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Monica, that is a neat diaper bag, I'm desparately trying to find out about this small WAHM company that came to one of our business womans lunch, they had a diaper bag that was just SO COOL! I of course was not pregnant at the time, it was about $75.00 but it had so many neat and usefull features and it was attractive too. Of course they hadn't pre-registered for the lunch so they weren't listed on the attendance and they only came to the one lunch so I think I'm SOL.

Jasmine, I'm not really in any pain anymore, muscles are still a little tender if I try to sit up from a laying down position without rolling on my side first, I tend to heal extremely fast, my only real problem was that I was way too dry--but since it's been a while, by the time I realized what the problem was, it was pretty much over anyway :
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Hey, everyone - long time, no speak! I've been having computer problems, so my online time was very limited. But I have a new laptop now, and I'm back in business!

I'm 38 weeks, 5 days today. Still closed up tight, which is totally baffling to me! I've always started dilating early, so maybe I really will go past my due-date like DH has been predicting all along. But we are SO ready for this baby to come! It'll be nice to not have to pee very stinkin' hour of the night, yk?

I'm going to have to do a lot of reading to catch up with all of you who have had your babies - congrats to everyone!
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Yeah...no go on the diaper bag. I showed it to DH who agreed that it was cool and then freaked when he saw the price. I was allowed to splurge on one thing and I did already...I spent $600 on a glider/ottoman but I'm not complaining...it's so comfy.

I just took a very long walk with DH and I've noticed that I'm starting to loose my mucous plug (or as DH calls it, my mustard plug - he can't stand the word mucous). It isn't huge chunks or anything...but I can tell what it is. Cross your fingers for me...I'm so miserably uncomfortable I am just so ready to have this boy.
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Hmmm, huge chunks of mustard would be yucky

Any tips from the experienced mamas on how to get an infant to enjoy a bath--she screams like we're beating her whenever we try to bath her--I'm quick and can have her finished in under 5 minutes, but Steve is very slow and by the time he has her clean, she's just an emotional mess--even when I do it, it takes a good 20 min for her to calm down afterwards, I even tried today to put a couple drops of lavender in the water, but it didn't make any difference. I tried getting in the tub with her but it just made me cold (I like HOT bathes) and she was flipping out so much I was worried she'd slip away from me and bang her head. Any hope--or should I learn to live with a stinky baby?
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Shannon - Do you have something soft for her to lay on while you bathe her? Bathing pillows for the baby IMO totally ROCK, they also have the added bonus of helping to keep the baby in one spot, as opposed to slipping and sliding all over the place. If you don't have one of these I totally recommend getting one. In the meantime you can try laying her on a folded up towel at the bottom of the bath.

Also make sure the water is warm enough - it's hard not to be paranoid about the temp but if the water is too cold the baby won't be happy. Put your elbow in to test the temp. Make sure there is enough water to keep the baby fairly submerged - if the skin is just wet but out of the water she will also be cold. You can also try laying a wet wash cloth over the belly if it is somewhat exposed - that will keep that part of her warm. If possible see about warming up the room that you bathe her in prior to the bath too.

In addition to warmth, sometimes babies startle themselves when first going into the tub and that gets them going on the unhappiness trail! Try lowering her very gently into the tub and keep a lot of skin contact while you lower her in.

Good luck! Don't worry, I promise she will learn to love her bath, sometimes it just takes a little time!

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Shannon, I'd get used to the baby-temp bath, and get in with her. That's how I bathe my babies - leaning over just made me feel too insecure! Just try to keep the bathroom warm, so you don't get too chilled (I'm with you, I like my baths HOT! But my little ones like to bathe with me, so I tolerate cooler baths at those times.)
Besides, once you're in the tub with her, you can nurse her WHILE you wash her - nothing more soothing than that!
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I forgot to say (and my stupid computer better not eat my post this time!) that I like to make sure the water is deep enough for the baby to float in with just their head supported. I also use my legs as a support platform, so I can lower the baby into the water or raise them out without having to rely on my slippery hands.
You'll get it - it just takes practice! And you don't have to bathe every day, by any means - just when they start to stink, or get milk-crusties & stuff in the neck-folds
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I always did the bath in one of those baby baths in the kitchen sink. This time I bought one of those mesh bouncey bath seats. We'll see how that works out. Whenever I tried to put the baby in the real bath tub they freaked out. All that white maybe or they feel like they're falling? Who knows.
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hee hee - diaper bag and bath talk! I guess we're experiencing a lull in the births! Except for Monica - are you next?! Love the bag, btw! Too bad it's too expensive.

Welcome back, Stell! I was wondering where you were hiding...!

I'm thinking for the diaper bag that I should look for a waist pack type of thing. How do you mamas carry a knapsack or tote when baby is in a sling? I think we'll use a knapsack for longer excursions, but for when I'm out for a few hours, I'd like to pack more lightly...

As for baths (again - not speaking from experience, but from my baby care class), I was told to wrap baby in a receiving blanket, uncover just what needs quick washing, cover up, uncover next part, etc. Or, to get in bath with baby, still with the blanket. Also makes them less slippery. Oh - and also, to not have the water lukewarm - that they can handle warmer that what most people think.

Back to practising my "surprised" look - tomorrow is my "SURPRISE!!!!" shower...
: <--how's that?
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Speaking of diaper bags - do you think this would be big enough (for those shorter excursions I was referring to. A bigger knapsack could always be kept in the car)? I like that I can strap in my water bottle, and possibly a change pad, if it wouldn't fit inside. For capacity comparison, there's a small Sherpa version that has a 16 L capacity (this waist pack has a 10 L capacity).
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I use a backpack for a diaper bag - I just make sure the straps are loose enough, and put it on after I have the sling on & the baby in & situated. It works.

