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Obviously I don't know where ALL of you live! But two lifesavers for our meal planning and actually eating as a family are The Grocery Game and Dream Dinners. The Grocery Game is a computer generated shopping list that tells you what items are at the lowest price buy food while it's cheap to create a stockpile. I haven't paid for toothpaste or BBQ sauce cause the coupon usually takes off the entire cost of the item! I usually take 55-60% of my grocery bill.

Dream Dinners is a little costly, but TOTALLY convinent. You prepare 12 meals at the Dream Dinners Kitchen. They have all the ingredients cut up and premeasured. You just put it together and take 12 meals home to put in the freezer. They provide everything you need AND they clean up!! The meals are pretty healthy, never fried or processed foods. There are no Veg/vegan meals tho.

the websites are Tell them Erin Daugherty reffered you!!!! and They're available in most states.