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FEB thread.....

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just thought i'd start a FEB chat thread.

hmmm, we're watching the end of the super bowl. i'm not a football fan, and my DH doesn't really care for either team, but we thought we'd turn it on and see what happens LOL.

i'm starting to get that "get this baby out of me" feeling. i am having a hard time getting up from chairs, and out of bed. i'm not sleeping much at night, and i can barely roll from side to side without causing myself a great deal of pain. to top the issues at night off, my mom has a bath in her hallway, so i have to completely wake up to go pee. i've never had to do that while PG before. i'd just get out of bed with my eyes closed, pee, and get back in bed. never really waking up LOL. my butt and pelvis are KILLING me. i feel like someone is stabbing me with a knife or something. and the contractions i'm having are INSANE. they are just like Real ones, only i don't think they are. on thurs night i was watching ER and i had them the ENTIRE hour. i was starting to freak out a little, but they stopped when i went to sleep.

we had some snow on the ground this weekend, before it started to melt. so, the girls and i spent the afternoon friday outside making snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels. then saturday the whole family went out and we made a fort and my DH proceeded to chase the girls around the backyard throwing snow at them LOL. they had a great time and they both took a 3 hr nap when they came in . we went looking at sofa's last night and found two that we like. furniture buying is NOT easy in my opinion. LOL

OH, and i saw the ob last week and i am only measuring 3 weeks ahead now, instead of 6 like i have been since august !!!!! i was measuring 33 weeks on jan 12th and then again on feb 2nd and i had only gained a lb in those three weeks, vs 12 lbs from 21-27 weeks. so, that's great news. the baby must have had a HUGE growth spurt and is finally slowing down. i was terrified that i was going to be measuring like 50 weeks when i delivered LOL.

well, that's about it for me . what is everyone else up to?
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We're not doing much lately. The kids have taken turns getting sick and ds is getting his second molars in. So not a lot of sleep around here. Luckily dh is great about helping at night.

We had a level 2 u/s and found out our baby is perfect. And it's a girl. Now we have no idea for names. We have some we like, but nothing feels right like it did with the other two.

I had some seriously painful braxton hicks on Saturday. I drank a bunch of water and laid on my left side and they went away. Everyone says they aren't supposed to hurt, but they were awful.

That's about it going on here. Just trying to get some rest.
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HI ladies! I can definitely sympathize with the not sleeping well lately. I think in my case it's been b/c of work stresses on my mind. But I think I had a fairly good night's rest last night, despite going to sleep finally around midnight. The neat thing is that I've started noticing a pattern of activity with this baby. She seems to be active starting around 1:30a and 3:30a, so I won't be surprised that she'll be awake once she arrives. Not that I'm expecting her to sleep longer or more often, but it's kind of neat to have an idea of what her current biorhythm is right now!

DS (21mo) has been soo very cute lately about the baby. He hugs and kisses my belly, even shares his bottle with his sister through my belly button. I've gotta get that on video...tooooo dang cute! He has been doing this cute little scooping action with both hands on either side of my belly, bringing them together and up towards him like he's trying to scoop her out of my belly.

Things are starting to move forward on the hb plans! Had an appt with a small group of midwives last Monday with my dh present. Looks like he will support whatever decision I make about where to birth. He had assumed that I would just go back to the hospital like last time, since we had such a better-than-expected experience there, and he didn't know that I really wanted to be at home. So, I'm going through the process to change care providers to the hb midwives, and make arrangements for concurrent care through another office that has obs and cnms with hospital privs in case of complications or transfer. Also have my doula on board again - she was magnificent last time and I can't imagine going through labor without her there, and neither can my dh! :LOL

Otherwise, everything seems to be going along fairly smoothly for us. BH ctx are still there, and sometime regular during/after bf my ds, but go away eventually. Thankfully, they're not painful but can be uncomfortable sometimes. I've had a hard time balancing my work and home responsibilities lately and have just wanted to give up the work and stay home, but unfortunately that's not an option for us. I'm hoping things will get a little better once management make a decision on my teleworking request that's been in for 3.5 weeks.

