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help us! Ohh my poor baby girl!

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Hi all- I have a 2yr old angel who has a terrible cold. She came down with it last Monday - the stomach virus, throwing up every 10 min etc. Then Tuesday, no vomit, but diarrhea, Wed- more vomiting, & diarrhea, then Thursday, malaise- on thru to today. Only Sunday night started the fever. We can get it down with Tylenol, but it comes back when the stuff wears off.
She has a very runny nose and sneezes all the time.
I just don't know what to do to help her get better. She can't sleep very well because she sucks her thumb and can't breathe she's so stuffed up!
Any advice would be wonderful!
Thanks so so much!
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oooh - sorry to hear that! my dd [19 mos] just got over this same virus thing [although she did not have cold symptoms, but did have fever/vomiting/diarrhea]. it took a good week to get rid of it and i know it is going around our part of the world. it's a pretty violent virus.

i'm going to direct you to 2 threads, one started by me when i was feeling like you! and another from domestic goddess, who find a naturopathic method that might help...

d.g.'s thread
my thread

good luck
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thank you thank you ! Im glad im pumping, it seems thats the only liquid she is enjoying and able to tollerate!
i tyied some cool green tea- she likes that.
i know this too shall pass, but for petes sake...pass already!

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i know - it is super tough when they feel so darn crappy...

sending you some (((healing vibes))) ...!

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..what your daughter has sounds like Rotavirus.

What she needs is plenty of fluids, and it looks like she's getting breastmilk-- that's very good.

When you get her through this take a look at "The Power of Probiotics" thread for the amazing health-promoting power of those intestinal flora that are essential to our immune system.

Here's a link that mentions yogurt as good medicine for Rotavirus.


Until you get started culturing, get some Jarro at your local healthfood store.


Mix some powder into the breastmilk and give to your daughter. The good bacteria will start reproducing immediately with the good nutrients from the milk and fight off the infection in her GI tract.

Start culturing and feeding this to her regularly and I'll bet you'll never see rotavirus again. Your entire family can benefit as well from this probiotic yogurt.

Good luck,

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we use a cool mist humidifier to help the night breathing, too. if you have one you can add oils to, eucalyptus is often suggested. Mine only works plain.
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thank you all for your suggestions! im looking into the links you posted Ray- my pdf is not working right.
as for the humidifier, my dd sleeps in a big bed and would be too curious about it- so i need to work that out somehow.
today is day 8. i have it as a head cold, achy and fatigued. Sara (2yr old) has had a fever for 3 days now,managed by tylenol and motrin- but lingering to do its job; and she has a clear runny nose, aches and goes thru spells of malaise. one min running about, the next crying from aches and pains.
shes no longer vomiting, but she is terribly congested. her cough is terrible, too.
and.. my 4 mo has it as a headcold, chest congestion, cough, too. shes on straight breastmilk and only vomits occasionally- not like Sara did and not spitup either.
The only thing keeping us sane is peanut butter cookies, and laying on the couch watching movies.
I cut up lots of onions to get our nasal passages flowing better. I also made some sauce with lots of garlic for Sara and I to eat.
I will start having Sara eat some yogurt too. I am just worried about the phlegm.
Any other home remedies that you could suggest? I really am trying to not use the tylenol too much.
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BTW Ray- I got it to print, interresting that they mention the B R A T (Y) diet. My Ped left our the (Y)...hum.
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