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we are having homemade chicken soup, buns and brownies for dessert. If the brownies last that long!
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Tonight we're having a roasted chicken (free-range/all-natural from our local farm) and homemade stuffing if I can can figure out how to do it. I've been saving the leftovers from our homemade bread, chopping it into squares and putting it in the freezer. Recipe anyone? I was planning on just sauteeing some celery and onion, adding a tiny bit of chicken broth and mixing the bread in (before stuffing the bird).

I made black bean soup from scratch for lunch (with soaked dry beans and a container of leftover fresh salsa from the grocery store). MMM!
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Okay, tonight is chicken parmesean with spaghetti and a salad. All organic
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Rebecca - that is how I make it. Saute onion and celery in butter, add bread, chicken broth, poultry seasoning, s&p.

I never ever stuff the bird though. You can get salmonella from that.
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Seafood Lasagne that I created at www.letsdish.net Its my new thing. I do 8 or 12 meals that serve up to 6 people. Divide the recipes in half and fill my freezer with 16-24 meals that take me through the week nights while dh and I WOH during the week.
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Homemade pizza is the plan. I'll probably cut some sort of fruit to go with.
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Originally Posted by onthemove
it was quite tasty... here is the recipe...we used cracker crumbs instead of bread and added spinach instead of parsley...

1/2 c. sliced almonds ( lightly toasted)
1pkg (4.5 oz) goat cheese
1tbsp fresh chives or green onion
1tbsp parsley
1/2 tsp pepper
4 chicken breasts
4 slices of white bread
2 tbsp butter or margarine
1 egg
1/4 tsp salt - i would have liked a little more

in bowl, mix 2 tbsp of the almonds with goat cheese, chives, parsley, and some pepper.
cut chicken horizontally in half but not all the way through, put some filling in each breast
take crusts off bread and pulse in food processor until in fine crumbs with course pieces.
combine bread crumbs with remaining almonds, melt butter and drizzle over crumbs.toss with a fork.
in a seperate dish beat an egg, salt and pepper.
dip chicken in egg mixture, press chicken into bread crumb mixture and put in shallow greased cooking sheet or casserole dish

bake at 375 oven until crispy and no pink inside, about 30 minutes(ours needed to cook a little longer)
Thanks! I can't wait to try this!
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Leftovers tonight.....meatloaf, mashed potatoes, froz. veggies. All organic!

I made the meatloaf in muffin tins and stuffed the middle with cheese. It came out really tasty! I want to make more of these and freeze them as lunches/dinners for DS when we are having something he won't eat or can't eat...
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Smoked turkey sausage, homemade baked oozy-goozy macaroni and cheese, and steamed broccoli.
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Chinese takeout that I have been craving for several days.
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Tonight I'm making garlic-schmeared rosemary roast chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and probably somekind of vegetable...my house smells like rosemary and garlic!! Mmmmmm....
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Tonight we are in a rush, so we are using the leftover spaghetti noodles from last nights chicken parmesean and defrosting the marinara with meat sauce I froze last week when I made a double batch. Yum, quick and homemade.
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tonight its peperoni rolls and salad.
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crockpot hamburger stew (hormone free beef)
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Homemade pizza tonight! (well, I bought the crust I confess but at least it has no hydrogenated oils!)
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