Ok, I'll stop rambling now...Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing!
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thanks for starting a feb thread. only a couple months left before we start posting birth announcements!!

i just got home from buying 2 new maternity/nursing bras. the ones i had been wearing were becoming seriously uncomfortable, esp by the end of the day. as a big-busted woman, it always costs so much $$ to purchase good bras. but worth it if i'll be more comfortable.

i also went in for my 32 week appt today. my blood pressure has gone up again, but it's still normal. doctor thinks it's just due to the fact hypertension runs in my family and the additional stress on my body that pregnancy is creating.

so, good news is it's not pre-e, but bad news is she wants to start doing non-stress tests when i come in from now on. and i'll have to be monitored almost continually in labor. i feel like my desire to have the birth i want is going down the tubes because my bp is on the rise. of course, i want myself and the baby to be safe and healthy. but i'm just irked that there are women out there who don't have any problems, and could have an intervention-free birth, who choose to be hooked up to all the machines or induced, etc. here i am wanting to be as free from interventions as possible and i'll probably have to be hooked up to the machines, and possibly induced!

ok, enough whining.
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Originally Posted by crat19
DS (21mo) has been soo very cute lately about the baby. He hugs and kisses my belly, even shares his bottle with his sister through my belly button. I've gotta get that on video...tooooo dang cute! He has been doing this cute little scooping action with both hands on either side of my belly, bringing them together and up towards him like he's trying to scoop her out of my belly.

My ds does this too! He's 10 days older than your ds. It's so cute. Dd, likes to sing to the baby and it's so sweet. SHe tells her *This is your big sissy. It's me Savanna.* I love seeing them like this.

I called my midwife this morning to find out when my next appointment is. Dh took my appointment card from the place I usually keep it and lost it. I thought it was next Monday or the week after. Imagine my suprise when she said this afternoon. EEK!!!! So off I go.
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Just got back. Not so good. I gained three lbs. I know, nothing to freak over usually, but I've been losing consistently and all of a sudden a big gain. Also, my midwife got the results of my u/s this morning and the baby is really big. I told her I had gained and she asked if it stressed me. I said it wouldn't stress me if it didn't stress her. SHe said she was already stressed and I asked why (think it was the woman in labor in the next room) and she said she got stressed when she found out my baby is in the 97%. 9 weeks ago at my u/s she was in the 50%, so that's a big jump. So I have to go for my glucose test (I'm 26 weeks) ASAP. I can't tomorrow, so I'm going Wednesday.
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Glad to hear that I'm not the only one still working on finalizing birth logistics. I've change my mind between hospital and BC probably hundreds of times in the last 6 mo.

I did my last mo appt with a friend's FP Dr. to see if she would ease some of my anxiety and I loved her but then she went and ordered addl bloodwork (I thought I was just giving blood for the GD screen, but she also ordered an antibody anemia screen) w/o telling me that she was doing so. I didn't find out about the addl bloodwork until some some crazy nurse told me that I had to come in for my rogam shot right away before the test results expired (?????). Apparently this clinic have a varient of rogam that they use for patients living out of town that is has a timed release component and the nurse thought this was what I needed. The whole thing was a total soap opera, and left me feeling that there is no way that these people are taking better care of me than my BC MWs.
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It has been unusually warm the last week ( highs in the upper 40s-mid 50s)here, so have been spending lots of time outside. This weekend I took everything out of my car and cleaned the seats and carpets and washed the carseats. We turned dd#2 forward facing because she is right at the rearfacing weight limit and we had the seats all apart to clean them, so it was easy to change. She seams to really like it.

I have been having bh contractions also, painful, but not too many. I have PIH and did last preg, but I love my doctor and like how he is handling it. I take my bp at home a couple of times/day and make she it is not too high. Being on bed rest does not seem to help, so I don't have to do that! I am having weekly NST, because last preg, my placenta was very aged at 37 weeks, so they want to make sure baby is getting all she needs.

I wish I could have a homebirth, but DH is very against it, we live over an hour to a hospital (incase of transfer), it would be a VBA2C, and we have no midwives with in a couple hours. I LOVE out hospital and Dr, so I am OK with another hospital birth - a c-sec unless I go into labor and am handling it OK. I just live vicariously through all of you .

DD#2 is 18 months and so cute about the baby. She does the sign for baby and hugs and kisses my belly all the time. She also likes to stick her pacifier in my belly button and "share".

