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Morning mamas!

Sounds like everyone is doing so great this am!

Az- yeah, I third the stuff about the poop. I've seen lots of babies who don't poop that often- and they are fine. SHe'll let you know if she's unhappy. And congrats on your milk coming in.... funny you describe it as a tingling sensation- I find it more like KNIVES.... but doesn't stay that bad for too long!
And you sound like you weathered the immediate Pp period ok- did you not get all of the visitors you were anticipating? With mil's injury, maybe things weren't so focused on you??

yeah Andy- all i had was a smoothie yesterday (which was too sweet!)- I added apple juice (which I don't drink) and there was too much in there. But it was OK. I'm doing good so far. One nipple feels much better- the other.... ugh. I noticed he doesn't latch as well on that one and I'm thinking he's just exacerbating the thrush pain there.
Oh, BTW, yesterday I tried the baking soda on Luka's mouth- he screamed for 5 minutes straight! I don['t know if it was the taste or the feel or what.... it sucked.

yay Lisa- a good night's sleep. Isn't it amazing how your idea of what a "good" night is changes with a baby. Pre-baby it's 8 hours. with a baby if you get 4 hours straight you're golden!

Here's hoping Heidi is laboring or holding her babe by now!!!
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Mambeca - I completely understand what you are going through with the cleaning stuff. It's my last Friday at home, so I told DH that I would clean the house so we don't have to do it tomorrow. Now I am trying to get up the motivation to actually do it.

Lisa - Congrats on the sleep. We got a 6 hour stretch the other night. It felt so wonderful.

I finally got to use some of my really cuddly clothes on Will. It has been so warm here in Arizona, that some of the fleece things we had were way to hot. There were even a couple of onsie only days. He looks so toasty warm in his little fleece romper today. We have gotten a couple of smiles, and he is holding his head up quite well. In fact, he sometimes wakes himself up because he is practicing it.

Better go and dust off the vacuum.
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Well Andy - I'm going to be the devils advocate and say, skip the cleaning I spent the whole afternoon yesterday cleaning and organizing until the point of exhaustion, and you know what? My house is a complete mess already - and its ony 7:45 AM here. I sometimes woner what the point is? Of course, you're house is probably a bit calmer than mine, lol.

Kudos for hanging tight on the sugar K & A. I was really bad about it yesterday. We stopped off at the beach on the way home from speech therapy and had a shave ice. Then we decided to get lunch and I had a soda : Our thrush is pretty much down to symptomless , just 2 more days of GV and then we'll be done! Violet loves the stuff, she actually will suck it off the qtip. Have to be care ful with it because it can give sores in the mouth if used to often. I usally apply it once to her mouth, and then once to my nipples and let her suck it off throughout the day.

Don't have much to write today. We seem to be sleeping through the night which has been nice. 2yo ds still doesn't, but he's hanging in there. Poor little guy, I know its hard for him. Dh's brother is here visiting this weekend. So they are off doing all the manly stuff -- fishing, surfing, hiking, eating and whatever else it is that men do while they are hanging out...
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All is well here. Aine is a huge cuddler. She doesn't like to be put down at all. We did successfully have her sleep in the bouncer/rocker thing. It is Eamon(ds) chair, but he wanted her to use it He is doing well with her. I have to remind dh to go easy on him though. He is not used to being home all the time and has grand expectations for my little 21 month old.

K & A kudos on no sugar or even reduced sugar. I am loving it lately!! I think it is because it is quick energy and I don't have time/energy to prepare real food. Horrible, I know.

Andy - forget cleaning. Take a little bit of time for you. Or if cleaning is what you want, just do a little. Our house is a disaster. I envy your dog hair free floors DH was much better with ds when it came to cooking/cleaning. I think we have about 10 loads of laundry to be done. I am just not in the mood to do it. And if I do, I am asleep on the couch by 8pm. We have more food coming today, so he is at least off the hook there.

Glad to hear about all those chunky babes. DD is a good nurser. I am not sure if she has gained. She already was 10lbs+ so we shall see.

Lisa - good to hear from you. I was wondering how new mommy-hood was treating you. It is a bit of an adjustment with the first. This time everything seems to flow a bit easier. I actually don't feel too sleep-deprived. It could be because ds would wake up once a night before dd even arrived.

