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Ok this should work. Elizabeth
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Oh Az- she's beoootiful! And such a chunker- I went back and saw that she was 9lbs at birth- so that's why she looks so big! Thanks for sharing!

Ann- I can't believe that Violet is 6 weeks old!!! OMG! Time flies!

Mar- it's good to hear from you and know that everything is going well. Ribh is GROWING. good job mama! I LOVE big and chunky babies!!!

I'm waiting for dh to come back from a massage appt and then we're off to town to pick up my car. The boys are busily doing math work (we're trying to be a little disciplined). Baby is asleep on me in the mei tai carrier.... I had a friend here the other day who is pregnant with her 2nd- she's single and with a 6 year old. Her dd was so easy- would sleep alone in the bed whenever and all.... so she asks me where Luka takes his naps.... occasionally there is one on the bed, but the majority of them are on me. I hope she has another easy one since she has no papa around. I don't think she has a clue how "hard" it can be with a nb. I'm just worried about her- she doesn't have help lined up yet for after her birth and she's gonna need it.... just thiniking aloud here.
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Hey now - end of another day - my baby is getting old. Three weeks tomorrow...I'm sad and happy both. Is this a boy thing, because I don't remember feeling this way for dd. Dh thinks I mommy him too much, too - is this possible? I mean is it possible to over-mommy a newborn??? I kind of don't think so, and I don't think I mommy him more than I did dd, either, but maybe I'm not remembering right? Oh well. K - hope the car thing went ok - I have to get my own in soon. The passenger front door handle broke (not off, just doesn't work), and it needs a xmission flush (that's expensive!). ugh. Hard to know if I want to do it during the sleeping time (when I could be getting my OWN stuff done and/or sleeping)or the waking time and feeding etc. (ugh with the swabbing and all what a hassle!) in the waiting room of a car shop. Unfortunately we only have the one vehicle, so there' s no helping staying around for the duration. Double ugh.

Also please someone - why am I eating so much sweet food? I don't want the sugar, but I am craving sugary foods - I found a candy cane from x-mas and I ate the whole thing! I don't even eat them at christmas time!!! What's going on???

I hope that everyone is doing well, new mamas, waiting mamas, even us old mamas. Lotsa love, andy
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ooh, but Elizabeth is SO beautiful! I am very WOWED! Az - are you in LOVE or WHAT??? Enjoy!!! love, andy
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Hey Ladies,

Today has been really uneventful. I took DD into Montessori, and then came home and started working on the Mei Tai carrier. I am not a great seamstress, so it was intersting to try and do. I think it came out well, and I used it, but Will needs to get used to it first, I think.

Malama - did Luka have to get used to the carrier you made? Will appears to like the front carrier, as opposed to the sling or pouch. Also, did you bunch up his feet underneath him, or did you stick them out the sides. I tried putting Will's fet out the sides, but it seems like it would have to spread his legs to far apart for his age.

I have officially been cleared to return to work full time. I go back on Monday. That's why I made the carrier. I will have DH take pictures of me in it, so that I can show off my handy work. In any event, I wanted to have one that was realatively easy to carry in the diaper bag, and then also wear in meetings and still look pretty professional. So if anyone has tips on how to use this style, please let me know. I do find it a bit more comfortable than the snugli.

Will has a nighttime nursing marathon nearly every night. He nurses nearly every hour from about 4pm until around 7:30. It's hard because I still need to spend time with DD, and at 2.5, she doesn't understand always when Mama says she has to feed little brother.

Well, better go and get some sleep. Have a good night.

Heidi - sending you peaceful birth vibes.

Az - She's beautiful. She looks as old as my month old! He is now just approaching 10 lbs. Congrats again.
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Nicole - please do post pics when you have time. Same everyone else who made a mei tai. Somebody just gave us a homemade one the other day and we love it. It is by far our most comfortable carrier. As soon as I put Violet in she's out - like within seconds! anywhoo, I think I'll try and make another one this weekend.

So miss V has been quite the sight around town today with her bright purple lips. I decided to forego (sp?) and start GV, whoo that stuff is messy! It stained her lips really bad. we were at the park and this man and his daughter were looking at her. I was like oh yeah, I decided to put a little makeup on her, you don't think she's too young do you? He's like, huh? then I told him I was kidding, it was just her medicine :LOL

Are you supposed to wipe it off the breast before you nurse?
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Aloha All!