Sorry this is so long!
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Looks like I'm going to be you out, Jessmcg! :LOL

Well, week 29 for me. Last Friday we did U/S #2. I'm doing concurrent care with my hmo and a MW (that way my labs are covered and we have our backup care in place). I hate going to my doc's office. Every single time it's "so, are you getting another epidural?" "You know, epidurals are really the way to go..." and "oh, so you want to try it natural again [patronizing] " I wouldn't have needed the epi if you guys hadn't broke my waters when I was in labor with dd, but that's another tangent...

Anyway, the second U/S is to monitor what I've finally learned is Renal Pelvic Dilatation (RPD). All the OB originally told me was that they found what they think might be a dilatation on one of the baby's kidney's. But last week, as the CNM reviewed my chart, she mentioned RPD (me= ), so I asked about it and found this while googling Renal Pelvic Dilatation:. So I'm finding it a little stressing, but I won't really know if they've found anything else until next week when I go for another visit with the CNM.

I think the problem comes down to the dating of this baby. I didn't know I was pregnant until 3-4 months into it. Sorry ladies, but no M/S and no real signs except for my swelling breasts. (I have long monthly cycles, so that was no real help and have had problems with minor cysts before. Not to mention I had only had 1 PP period before conceiving... : ) So they thought originally that I was 3 weeks further along than I truly am. The first U/S was done at 20 weeks, but they thought I was 23 weeks. I've been wondering, then, if this whole thing just boils down to a medical timeline that been incorrectly used.

Plus, I missed the AFP testing because of their inaccurate dating (the screening service wouldn't do it because I was supposedly past the date which later on we learned I wasn't. Of course by then it was definitely too late.) The only reason it mattered to me was because I didn't know I was pregnant all that time and worried that my health was quite up to pregnancy prime.

Oh, yes and coworkers. My favorite quote comes from today. My immediate supervisor is on vacation, so scheduling issues default to her supervisor, the assistant director. The assistant director spends a good 5 minutes talking to me about how covering is very difficult and the suddenly requested time off I'm asking for has to be carefully reviewed to insure that there isn't excessive coverage on another day or a shortage on the day I'm looking to get off, blah, blah, blah [insert Charlie Brown's teacher's voice, and a "No ma'am. Yes ma'am" here.] First of all, I work just about every Saturday. Last I was told, I can request one per season off. Second, I gave a 3 week notice. I really hate drama queens who have to make things a bigger issue than they are just to feel as supposedly superior as their job titles inflate their heads to be. And finally, the time off is for a pregnancy workshop for 2nd time moms. It's free and it's one of the few things I'm able to do to get ready for our planned HB. So I tell the assistant director that I'm requesting the time for the workshop, and she says [probably meaning for it to be a joke] "What do you need to go to a workshop for? You've already done this!"

Ok, now I'm rambling... but thanks for letting me vent.

On to the cute. My dd has finally started saying baby and pointing to my belly! But she still likes to play with my belly button more than anything else. She's been learning body parts and we keep trying to introduce new one every few days. So we're up to eyes, ears, head, hair, nose, mouth, lips, chin, neck, nipples, and belly button. (The last two come about mostly when we shower) She can't say all of them, but she can identify most of them if we ask her. But now her learning to say baby is making me feel like all my talk about the new baby may finally be getting through (I'm sure it was, but it's always nice to have some validation. )
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nissa, sorry to hear about all of your troubles with the pregnancy dating and your having to fight to get a day off. that stinks. when i was working as an RN it was the same thing. my Dh can take a day off just by asking that morning, but as an RN you have to get it approved like a month before that on that certain week you aren't going to work all of the days you are supposed to. it's a total PITA!!!!

everyone has such CUTE kids!!! mine crack me up about the baby a lot. my oldest is always asking me if the baby is awake or asleep. and anytime they can they lift my shirt to "see" the baby. they love going to the OB and watching me pee in a cup, get my BP taken and listening for the baby's heartbeat. my oldest comes home and then repeats everything she saw in the office to me LOL. or at least she tries.

the girls are obsessed with my belly button, or lack there of, and have ALWAYS been obsessed by my boobs. they keep telling me that they want their baby sister to come out now so they can hold her and rock her. we have NO CLUE what we are having, but they are convinced we're having a girl and her name will be "Sister".
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Originally Posted by danaalex
the girls are obsessed with my belly button, or lack there of, and have ALWAYS been obsessed by my boobs. they keep telling me that they want their baby sister to come out now so they can hold her and rock her. we have NO CLUE what we are having, but they are convinced we're having a girl and her name will be "Sister".
I wouldn't be surprised if they're right. Somehow other kids always seem to "know" before we do!