Oh, and Davey really likes the "surprised" smiley, Heve - he's laughing his fool head off every time the jaw drops, and is imitating it to boot!
I had my baby shower last Saturday I told my best friend that I was having baby-shower envy, so she put together one for me : So I now have about 2 weeks of dinners in the freezer, and a few batches of muffins! YAY! The only thing that disappointed me was that one of my mom's neighbors, who was invited but couldn't make it, dropped off a whole case of newborn disposable diapers with the message "Something for the baby - EVERYBODY needs these!" permanent-markered to the box. Even though the invitation said that I needed NOTHING for the baby, as I have stacks of diapers, piles of clothes, all the "gadgets"..... I just felt bad because a case of 'sposies is EXPENSIVE, and I can't bring myself to use them on the baby, and I can't return them to the store with the markered message on the box I know she meant well, but it made me feel bad for her. Luckily, I have an acquaintance that was willing to trade me for them, so I'm getting a baby scrapbook kit in exchange.
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Thanks, mendhi. Good to know the straps of a backpack still work with a sling. I've got waterproof ditty bags, so I thought a backpack (that we already own) would work, but I couldn't figure out how it wouldn't interfere with the slings...do you carry it on one shoulder only? I find that a pain...
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No, I carry it on both shoulders. And my slings are padded, too. If you're using a ring-sling, the rings are usually right about at the spot where the shoulder-strap of the sling crosses, so the sling doesn't hold the backpack straps out funny at all, like you'd think it would. And the other shoulder is totally free, so nothing to get in the way there. So it does work. Only took me 10 years to figure it out on my own is all (I kept picturing straps sliding off my shoulders because the sling was getting in the way, so I never tried it`before!)
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Originally Posted by heveasoul
Back to practising my "surprised" look - tomorrow is my "SURPRISE!!!!" shower...
: <--how's that?
: That's just too frickin hilarious!!!!
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Hello everyone! I am trying to stay away from the stomach virus that has ds completly out of comission! I have only seen him sicker one other time and that was when he had terrible food poisoning!! So I am really hoping to stear clear of this! My stomach is hurting a little bit so hopefully it's not the beginning! Both of my kids have had it too! Yuck!!

Joy! Hope all is well and you are just enjoying your little one!!

Take care everyone!
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i like small diaper bags - i use a tiny sports bag. Usually you don't need much, esp. if you can keep stuff in the car too.
But then, I also have a deep chinese print Big Purse I use sometimes - that holds lots of stuff plus my purse, camera, everything.
I'm thinking I might have to use it more now, since I'll need room not just for the baby but also ds. I like to have water and snacks and spare clothes for him too, at least in the car.

Oh, and we named the baby! Ilario Joshua, Rio for short. (Ee-lah-ree-oh). It means cheerful. :-)
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I'm finding myself so impatiant and agitated tonight. I just want to have this baby. I'm so tired and uncomfortable. I still have a week til my due date and I'm sure I'll go over. I've had two nights of hard contractions where I can't sleep then they are gone in the day. I'm getting so short with dh and the kids. We have a huge weekend ahead. Dh is at a lazer tag place with ds1 right now for his 13th birthday (which is the 16th of Feb) I just didn't feel up to going so I feel like the worst mom in the world for that. Tomorrow we have two birthday parties to attend plus dh has a daddy/daughter dance with the girls. I just feel like I can't do this anymore. I'm in so much pain everywhere. Ugh! The last couple weeks of pregnancy feel like a lifetime.
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Heve, that waist pack will likely be big enough for short trips, I have a tiny diaper bag that came with a set of Winnie the Pooh bedding I got at a garage sale--I haven't bothered to get a better one on that off chance someone will throw a surprise shower for me say on the 20th of this month : It works but I do have it stuffed pretty tight--however, my diaper bag of course has to hold and ice pack and 2 bottles--so because you come equipped with a "feeding device" you should be fine. I have to always bring only one cloth diaper and a couple disposables to make everything fit cause I can't get 2 prefolds and an extra cover in the tiny bag along with bottles and ice pack.

Stell, so glad to have you back! I always find you have so much information to pass along

Molly looks so funny right now, she's laying across my arms and sortof into my chest while I type this but she's got her head tilted back as far as I will allow her to tilt it and both arms and both legs stretched out like she's trying to make a snow angel or something! She's sound asleep and has been like this for over 1/2 hour now! Boy she's a cutie, now I know why people do this more than once even if they did have the first pregnancy from hell I really didn't know there was a love this deep
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Awwww.....I love that flung-out sleeping baby pose I must have missed something, Shannon - I didn't know you couldn't nurse My apologies for the nursing in the bathtub comment!
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Birth Announcement!!!


CAME A WEEK EARLY ON early Monday 2/7/05 @12:17AM (exactly 24 hrs from the time my water broke). We basically had just laid down for bed on Sat. night and water broke within 10 minutes! 24 exhausting hrs of labor later...

Edward IV arrived!

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT OUR DOULA!!! If anyone needs one in Tampa, FL let me know (my email is vertsk8r@aol.com). My husband was wonderful but we couldn't have done it so well without her tireless assistance!

Got an epi @5cm dilation. We had him circumcised & it wasn't as bad as I've heard everyone say. He cried more about the stupid bath they gave him. If I had one thing to change I would have been adament about him NOT getting a bath. He was plenty clean already. Ok'd the Vitamin K shot & the eye drops (as I was GBS +) but he's a little trooper and fussed but didn't cry.

How incredible and wonderful!!! I'm so happy. Breastfeeding going absolutely GREAT... I thought it would hurt as I have always had sensitive nipples but it feels terrific!!!!

Thanks for listening and all your help!!!
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