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Itchy bumps on face...what the heck???

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Anyone had any experience with this? I suppose it might not have a thing to do with pregnancy, but I'm 20 wks pregnant with my third, and the past couple of weeks have these things on my lower cheeks, near my jawline, that look rather like zits, but are just itchy little bumps that are impossible not to scratch, then they scab over. It's rather unattractive, and i have no clue what they are. I'm stopped using soap on my face or lotion, thinknig perhaps i'm extra sensitive to stuff now, but doesn't seem to help. Seems too stupid to warrant a nurse call, but it's annoying and looks bad! Didn't have this with subsequent 2 pregnancies that i can remember (just found out i'm having a girl, as a side note...was sure this one was a boy, probably because ds, age 5, was sure...said "but we already have a girl"...like what does that make him?
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I think you have PUPPs! I am very sorry if you do. It is, of course, not life-threatening, but extremely torturous. When you said you had it on your face, I didn't think that was it. But you described it as occuring along the jaw-line, which happened to me.

There was another thread about this which you should read. Apparently, people have much better advice to deal with it than I had. Basically, I just roughed it out. It was especially excrutiating postpartum for me. For whatever reason, the PUPPs became these pimple-like bumps all over my body (so far so normal) with puss and blood that burst out of them at the slightest touch after I had ds. I had these tiny scabs covering most of my limbs and back. MW said it continued postpartum because I nursed, but that when I weaned, it would stop. That wasn't good news as I planned to nurse a long time (and still do - ds is 18 months). It did stop though when ds was around 13 or 14 months. But at about a year of this, I broke down and saw a dermatologist who was clueless. He insisted they were the result of dry skin and prescribed hydrocortisone (sp?) cream, which I never filled because it did nothing for me. But I think it's unusual that my PUPPs lasted beyond postpartum and that most PUPPs goes away after giving birth. Anyway, good luck dealing with it if it is PUPPs, but I'm also hoping for you that that isn't it. Perhaps you're allergic to something.
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I get this occasionally, on my jawline below my ear, even when not pg. I have one now. It is a little flat red thing and it itches. It is going away, though. Anyway, I just want to add that since I get these occasionally even when not pg, it may not be PUPPPs.
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thanks for the input! unless it spreads, god forbid, i'm thinking it isn't pupps, since i really only have it on my jawline, and it's not really THAT bad, just not very attractive, and kind of annoying and itchy. maybe just some hormonal thing or something. anyways, thanks for resopnding!
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I had PUPS. It was awful! It normally is not on the face though. It is terribly itchy if you get it. Sounds like you have something different. I know pregabncy causes all kinds of skin conditions!
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I had something very similar on my face when pregnant with dd. it could most likely be a combination of a hormonal imbalance from pregnancy, and a vit./mineral deficiency. Dont be afraid to take colloidal minerals in pregnancy-when MIL had me taking them in the third trimester, my face cleared up and i felt so much better. mama,and hang in there.Now go buy some colloidal minerals if you don't already take them!
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I have similar symptoms, but I have peri-oral dermatitis. Google the term and "natural remedies" and you get lots of good info on eliminating LAUREL SULFATES from your skin care regiem - this includes face cleanser, toothpaste, shampoo, mositurizer. I only use Burt's Bees products now. Try putting some tea tree oil and calendula cream on it and see if that helps. I've also heard some of these skin irriations can be partially cleared by eliminating caffine and/or sugar from your diet. Hope it gets better!
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