Thanks, Dana, for the support.
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Wow we are really getting down to the home stretch (pun intended?). In some ways it seems like I have been pregnant forever...I remember doing the stick test way back on August 14th when I was 2 days late and getting that positive right away! Seems like ages ago...

On the other hand, the end is almost here so quickly! I don't really feel prepared yet. Sure, reading all the books, doing a little shopping, still have to pick out the major items (car seat, co-sleeper, etc).

I don't think i have been having any BH contractions, but I'm not sure i would know one if it hit me on the head. Do they hurt a lot? Sometimes I get just a little bit of, well, not really cramping but like I can feel my uterus getting harder? It doesn't hurt though and usually goes away in a minute or two.

We had a wonderful visit with my mom a few weeks ago, don't know if I told you guys about this or not, so if I did just ignore. I had never heard her birth stories of when my sister (6 years older) and I were born, but got to hear them this time. My sister was born VERY quickly, as in a couple of big contractions, get to the hospital, and she was born on the gurney going into the delivery room while my dad was moving the car from the drop off red-zone at the hospital. When I came along they were a little better prepared and were checking Mom every other day or so toward the end, but I arrived in a similar fashion. Is there anything hereditary in this??? Sure hope so and glad we are so close to the hospital!

Battling night-time heartburn has been a challenge, but I think I have a handle on what not to eat and how to control it. There have been a few times when I've forgotten and eaten something I shouldn't have for dinner, and end up paying for it at 3 am! No stretch marks yet, : and the sprained ankle is recovering quickly...possibly the increase in my own body's blood supply is helping the healing process?

I have an OB appt this week (we're going every 3 weeks now) and hopefully will tour the hospital on Sunday afternoon. I am anxious to see the environment, which is supposed to be very "birthing center-like". They supposedly have a tub (for laboring, not for birthing), and all sorts of other things that sound good in a brochure...want to see if its for real!!!

I LOVE all your stories of your toddlers and their being excited about the baby!
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Yup! We're on the hunt for a carseat too. But money is really tight since the MW for the HB is an out of pocket expense. I've been checking my local freecycle, but no luck yet. I may wind up putting one on lay away at Wal-mart or K-mart. But I think my cousin and his fiance are thinking of getting us one as a present, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm the same about the BH contractions. My MW asked if I was having them, and I told her I didn't think so, unless I just didn't know that's what they were. From what she told me, it's like you described -- a tightening of the uterus and light cramping. But I've read in these threads about other mama's who've had a harder time with them.

I'm glad to hear your ankle is getting better, and yup, it's that increasing blood supply doing the trick!

Ya know, my heartburn was starting to become pretty awful with this pregnancy as well, until about a week or 2 ago. I noticed that it wasn't happening as often. I guess it's lightening (or quickening, like they call it). I still get something mild every now and again, but no where near as awful as with dd. By the end with her, it felt like I was downing a bottle of Tums a day! I know, I know, not a good thing, but I didn't know better than...

My MW gave me some samples of something called Absorb Aid (www.absorb-aid.com) which has helped. I was also thinking of just getting some plain papaya enzymes from my health food store. Maybe those would help too?
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Hello! I don't post here much....I think I did maybe once? Anyway, I'll be 31 weeks the day after tommorow. I haven't had any bh that I can tell. I am getting hip pains often these days. Makes laying on my right side and sometimes any side super uncomfortable.

Mid-wife says baby is head down, she has been that way the last couple of times I saw her. I think she likes it down there.

Lots of kicks and sqirming going on that is for sure! When I am sitting reclined (which I don't do much cuz my back starts to hurt) I feel like she is kicking my rear end. LOL So strange to feel her down there like that. Feels like she is trying to push her way out that way.

She is sitting so low but my mid-wife says that is a good thing. Guess that makes sense, hadn't read anything on that though.

I have gotten most of my birthing supplies together. My pool arrived today. I have pretty much all the supplies she told me to get. Some of them on the way still but should be here this week. Should have babies cloth diapers Wed.

