado oil at the co-op and I was going to use it for skin instead of food. Is there anything I should know about before I do it? Is all food grade oil the same as cosmetic grade oil?

Next question...can you superfat melt and pour?
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Hey LaLa~

I'm not a big crafter (or Chanley ), but I am a massage therapist (and a mommy). We will sometimes buy avacado (coconut or grapeseed, peanut, etc.) oil from the health food store and use it during the massages. They are great because you can use it for cooking, baking, skin care and baths.

I don't know about comestic grade oil, but using food grade for the body is fine. Just want to make sure no one is allergic to nut oil that you are using. Sometimes people are highly allergic to coconuts and peanuts and will break out in a rash. Avacado is a mild oil and a great choice!

I probably gave you more info. than you wanted huh?


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No way, keep it coming! I love info on oils! What are your favorite essential oils and why?
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Ohhhhh, yummy oils.

Well, I'm pretty boring. I like lavender~because its an all around great oil to have. Good for cuts, bruises, infant massage, pregnancy and labor massage, relaxing scent and great for massages for kids, men and women. I like blending orange w/lavender too~We put it on our pillow every night to help us relax and to fall asleep. I have a respiration blend~eucal. & (I don't have it here at home, its at work) something else. Great for the sinuses and colds. Those are my two favs.~and they aren't too expensive. Its fun blending and creating. I love vanilla, but the essential oil is pricey. It reminds me of home, warmth and hugs. I love citrus as well~lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. It puts me in a good frame of mind~reminds me of the sun and summer.

Some oils you do have to be careful with if you are pregnant, because they can stimulate contractions. I took an aromatherapy class awhile back, but my essential oil notes are all at work. Will write more later about some more.


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Here's some pregnancy & labor massage oil info.:

Aromatherapy for Labor:

rose-calming and has an affinity w/the female reprod. system.
clary sage-strengthens & tones uterus & helps strenthen contractions.
neroli-reduces fear & anxiety & increases concentration.
jasmine-strengthens contractions & is calming, yet uplifting.
lavender-eases labor pain & cleanses air during delivery.
geranium-balancing effect on emotions.

Oils to avoid during pregnancy-

aniseed, armoise, arnica, basil, camphor, caraway, cinnamon, clove, wintergreen, cedarwood, fennel, hyssop, marjoram, mugwort, myrrh, nutmeg, origanum, sage, pennyroyal, savory, tansy, tarragon, thuja & thyme

Arm. for Preg:

mandarin-relievs fatigue
neroli-claming, relaxing
petitgrain-excellent for depression
tangerine-uplifting & calming (said to prevent stretch marks! )
ylang ylang-relaxing and lowers bp
cypress-cooling to varicose veins
geranium-excellent for breast engorgement & hormone equilibrium
lemon-stimulates immune system
ti tree-anti-fungal.



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yes you can superfat melt and pour BUT be careful, too much and you can kill lather. Amounts? dunno, try it out and see what works for you.

Shea butter is a great superfatter.

As far as avacado oil and Beans skin, I am not sure.

One great way to make your skin softer is through what you eat. I read somewhere that one of the benefits of adding flax oil to your diet is that your skin will be softer.

Personally I would try to stay away from topical things, and go the wholefoods route. Flax oil will not only help with brain development (I needed some of that YEARS ago) it will also have many other benefits. I sprnkle freshly ground flax seed in Arias oatmeal and sneak it into smoothies and the like. I am sure you could get Bean to eat a bit of it.

Good luck mamma!!!!!
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