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Feb 7th - Feb 13th -- We're in the thick of things now!!! - Page 6

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Hey - you two still up/up again by chance? I woke up at 5ish, then finally got up at 6...adding things to my to do list...

Thinking of you, Peri and Joy!!! ~~~Happy birth and baby vibes to you both!~~~

Went to my local LLL meeting last night - there were several conversations that I found very helpful! Cosleeping, for one! I even brought a prefold to get some folding tips!

Peri - got my big baby question answered. Though, you've probably already researched it...anyway - it likely depends on your area, but basically, around here, if your baby is larger than 8lbs 14 oz (does that make sense - isn't that 9lbs 2 oz? - sorry - metric here!), they push formula, the argument being that the big baby's blood sugar dives. Basically, tell them that you have some donated breast milk available (call your LLL). Also, they push for GD testing.

Speaking of donated milk, Shannon - I can ask them about donors if you'd like me to. Perhaps even non-dairy mama ones? The leader told me that if my baby's big, and I feel ok about donated breast milk, that there would be many mamas who would oblige.

My mom is in town now, helping me get things ready, and dh has been on a tear, too...38 w, 3 days!
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It's 2 days after my due date. My water broke at 3:30 this am! It's 6:00 now, and after the midwife came over to listen to the baby I'm going to go back to bed. I'm not sure if I can sleep, but I know it'll do me a world of good. I'm not really dilated, so this can be a long road, but we're at home for the birth, that'll be ok. We're calling the acupunturist in the later in the morning to come over to give me a treatment to help things along.

Before going to bed I had a long cry about any lingering fears. (mostly financial) I also wrote a long letter to the baby and read it to my husband. I told the baby what he/she needs to do to get into position for the birth, and also about all the people in his/her life waiting for him/her. It was a huge release, and I guess it worked!

We had a comical moment when I was on the toilet, the midwife and my husband were making up the bed and my elderly Weimeraner, Caleb was pooping!!!!! Argh! Havoc.

Just wanted to let you all know.
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Morning. I had a pretty rough night last night. I kept waking up with contractions, but they'd go away and I'd fall back asleep. I woke up for the last time around 7 and I've been up since. Those contractions that woke me up stopped shortly after and I'm ready for a day of no labor or progress. It's frustrating. If I sleep I'll contract like mad, but if I sit here or work around the house I won't get one freaking contraction. I'm so frustrated. I keep walking around (even though I'm supposed to stay off my foot) in the hopes that something will progress, but no dice.

I have a dog free day today! WOOHOO! She's getting groomed and driving her vet nuts for a change. She's so funny. She escaped last time I took her and they said she was jumping at the door which has a window and they just saw this head pop up and disappear, then pop up again, and so on and so forth. She's a goof ball.

I have a tracery of stretch marks on my lower abdomen. I can't see them and DH said they're really really light, but man can I feel them. It feels like (okay, this is just my phobia talking here) trails left by worms. *shudder* I have a parasitic infestation phobia...and it feels like little worms are under my skin and leaving little trails...and it itches like mad. I'm pouring oil on by the handful and nothing's helping...ack! Okay, so now that I've grossed you out...have a good day. :LOL
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Yay Marcela! We'll be waiting for your birth story too now!

Hope Joy and Peri are holding their little ones too much to post for us.

Shannon and Lousli - We had a bottle warmer with our first. It's faster than tap water but I still hated it. Don't tell anybody, but we used the microwave sometimes because it was superfast (like, not even 10 seconds, I think). Totally a no no according to all experts -- heats milk unevenly creating dangerous hot spots, etc etc etc. I've just started pumping with Mia so Dad can feed sometimes (he loves feeding her and feels left out in the beginning when he can't so we start doing some bottles pretty soon for him). I'm not sure what we'll do about the heating.

We were up all night with Mia writhing in misery. Gas? Constipation? I'm not sure what it is. She'll be quiet for a minute and then arch her back and start wimpering and then starting howling. Should I give up dairy? Shannon, does this seem like what Molly was doing? She has been very gassy but last night was pretty extreme.

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Okay getting ready to leave for the hospital to do pre-op registration stuff...I get to meet Zander tomorrow...I can't wait!!!
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Marcela...sounds like today is the big day for you too! Keeping you in my thoughts! Weee this is fun!

Shyly... I agree with you about stretch marks. Thankfully my son gave me all I needed last time and I haven't got any new red ones this time...they are all the old shiny ones...but the texture of them...bleck!

JOY & PERI: Where are you ladies???? I've been waiting like a little kid before Christmas! I want updates

No changes for me...just constant pain. I'm 38 weeks finally and this baby can come out any time!!!
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Good Morning all!!

Yeah Marcela!! I hope things move quickly and smoothly for you!! I can't wait to hear your birth story!!

Joy?? Peri?? Where are you mama's!?! Hoping all is well and you are holding your new little ones as we speak! Can't wait to hear your stories too!!!