Andy- You're craving sweets because of those damn yeasties..... they LOVE sugar. I've been craving it like mad too- and I KNOW I'm quitting it.... it's fruit or nothing for me.
And NO, you cannot "overmother" a nb- or any baby for that matter. Is he worried Ori will be a "mama's boy" or something??? comments like that are just UN-necessary!

Luka pretty much is happy with the mei tai. I do bunch his legs up underneath him. He's still so squishy, and I didn't think his legs would actually spread apart comfortably like they show in those websites.
I will try and take pics tomorrow, maybe Ann. The carrier I made is nice- but it's not really supportive for his head. I would need to make it a little longer, or the straps in a slightly different place. I might make another one if I ever get to it.... have some other sewing to do.

And re: the gentian violet- I read online that if you put lansinoh, or some oil on baby's lips (and maybe around her mouth too) that the gv won't stain so easily. We were out all day today and didn't use it, but we are going full-force starting tomorrow. i even bought vag yeast cream to put on my nipples-getting desperate.
And no, you don't have to wipe it off.... Jack Newman says to dip a cotton swab in gv and then let baby suck on it- when he nurses, it'll get on your nipples that way. also you sholdn't use it for too long....can't think of the length, but if you go to kellymom and search thrush, you get loads of info.

Luka took a long time to go to sleep tonight and I'm wiped.
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Good info mamas! We are still not loving the sling here, although if I sit Ori upright in it with his feet under him he's ok for a while. Still likes the front carrier a lot more, so Nicole, I think it's just personal preference and even this young, they have them! Some kids like to be snuggled tightly, others like to dangle loosly. Dd was a front carrier kid, too. Go Bananas - lots of sugar there!

The GV thing we did last time didn't work for us, so we're not going to try that again (mw's today, maybe they'll have a bright idea?). But Karen is right. You do not have to wipe any off, but if you do it won't disrupt the cycle, because you CAN'T wipe it all off, no matter what. So wipe away - it'll cut down on the mess - or just leave it on and let the kid drink purple milk (their pee doesn't turn purple - Jerry and I had a bet about that with dd:-). Around town it is quite the site, and lasts for DAYS! Oop - fussy baby, better go. Hope you all have great a day! Andy
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Hey Mamas

Our MW came yesterday, and in just 3 weeks Brynn is now 9lbs 14 oz... almost 2 whole lbs gain!! Way to go, my girl!!! You know, I think our first DD was a good 3 months before she weighed 10 lbs!

Ah, my time at the keyboard is interrupted... DH just came home with some groceries. I'll check back later!
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woo hoo Mama!
Looks like the mamas on this board make pure cream for their babes!!
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The way I figure it, nothing but the best for our kiddos and if breastmilk is best, why wouldn't breast cream be better!
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Breast cream...hmmm... well, Ori gained 10 oz this week, pretty good for us. Dd was a super slow gainer, so I expected same with Ori, but he seems to be a better eater than she was. Dh just walked in so I'm going to go walk dog while he's got the boy. Ahhh - a short break is nice. Adios!
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Since we're all talking about baby weights....
Luka is 9lbs 13 oz today- last friday when we took ds1 to the ped, Luka was 8lbs14oz.... he's chubbing out- even I can feel it. the other boys were the same- fast gainers and were chubby rolly-pollies.

I'm feeling sad because I miss working with my mw/friend/partner. She came by today and we both miss each other a lot. We've been spending at least one day a week together for the last several years and now I'm sitting at home all the time. I love being at home with my baby- who was much wanted- but I miss her- AND the moms a lot. We have several moms pregnant right now who are repeat clients and I'm missing out on their pregnancies too, sigh..... I also couldn't imagine leaving Luka, so it's all moot-- just sort of missing my other life.
At the same time, I'm here on my rocker with a sleeping baby on my chest and life is good. He's an angel.

I'm doing so good.... not had sugar all day yet- and it's 3pm!!! I'm craving it tons, but have been good so far!
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Hi, all you and your big, almost month old babies! Az, your girl is so big and cute. I can't believe that i am really waiting on one of those- a baby...