Killick - Hope Will is doing well. It has been rainy here, so I hear you about the warmer clothes

To everyone I forgot - hope the babes are doing well and the issues are few.

Heidi - healthy birthing vibes sent your way...

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You mamas are so inspirational! Dd just off the bus so I won't be here long, she's practicing her 'flute' (read recorder) while Ori is snoozing. He's such a champ. He has taken to nursing incessently, latching off (finally) and then crying for like 5 min. before zonking out. Don't know if this is related to the thrush (sore mouth) {finally got a peek in there and there are lots of white spots, even on his little lips, poor guy} or what. Maybe a tummy thing. Anyway he doesn't cry long, just a little, but it's distressing for me (and him, I think!). Any thoughts?

Didn't do the cleaning thing, but I did do laundry (4 loads plus 2 loads of diapers), and got a lot of it put away, which is amazing. Also made a hot lunch (no sugar) and played outside with doggie (tennisball) waiting for the bus (but didn't walk him because it's kind of too windy/cold for babe). So I'm feeling fairly accomplished today, even though there's not much to show for it. Maybe this weekend I'll get to the piles on the computer table (bills, mail, scout stuff etc.). I did pay bills, just haven't filed them. Also must get to doing tax stuff...ugh. Just hinking out loud here. Sorry! Dd is now playing an imagination game with these little wooden 'people' that I painted for her when she was like a year old - just bought the wooden pieces at a craft store and I gave them different colored hair. She always picks the one with purple hair to be herself. She cracks me up! Little cars and a train and she's being the teacher with the class lining up bla bla bla. Sorry (shake head).

Ann - thanks for the words of encouragement. I wish we were just about under control here re: thrush - although my breasts are feeling better, Ori's mouth looks worse, and his rash is drying up but not clearing out. I really don't want to do the GV thing if I can avoid it, but ... I'm feeling bad for the little guy. First the cold and now this. Just one week of good health would be so appreciated!!! I'm sorry 'bout the cleaning/messy house. I do hear that with two little boys it's pretty chaotic. It's not so bad here but for the dog! And actually I can be pretty messy, actually we're all kind of messy people. Except the baby; so far. So it's just a matter of dusting, putting away and vacuuming, which is not really so bad. I just don't like to do it. Ugh.

PM - sounds like Aine is a little charmer! I hope that you guys are getting some sleep - two under two is pretty challenging! I'm glad dh is there for you, although that brings special challenges too. I hear you on the second time round flow thing - it's def. easier having a second than it was having our first. That was the MAJOR change, so this seems simple in comparison.

Nicole - I think you should snuggle that little cuddlepuddle! Forget the cleaning. It'll be there forever. KWIM? And besides, wouldn't it go twice as fast if you and dh did it together? Even if it did eat a bit of your family time, it would only eat up half the am't of what it would take you to do on your LAST FRIDAY AT HOME WITH YOUR BABY!!! That's way WAY more important than some dust bunnies.I have no excuses...I may not go back to work until dh retires (and then just for the health bene's). Or maybe if something great came along I'd go to work, but since noone is knocking down the door, I'm not going to count on that. Hmmm. where'm I going with this? I guess that my guilt shouldn't induce anyone else to feel they should give their dusties preference over their time out or their babes... ok, Ori's up and Beca is off to change his diape. good luck!!! Caio mamas, andy
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Originally Posted by Malama
Az- yeah, I third the stuff about the poop. I've seen lots of babies who don't poop that often- and they are fine. SHe'll let you know if she's unhappy. And congrats on your milk coming in.... funny you describe it as a tingling sensation- I find it more like KNIVES.... but doesn't stay that bad for too long!
And you sound like you weathered the immediate Pp period ok- did you not get all of the visitors you were anticipating? With mil's injury, maybe things weren't so focused on you??

The first day that we were in the hospital dh's family just felt like they could stop by whenever they want without calling or anything. DH actually told one aunt not to come and she showed up a couple of hours later with two kids. I had a bit of a mental breakdown that night, between not being able to sleep and the way more guests that I would have wanted if I were feeling better. Well the first thing DH did when we got home was write up a sign and put it on the door, where it has remained. We've gone to visit mil 2x and left fairly quickly both times becuase there are just too many people in the that house! The only people who have come over here are fil, to bring us food (always welcome) and pick up or drop off ds and dh's cousin husband came over to pay dh for the plowing (money another always welcome thing ) Neither stayed for much longer than 5 minutes. Other than that things have been pretty quiet. People really haven't been calling either, which is nice. DH really stepped up after seeing and experiencing how overwhelming, to everyone not just me, having all those visitors is. Poor dh is walking around with "new dad" look: hair all over, sleepy and the in-shock look He says he had no idea he would be so tired.