Anyway, so all is basicly good here! I am very much looking foward to delivering my baby. (hope I won't be eating my words during transition, I have never done this before, all I know is what I have read and heard, depending on my mommy instincts)
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Thanks for that reminder about the pool! I've got to order mine today.

This is week 29 for me, and my husband and I are getting very excited about meeting the baby face-to-face. I feel very lucky to have had no major problems thus far. Yoga and walking have definitely helped to keep me flexible and nearly ache-free.

I also feel fortunate to have a wonderful midwife. She had been my doctor (naturopath) for a couple of years, so I already knew her and felt very comfortable with her when I got pregnant. As it turns out, she's also a hypnobirthing instructor and will be the baby's doctor, so it's a one-stop shop! She's so laid back and always keeps the focus on how easy, natural, and healthy this pregnancy is. I tend to be a worrywart, so her calming influence is just what I need.

Think I felt my first bh contractions yesterday -- just a tight sensation in the lower half of my belly.

I'm not a big shopper, but the money is just running through my fingers these days! I've been spending a lot of time finding used baby stuff, so we're gradually getting prepared. The two slings I wanted are on the way, and I can't wait to try them out with the cat.
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lol! I'm such a dolt. I looked at the title of this thread and thought "hmm, what does F-E-B" stand for? My brain is so mushy....

Ds and I have been horribly sick for the past 10 days. UGH ughughgugh.. We're both on the mend but it's taking frickin' forever. Ds, the poor little bug also broke his leg about 2weeks ago and is in a full leg cast. Not much fun for a 3 year old!!! So... baby has been a bit neglected for the past few weeks as we deal with the chaos on the homefront.
Have hardly got any work done but all this non production time has got me wanting to nest in a serious way. I've got to get organized for this little bug.

We're liking our MW but she's maybe a little on the 'medwife' side of the tracks. She's definately pushing for a hospital birth as it'll be a vbac (well, I'm hoping so anyways) I was kind of bummed about this but dh is very relieved. Main reason I'm bummed is that there are no labour tubs at this hospital so I'm going to push to stay home as long as possible.

Baby is in breech which I know shouldn't be too much of a concern at this point in the pregnancy except that I know that it's tending to settle into this position a fair amount. Positioning was the key issue with ds's birth becoming a c section so I'm a little fixated on this at the moment.

And yes, heartburn and sore hips! Hard to believe that there is still 10 ish weeks to go! Yikes, actually that sounds really sooooooon!! I've still got sooooo much to do!

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some quick personals....

danaalex...thanks for starting the chat thread! I find these kinds of threads really important for hearing people's news, ongoing support etc. a big to you for your achey body & all the stress you've been through with your move etc. Glad you are measuring closer to dates now too!

seren :hello: good to see you here! and great that your US went well hope your bhs don't get too bad sorry about the weight gain & your big baby... I hope your gd test is problem free!

crat19-- so cute about your little boy!! and great news about the homebirth transfer, how exciting!! I am also planning a homebirth & look forward to exchanging info --great that you have such a good doula too! I hear you about wanting to be home...and I don't have a little one there! I'm counting the weeks (6.5 more weeks, and 32 more days until Mat leave starts!)

aprildawn to you on the high blood pressure I'm so sorry to hear that and that you will need additional monitoring. Glad that it's not pre-e. Have you tried any of the stuff they suggest at www.gentlebirth.org/archives for bringing it down? I hope you can still have a great birth.

natashacat--good luck with your decision, sounds like you prefer your BC MW which makes sense!

jess-we've been having absurdly warm weather too! very nice because our sidewalks are finally ice free...I've been feeling kind of trapped by the sidewalks. But I know we've got more snow on the way glad to hear your PIH is well under control & you like your doc, hope all continues to go well!

Nissa sorry about all your work frustrations! you'd think they'd cut you a bit of slack now that you're in your 3rd tri and all! I hope all is okay with the renal dilatation, and that it is all resolved with a minimum of stress! and all the dating stuff, that's no fun not being sure...