I am, obviously, still pregnant. Today was hopeful since I had tightening last night starting at 10pm and lasting through the night. Very mild. In the am it was regular every 5 minute very mild contractions, that gave me aches down my legs (very promising!) and I lost my mucus plug. I was thinking this is the start of it and went back to sleep, and had Martin stay home with me. He's had lots of late nights so he could use the rest anyway...we both slept.

We woke up mid-day and had a few more good ones right when waking, it made me guess I had been contracting that way through the nap but was sleeping through. So I felt I was on my way....We were considering doing castor oil today, but since it was starting, we just did nothing. It petered out an hour or so after rising. To keep up the pace, we went on a wilderness walk, and then picked up the nice tub from the birth center and brought it to the house- a spa in the box. I hope I get to use it! Now I feel like the baby is never coming. I just am tired of thinking "it will come tomorrow" most days. I really do think it will start tomorrow, and will do castor oil in the am if it's not picked up oin it's own.

But I said that yesterday...

We just ate scallops. We bought them on the way home tonight and the seafood counter guy, who looked like a very unsanitary version of John Candy, was trying to get us to buy frozen ones. But we got what was at the counter. After we ate, Martin commented they tasted fishy. I thought so too, and look up and said "you know when the gross seafood guy tries to talk you out of buying something, maybe we should listen...." and I put my fork down and ate not another bite. Hmmm. Hope the only GI distress I see in the next day is self induced from castor oil- not some bad reprecussions from an ill-advised seafood decision.

So we are going to go to the movies tonight- see "Meet the Fockers" a Ben Stiller comedy. Martin is hestitant about subjecting me to an anxiety movie, but I love Ben Stiller, and I think they have a baby in it. I am taking the advice to do things we won't do for a while after baby comes. Maybe I'll do a little nipple stim before the movie with a pump. Perfect night? A lil' spoiled seafood, a bit of breast pump torture, an anxiety comedy, a smelly castor oil belly rub, and maybe some ackward pregnant lady sex to top it off? I should write columns for magazines, that is clearly what every couple should do for valentines day...

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about baby weights: dd2 is not a comfort nurser - when she's hungry she eats, but when she's not, she makes it clear! She was 9 lbs monday, and she got as low as 8 after she was born. dd1 gained a pound a week for the longest time, but ate like there was no tomorrow.

dd1 still adjusting - it's tough. dh goes back to work soon, don't know what I'll do!
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Wow, our babies are beginning to be quite the little buddahs!! Perhaps we should call this the January creme de la creme baby forum. Weighed Violet while Makai was having his speech assessed today -- she's up to 11 pd 3 oz. She's almost doubled her birthweight, which is great because she was uber tiny. She had a lot of catching up to do!

Heidi, oh mama, I hope that baby comes tonight. Or at the very least you stay healthy. Maybe hang tight on the castor oil until you see if the seafood gets you going?

Do you know which accupressure points are used to stimulate contractions? They are ---the roof of your mouth (think thumb sucking), the point in between your thumb and forefinger, the inside of your ankle, above the bony protrusion, and the mid -point on the ball of you foot. Just hold them until you feel a slight pulsing and then move on. Of course, you probably know all of this being in the line of work you're in. It wouldn't hurt to try, <followed by a nice massage massage, of course >
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accupressure got my two day old every 15 min ctx roaring! It took a few hrs. after my doula stim'd them, but it worked. Good luck Heidi! I 2nd Ann's wait on the seafood idea...

K - you are feeling totally normal things for a woman who truly loves her work. Don't give yorself a hard time, let the process be what it is. Can you get in on some of the prenatals? I think mamas might love to have both you and Luka there, I know I would! Wish there was more I could say that would make you actually feel better, but you will have to do that yourself. I'm glad you are enjoying baby and babymoon still! He IS a major chunker! You are amazing!!!

Ok, 1 handed typing is getting old fast here. Hang tight Heidi! Think nice ooooopen thoughts and know that today brings you one day closer (even if it's not tomorrow - you are not in control, remember?!). Love, andy
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We went to the ped yesterday and Elizabeth was down to 8lbs 3ozs. My milk really came in last night though, so hopefully we'll see an upward swing with her weight. My milk came in really slow all day long my breasts kept feeling a little more full and I was starting to feel the tingle when I was feeding her before bed. Right before it was time to get up I was nursing her, nice and sleep-a-ly, on one side and all of a sudden I was wdie awake from the pool between my breast dripping all over my side, and my arm.