Thanks for all the poo advise. She poo'd twice this morning. I was worried becuase she went down to 8lb 6 oz when we left the hospital Tuesday, and yesterday she was down to 8lb 3 oz at the peds. I'm sure it is just because it took so long for my milk to come in.

I'm finally starting to have some energy, which is nice. I finally feel strong enough to carry the baby to and from the changing table to change her. Yesterday I felt fine carrying her just one way. We have all the baby carriers that I want to try out and I can't even carry my baby 15 feet with out feeling weak, its so frustrating
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what a great morn. Luka fell asleep on me and woke up all happy. We took a bath after he peed all over himself and while I was dressing he was all crying so ds1 picked him up and he was asleep within minutes. So I asked him to stay holding him and I got some time to myself- to sew (needed more wipes plus I signed up for a swap- what was I thinking??). Baby woke up, nursed again and now he's asleep in my arms. What an angel (with purple lips).

Yk Andy-.....mmmmm..... I was gonna write something important but I was interrupted and can't remember for the life of me.....
oh, maybe about the gv? I have been having luck with it- not too messy. I did put some lansinoh on his face adn that WAY cuts down on the mess. I sure do hope this works- I'm soooo over this pain thing!!! Oh, maybe I was gonna write that thrush does sometimes make them fussy and/or gassy.
And Luka does also have a little bit of rash on his bum and I put some yeast meds on it. It's clearing after 1x---this is what happens when I get desperate-go for the chemicals. We are also using tto in his wipes.
Also glad to hear you're not going to work any time soon. I don't know if I actually can leave this baby anytime. I never left the other boys.... and as far asattending prentals- we don't have an office anymore and all are home visits.... the mw lives far from me and everyone is spread out around here, so it's challenging.... but then I'm just 2.5 weeks pp.... gotta see.

Az- I'm glad the visitor thing all worked out in the end. It's good (in some way) that your dh is on the same page as you- i.e. overwhelemd with a new babe. it's such a huge change to have a new baby in the house- whether it's your first or more....

it's a beautiful day here and I have no intention of going anywhere. just wanna sit and gaze at my baby. If I'm not having any more, I have to relish every moment, right?
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I just remembered that I have two questions for you ladies (and I have two hands to type with )

* Andy - I think you mentioned mw gifts. What did you give (if I may ask). I thought about something and have changed my mind. I need to start thinking quickly.

* Again Andy - you mentioned exercise. I just received my Runner's magazine in the mail and I sooooo want to get back into my exercise groove. I know I am only 1 week pp, so I am not thinking today. I just wondered when and at what level. I figure I will start with walking then move to walk/run and then run (actually more of a jog)

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Az, take it easy girlie! I know I had a LOT of blood loss at the hospital - my iron went from 14 (high - I guess 12-14 is good for women) to 9 when I left, which is way anemic. I totally needed the nurses to walk to the bathroom with me the first days or so, I was always getting dizzy or hot or both, I didn't even shower until the next day, I felt that crappy. And I sat on the couch with diapers and changed Lauren right there instead of getting up for almost the first week.

Oooh she's turning into a normal baby now, has napped a lot today and yesterday, after having the Tuesday from hell (I had milk Monday night, guess I have proven we have an intolerance to lots of dairy!) which was screaming between sucking and popping off all day (which hurts!) and more screaming. So Weds. morning wasn't the nicest, but she did sleep in the kkafp, and by Weds. night she was napping on my lap (can't put this kid down ever!) and yesterday she slept between eating and I did put her down long enough to shower and do a little laundry. Last night she must have slept a lot, although I don't think any longer than 3.5 hrs. at a time, but she was nursing fast too, so I got more sleep than usual, and today she slept while we went out for lunch, and for 15 min. on the couch, and I'm seriously thinking about putting her down again to see if she can do another 15 w/o being touched. Oooh how exciting that would be, to be able to put her down for a bit and maybe a bit longer tomorrow, and a bit longer the next day. Oooh I'm getting excited here!