I had a bunch of contractions again last night! It is nice to know my body is preparing, but so frustrating at the same time! I know ALL babies come out, but I am starting to feel as if I may be pregnant forever!! And I'm not even 40 weeks until Monday!!! AAHHH! I need to relax and find something to do besides wonder when "it" is going to happen!!

Have a good day everyone!!
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I too was looking for updates on Joy and Peri. Can't wait!

Looking forward to your birth story soon, Marcela!

We are going to get out of the house today. DH is home from work and we are going to see the butterflies. There is a place about 30 minutes from where we live that every year around this time, there are millions of monarch butterflies that go there for mating. It really is amazing!

My throat hurts this morning. I really don't want to get sick!!!! Hopefully it was a one time thing. I'm going to drink some OJ and take my echanasia vitamin.

I need to get the house cleaned up and wash our sheets today. I'm pretty much out of projects for now. I finished all sewing that I could think of and finished putting all of Chloe's pics from her first 2 years in a photo albume. I'm going to try to keep that up.

Better go get ready for the day!

Love, Tricia
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Tug, yes that was how Molly was, she'd be laying there fairly calm then she'd draw her knees up and start wailing, the worst is that nothing seemed to comfort her when she was like that, also she'd throw her head back constantly.
Heve, yes, if you could ask about breastmilk being donated that would be great, especially non-dairy at this point
Joy?? Peri?? where are you two?? Hoping all is well and you're loosing track of time while gazing into your babies eyes.

So, because of Molly's size, we only have 2 covers that fit her--all my other "small" covers actually seem to start at 10lbs--so a ways off for her! I was planning on heading out to Toronto today or tomorrow to pick up 2 more covers, then last night I changed the poopy diaper from hell and I left it on top of the garbage pail--one of the silly dogs ATE it, cover, diaper, all chewed adn shredded--I could kill!! So now I guess I'm forced to go today.
Anyone wanna buy a dog--real cheap??
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Shannon - that is my biggest fear. Blondie is a major poo eater. We've never given her the opportunity to get into human poo, but cat. Man that dog is creative in her attempts to get into the litter box room. I am so scared that she's going to figure out how to open the lid on the diaper pail. I bought one of those small step can trash cans with the bucket inside and I'm hoping that it's secure enough. She hasn't gotten into the one in our bathroom and she also liked to eat tampons and other stuff like that so I"m hopeful. :Puke Dogs are sooooo gross!

ETA - Change your siggy girl!!! :LOL
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Just checking in to say hi. I have been in suspense all day to hear some news!

Marcela, hope that eveything is going smoothly for you and you are nice and relaxed.
Acupuncture sounds like it would be a good way to go.

Monica and Shannon, all I can say that I am so glad that I don't have a dog right now. The visualisation of that just grossed me out so much! I have been having some wicked nausea, so it doesn't take much at this stage!!!

Well I fell asleep last night watching Brad Pitt ( Yumm, Yummmmm ) in The Devil's Own, and woke up an hour later, so wired and unable to fall back asleep for hours. I am not sure why, but I kept on thinking that I was going to suddenly go into labour. Must have been delirious??
Needless to say, I am pretty sleepy today, and dd is in a really odd mood. She is an absoulte angel normally, but today I guess she is just feeling a little funky. She is asleep now, so hope that she feels better when she wakes up.

Mama2Chole, you need to come over here and put all of dd's pics in order! She is 2 also, but I don't think I have one in an album yet. Ooops.
You are so orgainised!!

Ok, will check back later for more updates!!

XXX Jasmine
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Periwinkle's baby is here!

Welcome William Thatcher, born yesterday, Tuesday February 9th at 2:46 pm, EST.

He was 10 pounds, 9 ounces, 22 1/4 inches long, 14 1/4 inch head. Although Peri had lost her mucus plug and was having contractions every 3 minutes, she went ahead with the scheduled c-section. Yay her for trusting her intuition on this big, malpositioned baby - he was a double footling breech!

The c-section went well - about an hour. William latched on in the recovery room and nursed for 45 minutes and has been nursing like a champ. Peri's milk is already coming in. She feels great, and hopes to be coming home today or tomorrow.

(She forgot the phone cord for her computer or would have posted this herself!)

x-posted in the Birth Announcements thread

Congratulations Periwinkle!
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Woooo hoo!!!!!!!!! Finally some news on a baby! :LOL Congratulations Peri! That's one big baby (I bet mine will beat yours in size though ) Sounds like the CS went off well and you have a hungry nurser there. Awesome! Can't wait to see pictures
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Our sweet baby is here!

He was born this morning, Feb 10th, at 1:49 am. Labor lasted 21 hours and I pushed for 2 1/2. I'll post my birth story when I get it together.