We've been busy getting adjusted here. DH has been working so hard doing just about everything, since I haven't been able to much of anything. We used disposible diapers the first day that she was home, making sure all the tar poos were gone, and dh actually asked when we were going to start using the cloth. He has been very good about it. Some confusion, and only 1 cover on backwards.

Oh Elizabeth has only poo'd once since Tuesday. Anyone have any thoughts on this? The ped wasn't concerned but the visiting nurse said she should be going lots more and I remember ds was a poo'ing machine. We got around 5 wet diapers in the last 24 hrs so we know she's eating (plus you can hear her swallowing from across the room)

The dogs have had mixed reactions to the baby. Louie, the chihuahua puppy, totally loves her. He sleeps against me right under her and will whine at you whule you are changing/dressing her if she's crying. Emma, the bichon, doesn't know quite what to make of her. Emma is concerned when Elizabeth is crying of fussing, she even started whining when Elizabth was moving around in her bassinet to let me know the baby was up. But other than that she won't really go near the baby and has spent a lot of time hiding under the futon. The cats are both horrified and we only see them when they're hungry.

Dh has also been loving sleeping with the baby. He was very unsure about it. Now everytime he wants to lay down he's snatching her up to cuddle down with him. Its great because dh and I are sleeping in the same bed for the first time in 7 mths.

elizabeth has huge feet. they are so long,from heel to toe they are as long as my palm.

we are all so in love with our little angel. i could just sit there for hours and hours staring at her
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Wooooooohoooo I got some real sleep last night!!! Not a lot, but I'm ready to dance. Woke up super engorged, so I'm guessing she slept too, since I've gotten good at the 1/2 awake pop boob in mouth routine.

Az, don't worry about poo. It took a little for us. Unless she seems really upset or in pain, she'll poo in good time.

Lauren is over 10# too, mama cream all around!

And I think we've got mild mild thrush going on, but we're working on resolving that asap.

Hi to everyone else!

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Hey Lisa - you sound like you ARE dancing! Give that girl a little sleep and WHAMMO! She's lassoing the bull! Az - I second the poop thing. Not a worry unless there are signs of distress. Ori tends to poop in the AM one day, PM the next, with like a whole day in between - weird. It's all weird. Just keep those diapers wet and she's good to go. I'm SO glad you are in love. She's beautiful hon.

I'm starting to have to do something clean-up wise around here. We did get a cleaning person here yesterday, so the massive dog hair balls are now in the vacuum bag, but I just can't sleep as much as Ori, and I am sick of Battlestar Galactica reruns (although today had Ed Beasley Jr. and he was a riot!), my book isn't holding my attention very long, and we are still getting meals every other day, so no point in cooking. Hmmm. I guess I could clean up around here, it's pretty ugly in terms of piles, but oh JEEZE I really don't wanna.

Good for you on no sugar Karen!!! I did great until after dinner. We had a lamb chilli, which left my mouth needing something sweet and cool. Since I'd eaten so many apples and two oranges and like 1/2 gallon of OJ yesterday (and blueberries and a banana), fruit was just not what I wanted. I ate a hershey's kiss. Just one! Last night my boobs felt a lot less painful at the night feeds, and this morning only one latch on hurt. I haven't cheched Ori's mouth since he woke up (he doesn't like that much), but his bum rash seems to be clearing up a bit. did I mention I am now using a tea tree/ almond oil on him? He does like that, esp. with the blow drier. He actually almost smiled when I turned it on before nap this morning! almost. Anyone getting baby smiles yet? I can't remember when those start.

I should get some writing done, since I completely lamed out last few weeks of pregnancy... ugh. Also, if one has NOT been exercising, how does one get back into it? Do I have to start slow (walking on the treadmill?) and build up? I thought I might go to the library this pm and get some tapes (aerobics or pilates) and see if I can do those. A million yrs. ago I bought some kickboxing tapes and I might still have those around (tai-bo?) - maybe those would be good, too. Hmmm

It's cold cold cold and blustery here, so I'm not all that psyched to go anywhere, actually. Lotsa hugs to mamas today! no-sugar-sweetAndy
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