And YUCK, I just realized that our first NIP session at lunch was sloppy, as I was pretty soaked under the sling when we left - and now I smell like sour milk. Ew! But we did manage to nurse w/o the NASA nerds even realizing what was going on. They are really slow sometimes.

Oh, and for more nursing fun, I suggest we all go to the mall and sit near Victoria's Secret, I swear there is much more boob on those posters in the windows than would ever be shown on my body, but hey, even fully engorged, I'm not anywhere as busty as those models.

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Yes, Karen - enjoy every second of that sweet little baby

andy - yes, pulling off the breat alot and gassiness, fussiness are symptoms of thrush. I think it must irrtate their mouth to nurse or something, hence the pulling off.

Az- I had a pretty massive hemmorage after my first labor, and I walked around feeling like I was hit by a train for about a month. I remember after my second baby was born I was so shocked because I felt normal afterwards. Your body has been through a lot, right now you gotta just sleep, eat lots of protein, nurse, sleep, eat, drink and nurse some more in your big comfy bed for as long as you can. Oh, about the dogs. One of our dogs was a bit standoffish at first too. More out of worry/concern for the baby than aggression. She's a mama dog so I think that's what it was. She's gone now, but she turned out to be the most lovong gentle dog towards ds. I think some dogs are more shy maybe? than others.

I'm having a semi productive day over here. We are having our bi annual garage sale fundraiser at ds's preschool tomorrow, I managed to go through all the toys, clothes ect. that we will be donating. I even loaded it into the van, now all I need to do is drop it off. I even managed to whip up the batches of cookie dough that we'll be selling at the bake sale. I'll bake them tonight or maybe tomorrow morning so they'll be nice and fresh. Whew. I think that's enough for one day. I'm going to veg out until I have to pick up ds.
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Proudmom, I'll answer your questions, since you didn't ask me!

I think Nicole was the one who started running already, and said something about feeding babe first because the milk gets funky after you exercise (oh what does that darn muscle make? I can't remember the sour stuff...) and bugged Will's tummy when he ate after she ran.

Running. Ha! I've never been able to run. It hurts my throat, even to run a few steps. I did try to do the couch potato to 5k thing before I got pregnant, and I got up to wogging a mile but that was as far as I got.

MW gifts - I meant to get something to them already, but didn't. I'm going to bake her a chocolate cheesecake and make fresh raspberry sauce to top it with, since she about fell over and drooled when she heard we were making cheesecakes for all the holidays. Dh and I make some REALLY good cheesecake.

Made a great chicken soup yesterday, going to go pick the meat off the bones and freeze the broth. Mmm..

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I did manage to clean a bit today, when Will was sleeping. DH is cleaning the bathrooms, since I refuse to do them. I'll finish the rest tomorrow and then we are off to finally get the 1 month pictures done. Our good friends are taking us out for dinner tonight, to celebrate my birthday, which they forgot. Actually, they were arguing on the date, so they just got the date wrong, but they did try, so that's what counts.

Oh, and when I said that it was my last Friday at home, I didn't mean that it was my last Friday with Will exclusively. He is coming with me to work on Monday. I love that I can do that. I would miss him too much.

Proudmom - I am in Arizona too. What is with this weather!

As for running, when you exercise, your muscles make lactic acid. It remains in your body for about an hour after exercise and can seriously cause upset in the kiddos tummies. So you might want to nurse before you exercise. I have only run twice, but it felt good, so I am going to increase that.

Will is sleeping in the swing right now, not something that I do often, but I am going to cuddle with DD, and play with her.

Have a good evening.
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Lisa - the questions were for anyone. I just mentioned Andy, because I think she asked them previously. I just never saw an answer.

I hear you on the wogging (I like that term). I can do about 3 miles without stopping. Or I should say could do. This is a very slow 3 miles also, but I do actually love running. I know about the lactic acid build-up, so we are good there. I just wondered when to start. Should I wait until I stop bleeding?? I figured maybe at 2 weeks pp....

