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feeling SO nervous about giving birth

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I feel like I'm a young kid about to ride a roller coaster for the first time. This is crazy. I'm so nervous about giving birth! I'm due in three weeks (edd 2/25) and I've already given birth twice before (dd1 5 3/4 yrs, dd2 4 yrs). Arg....I just don't remember being this nervous before. I literally get the butterfly feeling in my tummy thinking about it. Birth with dd2 was natural, and that's my intention this time as well. It's just such intense work. I'm so nervous. I keep hoping she'll just keep put until at least the due date. Anyone else feel so darn nervous?!
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You are not alone! We have the same due date too! I'm pretty nervous about the pain, but mostly Chloe's transition to being a big sister. I just hope it all goes smoothly as planned. I'm also stressing about my mom and friend coming out. We don't have any family out here and they will be wonderful support people and will help out DH tremendously (not to mention Chloe) They are going to be here on the 16th and I need to keep this baby in until the 17 or so. This past Fri the OB checked me and I was 3 cm already. I know, that means nothing, but it really did add a lot of stress thinking that I may go early. I'm perfectly fine with waiting til my due date or even a little after. Not ready to kick her out.
Reading postive birth stories has helped a lot to lessen the stress. I know that my body was made to do this and I just keep telling myself that. Take care! You will do great! Hope you have a wonderful, empowering birth experience!!!!!

Love, Tricia
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Well, it's funny. I didn't think I was nervous. Very confident about the whole thing. But, now that I'm actually in early labor, I'm finding myself really shaky and jittery and I just can't relax. I can't lie in bed and try to sleep. I haven't been to sleep at all and it's now 5:15am. So I guess I've kept it all buried away and maybe it's really good that you're facing your fears before you're actually staring them in the face.

But like Tricia said, you're going to do great and so am I!
Best of luck to you both!
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Good luck to you both

It is a very exciting but kind of scary feeling isn't it? So far I am very relaxed about the whole thing but know that like Tracie I will probable feel jittery when labor actually starts.

What I find helps me when the pain is just unbearable is to think: "It is just today. Just a little longer"

You can do it! Sending you guys good vibes for good birth experiences
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I understand...I'm nervous too. It didn't really hit me until about 37 weeks or so. I felt totally confident before that. But that's okay. It's the unknown- even though you've given birth before- you've never given birth to this baby!

Does it help to think that we are all nervous and that's normal and okay? It helps me a little bit. You're going to do great- we all are!!!
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I'm 39 weeks today.
I too am extremely nervous to go into labor. I had 21 hours of back labor with Gareth. I did it naturally but it sure was painful. My dh lost his job 3 weeks ago. We have opted to have him wait to find another one until after the baby comes. So he won't have to take time off just when he is starting. So he has been a huge help with Gareth. My parents are coming at the end of February. I can't wait to see them.
I'm worried about the transition with Gareth. He's 3.5 so I think the age difference will be good. I'm just a lot more worried about the whole process then I was with Gareth. Do you think it is because I've BTDT already.
Well good luck to everyone
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Hmmmm...I was wondering about this - I see a pattern. First timers go into it not as nervous (at least not until it begins) as the btdt mamas...Being a first-timer, I have no words of wisdom for you, but sending you positive birth vibes!

And Tracie - big hugs to you, this is it!
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My labors are always long and painful so I am very nervous too. You are definitely not alone, but like everyone else said...we can do this!
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Add me to the list. I've had some contractions (nothing steady grr) and some of them have made me drop onto my hands and knees (it really helped). They've really scared me. Once I've gotten on my hands and knees they're much more bearable, but it is still scary because I know that they are just the tip of the iceberg. But I try to think that women have been doing this since the dawn of time and continue to do it, so it can't be all that bad.

I hope....
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