Allen Cramer IV
7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long

We're in love!
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Yay Peri and Lianne!!! Welcome "little" William and Allen!!! : :

I have to go check myself into the hospital tomorrow at 7am and my C-section is still scheduled for 9:45am!!! The car is packed and the car seat is installed...now I just have to wait for Zander!!!
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Congratulations peri and lianne!!!! Yay! Welcome to the newest february boys, William and Allen. and, peri, let me just say, WOW! 10 lbs 9 ounces. WOW!

oh the poo thing. yeah, old scooby does the same thing. it is really gross. i had to clean up after one of scooby's diaper pail raids (dh refuses a lid and ds's closet won't lock - grr) in my last few weeks and spent quite a while in the bathroom heaving afterwards. uck!

thanks shannon. so i'm thinking maybe i need to cut milk products out, you think? her ped today suggested gently pushing her legs into fetal position. he says it opens the pelvic floor and allows her to eliminate more easily (if that is the problem).

zandersmom - good luck tomorrow! you'll be holding your little one soon!

tricia - the butterflies sound beautiful. enjoy that and enjoy your continued nesting! you sound more prepared than anyone i know. i bet chloe loves the photo album.

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OMG Peri!!! What a hulk! That has got to be different after delivering preemie twins!! I'm sitting here with Molly who weighed in at the doctor this afternoon at a whopping 6 lbs 7 oz!! Now I know why everyone says she's so tiny. So when did he turn double footling breech???? I know he was poorly positioned before but I thought he was head down--had he been breech all along or was this new?? I'm glad for you that you didn't have to labor for long and then fail, I hear recovery is MUCH worse from that, I know footling breeches can be delivered safely, but an over 10 lber!! Good job mama, I'm glad he's here safely and that you'll get to leave that hospital with him--that will be so nice for you. Welcome William!!
Welcome Allen!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story!

So, I went to the diaper store today (I should not go there with a credit card They had a bunch of new bummis prints and, what can I say, now I have 6 covers that fit her--does anyone really need 6 covers??? I didn't know what to do, I had to replace turtle but, cause it was very cute, but then they had a safari print, a good night moon, cows and I needed awhite one for those see through outfits Got horrendously lost in the city, which made me late, so I got stuck in rush hour traffic coming home--stop and go with a baby who only likes to drive at highway speeds is not pleasant!

Tug, to get her to go (I didn't know she wasn't going) try bicycling her legs in a warm bath and then massaging her tummy a couple finger widths down from her belly button, this worked for Molly--but a warning, she went right in the bath.
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Congratulations to Periwinkle! Glad things are going well for you and little William.

Lianne~ Great Job mama! I can't wait to read your story. Have fun babymooning!

Marcela~ Smooth birthing vibes to you. Can't wait to hear the news!

Nothing new to report. I am ready for baby when he or she wants to come. I got some gifts from some friends back home this week. They can't be here for the shower, kinda of a long and expensive trip to Hawaii, lol.

I had surges all day yesterday for about 11 hours and then they stopped. I guess my body is just getting prepared. I saw the MW to see if I was really dialating but I am at 2cm and 50% effaced. But, the good news is baby sounds great and my cervix is really soft. I am not one that likes to get checked all the time but wanted to know if that was the real deal. I had very little indication with DD so I didn't want to be too surprised this time. I had no bloody show, no plug lost until right before she crowned and just small aches in my back-too weird to be called 'labor'. Now I am rambling so I will just stick to my :
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baby William and Allen!!!!! Still can't wait to hear from Joy!

We had a good time looking at the butterflies. There were tons mateing on the ground and you could get so close. We got really good pics. Chloe said they were kissing.

Tug: I feel pretty prepared and have done almost all of the projects that were on my list. The photo album was a biggy. I have had them all organized on my computer from the start with folders by month. About a year ago, I went in and picked out my favorites out of every month to put in a 1st year fav folder. I kept up with it her 2nd year and I finally printed out all the favorites through clarkcolor.com (almost400 pictures) It was tedious getting them all in order so maybe that will be my motivation to keep it up.

We stepped up our potty learning today. I put her little potty in the bathroom. It has been in the living room to be really convenient for her, but the last couple days, she has run to it even if she was in her room or wherever. Next step, (tomorrow or the next day) we will set up the big potty for her. Her little potty converts to a step and smaller seat for the big potty. She has used the big potty like that and has been fine with it so I don't expect any porblems with her adjusting to that. Also, it will be really easy for me as I won't have to clean out her potty every time she goes. YAY!!!

6 more days til my mom and friend arrive!!! I can't wait! My friend is bringing her little girl who is 5 months older than Chloe. It will be nice for Chloe to have a little playmate for a while. I just keep thinking that this time next year, Chloe will be playing actively with her little sister!!!! So exciting!!!

For all you first time moms out there:
After your little baby arrives, time will start moving sooo fast! Before you know it they will be a year old or so. Relish every moment!!! Don't push the milestones, just enjoy them where they are. I still feel like I just had Chloe the other day and she is 2 now!!!!!

Better go for now.
Love, Tricia
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Originally Posted by Mama2Chloe
For all you first time moms out there:
After your little baby arrives, time will start moving sooo fast! Before you know it they will be a year old or so. Relish every moment!!! Don't push the milestones, just enjoy them where they are. I still feel like I just had Chloe the other day and she is 2 now!!!!!
It is so true!!!
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