This birth is just so different than my first. I must agree with Ann that they can be vastly different. With ds I had a hospital birth and a bad tear. I ached for quite a while. I definitely was friends with teh couch. This time, I feel great. I think having her at home was a huge difference for me and I have no tears/etc. I am glad we were lucky enough to have a successful beautiful hb. The only drawback is that dh knows I feel great, so he is ready for the old me too. I keep telling him that I still gave birth, so he can do the cooking, laundry, etc

Very chatty today,

The weather here has been rainy. I am not complaining. It is a nice change. It has been hard with ds, though. He has so much energy and is a bit rambunctious, since he doesn't have his mama's full attention. I would love dh to take him to the park, but alas all the rain
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Heather - is there a mall with an indoor playground nearby. I know its not the greatest solution, but it helps them run off some steam in bad weather. Its been a life saver for me. Makai loves to go on the little quarter ride machines.

Speaking of rain - whew! It just started raining sooo hard here. Too bad, it was so sunny this morning. If it keeps up our road is going to flood out. Oh no- the garage sail!?!?! Crap.
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Can I just add that Aine is my most favorite name ever! I always wanted to name my daughter that , but alas, dh nixed it because it was too much like my own. But I'm so happy you chose it, because its a beautiful name and has a cool meaning
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Heather- 2 weeks PP is early for running! I would say that at that time, somehitng very gentle is ok- not super cardio workout. You should be for sure done bleeding before serious exercise too.
Walking and gentle stretching is more appropriate for that time.

Nicole- I just got the newest mothering mag and there's a whole article about bringing kids/ babies to work.... it's cool to read about places that actually support that!

Lisa-glad to hear that Lauren is becoming "normal". LOL. I didn't know you had a big blood loss after birth- actually, did you write us your birth story at all? I don't seem to remember it.

my baby is actually asleep on the bed (after he laid on me there for an hour). What can I possibly do??? Sit here and surf?
I'm having to wash my stupid diapers special because something (build-up) happened on the fleece and they are repelling water. I put a diaper on Luka this am and he peed and the pee just pooled underneath him and came out. ugh. so much for fancy diapers that are "easier". I should judt go back to using prefolds when he outgrows these- cheaper anyways.

Rain sounds good to me. It's been very sunny here every day. We're supposed to be the rainy part of HI too.
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Hey all - ok, my own .02 is thus: no bleeding before exercise, but also you should have a) a plan for kids and b) a plan for you if you don't feel especially well. Like plan on a walk or wog and then step it up if it feels right. I surfed over to the exercise people and lurked for a while to learn that. They don't seem to rec. starting out anything with the kids, esp. if it's on the road (vs. something in home or gym?). Otherwise, I think the little gaffer is doing ok. I looked back into his mouth during a nice little howl session this afternoon (took dd to a coop playdate and he got antsy at the end) and there was only a very little bit of white, so maybe I was seeing the acidophilus??? I'm pretty good about puting it on lots during the day (like after each nurse) but not so good about doing it at night (I jealously guard the sleep we get), so maybe it wasn't so bad. My nipples (one more than the other) are still quite sore, but the breast pain is gone. No change in the rash. Huh. This is only with tto on the bum and acidophilus on nips and his mouth and oral for me. Also I tried drinking vinegar (mw said it's to restore ph) but that was just TOO awful for me. I did get some pau d'arco but I'm not too good about taking it. And I ate choc. chip cookies tonight. I am bad bad bad!!! Tomorrow I will try to start some exercise - yoga, treadmill (walking fast) and maybe some exercise ball stuff. I just ordered a dvd for the ball - thank you to whomever it was who reminded me we have it! I am hoping it will be more fun/challenging than the other vids that sit unused on the shelf... sigh. I am also NOT a runner (hurts my teeth, shins, throat, chest, butt, you name it it hurts!). I will do a fast walk on the TM but that's it. I love to hike, though, and will soon get into that for the warmer months. YUMMMMM! I can't wait for Ori to be big enough for the backpack, that's for SURE my favorite carrier! The front carrier seems to be giving me a back ache. I made appt's for me and Ori at the chiro (they charge full price for the babe, too, ugh!) and I plan on bringing the carrier and seeing what he has to say about it. It's a good one, and has a good strong waist band to support the weight of the baby (jeeze - only 8lbs!), so it shouldn't be such a bummer - must be posture. Drag. I am also going to make an appt. with doula for a follow-up massage (she offered!).

