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talk to me about allergy tests

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I'm finally going to take ds to a pediatric allergist (after I find one). We're been doing elimination diet so far- but now he has asthma as well and I need more information on things like cats, pollen etc. as well as foods.

What tests do I want? Which ones do I avoid? Are the tests accurate on 3 year-olds?

I've heard so many stories of false negatives. Any advice appreciated from moms who have been through it. Thanks!
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We had our boys tested for food and cats. AJ got tested for all the major foods, Evan only milk and soy. It was really easy and neither of them were bothered by it at all. Of course Evan is so little it's not really accurate, but they really only tested him b/c of AJ. I've heard some say it's accurate after age 1 and I've heard after age 5. The DR seemed to think it was accurate (AJ was 19 mos) for him and he just said his food issues were sensitivities and would be outgrown. They just take a little needle like thing (each one has a seperate allergen on it) and poke all over the back. We had to wait 10 mins for the results and then we discussed them and we left. He reacted slightly to peas and peanuts, but I guess not enough to call it an allergy.
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