Susan as another first timer I definitely hear you on the BHs...I haven't really had any I don't think...or at least I'm not sure I'd know what they are...hmm...I'll pay more attention now. your mom's birth stories are great! I hope that's what happens for you. My mom had a c-section with me after 24 hours of pit induced labour and no pain meds! I was 6 weeks late according to her ob's miscalculation...in any case I was a healthy 8 lbs. so who knows? glad your ankle is healing!

sarajane -good to see you here! I've seen you at birth & beyond a few times. so impressed that you have all your supplies. I haven't even talked to the mw about what I will need. I hear you on the hip pain, though my massage yesterday helped big time! And so great that your little one is head down! great to have you here as another 1st timer and homebirther

Julie- same to you about 1st timer & fellow homebirther. Glad your mw is so great. I hear you about money, we are tight right now too, but it's hard not to spend on things like prenatal classes, diapers etc. Dw has done a great job getting us some prefolds, a baby bath and a gorgeous bassinet on ebay. I'm also a big freecycle follower.

Our news:
-debating about a car seat, combo vs. infant. for now we have registered for a combo one.
-our little one is currently transverse, so I am trying to sit on the birth ball every night & do some pelvic tilts to turn him/her around. It's a bit early to worry, but I also hear that with an anterior placenta, breech positions can be more common, so I really want to encourage Cado to move.
-not feeling very organized right now, although the birth pool is en route to us and our first prenatal class is on Sunday and I did just e-mail a hypnobirthing instructor to come & do some home sessions with us.
-I had a massage last night and for the first time in like 3 weeks I am not in pain somewhere (back, hips etc.) WOW! I slept so well last night!!
-I get heartburn occasionally, although not too bad, and I have chewed the occasional TUMS...I thought they were okay, but I'm very open to hearing why not & what would be better....
-My mother in law was here last week & has started to knit us some adorable soakers and is going to sew us some pocket diapers...our diaper stash is starting to grow and I'm feeling more confident about prefolds after practicing on a stuffed toy this weekend :

glad to see all of you here! I really really like chat threads & find them great support, especially as we head into that home stretch. Looking forward to keeping in touch!
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hey everybody.

jess - somehow i missed your post about PIH. i guess i could post this question in its own thread, but since we've both mentioned bp problems, maybe you or someone else will know the answer...

i've done some research and can't seem to figure out if pih is its own thing or if it's related to pre-e or what.

my biggest frustration is that my bp isn't high, technically. but i've been having some high spikes for me. it's not high all the time. but it was for about a four days. i've gone from an average of 115/70ish to 125/80ish. that's a 10 pt jump for me. and hypertention runs in my family so the doctor is being cautious.

do you think if i can keep my bp under control (yep, wan2b, i've checked out the suggsetions on gentlebirth.org...very helpful) how can i convince the doc to let me labor w/o continual efm. and would i be reckless to do so?

on another note it won't quit raining and being cloudy here!! my poor dd is stuck indoors all the time. we're both going stir crazy. i'm not sure how those of you in cold climates handle the long winters. i can barely handle 2 weeks of being cooped up indoors.

i just finished Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. it was really empowering and insightful. i've got my fingers crossed that the bp issue won't inhibit my ability to have the birth i've been wanting. anyone else read that one?
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I'm feeling more confident about prefolds after practicing on a stuffed toy this weekend
That is actually a good idea! I was thinking of how hubby could practice, he wants to help change dipes of course but thinks he will fumble with those prefolds. I think I will fumble with them too and was sad I could only afford a dozen fitted dipes but am thankful I have at least that many. Maybe my neice has a doll we can hijack for a trial run. LOL
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Originally Posted by wan2bemama
Dw has done a great job getting us some prefolds, a baby bath and a gorgeous bassinet on ebay. I'm also a big freecycle follower.
I've been teaching Joe (my husband) all about eBay. And I love that Freecycle.

Originally Posted by wan2bemama
-our little one is currently transverse, so I am trying to sit on the birth ball every night & do some pelvic tilts to turn him/her around. It's a bit early to worry, but I also hear that with an anterior placenta, breech positions can be more common, so I really want to encourage Cado to move.
Love the name. Good luck with getting the little one to move!

Originally Posted by aprildawn
i just finished Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. it was really empowering and insightful. i've got my fingers crossed that the bp issue won't inhibit my ability to have the birth i've been wanting. anyone else read that one?
Yes, my midwife loaned that one to me, and I loved it. Ina May's approach to birth is wondeful. Good luck with your bp!
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