Lisa - good luck getting some separation time! I know it seems crazy to need to separate from an NEWBORN, but it is important for YOU - even if it's not too long, but you should feel good about getting a little air time on your own, so enjoy what you get and go for the touchdown! I hope it goes well. K- do we love these big kids or WHAT! Dd takes ds every day (if he's awake and not nursing) when she gets home from school. She has started to be a little too rough, so I'm keeping her pretty close to the hip these last few days, but generally she is WONDERFUL with him and really she so enjoys it that I don't (or try not to) feel guilty about pawning him off. He's generally enjoying it, sometimes, though, he does cry and when I take him he stops right away, which tells me he was just not happy getting rolled around on the floor with her (or sitting on the dogs back or otherwise being played with). She is just not quite getting the newborn stage of things. Hmmmmm.

Ok, I'm off to snuggle with dh before ds wakes and needs me. Lots of hugs mamas!!! Andy
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
Heather - is there a mall with an indoor playground nearby. I know its not the greatest solution, but it helps them run off some steam in bad weather. Its been a life saver for me. Makai loves to go on the little quarter ride machines.
Relatively close. I just have had to keep him home, because he has a cough and runny nose. I thought the park would be safer germ-wise. We shall see. I tried putting on music so we could dance, but alas the poor child has little rhythm He just bobs his head...

Thank you so much for the name compliment. It took dh and I awhile to find a name (the day before she was born). We finally sat down with a list of our favorite names. Then we took a turn crossing off the names we didn't like. It came down to Aine and Miren. When she was born, Aine was the name for her.

My mom has been vocal about her dislike of the name. She even told my sister that children with "unusual" names have more psychological problems...Add that to her absolute zero support of our homebirth and she is on my list :

Thanks everyone for the exercise suggestions. I wasn't thinking about running yet. I wanted to start more with yoga, walking, etc. I figure I can go in the morning with ds, and dh can watch dd. That is my grand plan...we shall see how successful I am.

Still working on Aine's birth story. Mostly done. Just finishing touches on it

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Good morning mamas! It's still kind of cold here, so I guess I best get out while dh is still here (skiing today). Everything is good here. There was a question from yesterday that I didn't get to - and I can't remember now what it was...oh yeah, mw gift. I gave them a basket of smallish items - a felt doll of a pregnant lady (made by a friend of mine), a big red cup for tea/coffee - they have an office and a tea pot and a variety of chipped and mismatched coffeecups, figured it was time for a new big cup - a children's book (quite sturdy) for their kids basket, a card of wise women, and a small plant in a homemade pot. I fugure they get so much stuff, it isn't what they get that matters, just that I remember to thank them for being part ofthis special journey. I think whatever you've got around, or that you see that isn't expensive is appropriate. I did pay them, so it's not a professional exchange or barter. Good luck with that! Off to do the long walk - about 3 mi. I'm hoping to keep it less than 1 hr. Cheers! Andy
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No, I didn't post Lauren's birth story. Guess I should do that. I started writing it and never finished it. Grr!

She's really an opihi - since we got out of bed at 9 this morning it's been nurse nurse nurse, sleep for a little bit, cry, nurse again. Ugh. I got some "alone" time yesterday afternoon - left Lauren and dh in the van while I went to the discount store and fabric store, got some interlock on sale and "made" a wrap for me and one for a friend, if cutting 6 yards of fabric down the middle can be considered "making" a wrap. Followed the moby directions to wear and it was SO easy to get on, but I never got around to putting baby in there.

Peroxide and thrush - that might hurt, as peroxide can sting on raw skin, and if you scrape off the white spots you get some nice pink skin underneath... and peroxide kills bacteria and yeast, so I'd either follow it with a good dose of acidophilous paste or not use it, I think. But it is in the "natural" remedies to use as a douche for mamas with yeasties, all in that upsetting the ph they like so much.

Exercise stuff - ooh we might make it around the block this afternoon, if I can get everyone all bundled up and ready. I think the dog is depressed, having not been on a walk in a while.

Andy, I have a killer ball yoga tape sets (I think it's one of the Gaiam ones) that really kicked my bum around when I did them - one was whole body, one upper and one lower. And the girl who leads them isn't THAT annoying.

Need to shower. Used my guaranteed last nursing this morning that usually buys me a shower to snuggle with dh instead, so I guess I'm destined to be dirty for a while.

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